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Hey Everybody
So heres a short story I wrote for a friend of mine. Its very cliche and I kind of flew through it when I wrote it but it wasn't meant to be anything beyond generic. I don't think it's that good of a story but I'm posting it so the grammar nazi's can teach me a few things. I'm serious, be rough I need it. As for story structure and above.

Robbie stared at the screen of the local library computer clicking on random articles of things he liked. Browsing the internet for new information about the stuff he loved was a constant way of relieving stress for Robbie. He also loved to do it because it was the perfect place to go while he was wearing diapers. Yes Robbie may have been a grown man but he loved wearing diapers, he had always had these desires and going out in public in them was one of the greatest thrills to him. The library was perfect because everybody mind the bussiness for the most part and it wasnt exactly the place you'd expect to run into an old classmate or any one else. The only people were strangers and if they saw him wearing a diaper well so what? They'd just think he had a medical problem and move on with there day.Or so he thought. Robbie didn't know that since he had started his diaper outings to this place he has had a secret admirer.Sure she was a few years his senior but it wasn't a large enough difference to matter. She had her eyes locked on him ever since the first day he started going there. Her name was Vicky.

Vicky was your classic punk rock type of girl. Not the mohawk kind but the one that only had to give you one look and you knew not to fuck with her. Short purple hair, a black torn up old hoody with a band shirt underneath, dark denim jeans and a pair of converse hightops. She was a force to be reckoned with and she always got what she wanted when she put her mind to it. She was clever and wreckless, a sometimes dangerous combination.

Vicky was a lot like Robbie, she liked to spend her freetime at the library researching things and surfing the web finding out the latest news on the bands she liked and movements she supported. Thats when she saw him. She was reading about some protestors on wall street when Robbie bumped into her arm. He was reaching down next to her to grab something out of his bag. She pulled back slightly not realizing someone had been sitting next to her.

"I'm sorry, I didnt mean to bump your arm like that. I hope I didn't screw up anything your working on." Robbie apologized blushing ridiculously as he stared down at his keyboard. As safe as he felt in the library he wasn't big on socializing while he was thickly padded. He didn't like that much attention.

"Its alright, I wasn't doing anything important anyways." Vicky briefly responded. She took one look at him and saw how shy he was. Normally she would be agitated thinking it was just another jackass that was slightly scared of her because she looked a little different with her nose piercing, but she could tell he wasnt like that. He was simply scared of everybody it seemed, like a small child. She smiled a bit and reached her hand over to him. "Names Vicky."

Robbie reached out his own hand shaking slightly from nervousness, he gave her a weakshake before returning his hand back to the keyboard and acting like he was typing something important into the search bar.

"And yours?" Vicky gave him a playful smile not taking her eyes off of his face. There was something about his bashfulness that had her attention. Robbie looked back at her a little startled.

"Something wrong?" Vicky asked.

"No it's just..nobody ever asks me my name. I'm sorry, my names Robbie." He barely responded his tounge almost tripping over itself to get the words out.

Vicky smiled giving out a tiny giggle, "It's alright, no need to apologize. So what are you working on over there. She leaned over taking a peek at his computer screen, his email was open.

"Nothing really, was actually just finishing up. Just thought I'd check my email before heading home." Robbie began to close out his windows and gathering his things. He didn't like this situation and he wanted out of it..and Vicky could tell. It was like watching an animal try to wiggle its way out of the clutches of its enemy. It was just a bit more difficult when the hunter was as gorgeous as her.

"Oh, well okay." Vicky gave him a curt smile before returning her eyes to her own screen. "Well I hope the rest of your day goes well Rob."

" too." Rob wanted out of there he wànted out now. He quickly stood up and began to walk away. Vicky started to check him out from the corner of her eye, that is until she thought she saw something a little odd. She turned her head all theway so she was facing his backside as he walked away. Her suspiscions were confirmed. She had that sign a thousand times on her little cousin..a saggy bottom.

That night Vicky started researching on her phone the mysterious boy she had just met. Sure she could've used the computers at the library but everytime she typed in his email address all she got were sites that she couldn't access with odd names. From the names she could begin to tell where this was going. She was giddy with excitement, she had never heard of anything like this. As she began to scroll through the various websites connected with his email she couldn't help but get excited. Tumblr, dailydiapers, adisc, and many others. That night she went to sleep with dreams she had never experienced before. She kept seeing that shy boy laying on her bedroom floor in nothing but a diaper with a pacifier bobbing up and down in his mouth as he stared up at her with happiness. Night after night she had these kinds of dreams, they drove her crazy with desire. One morning after an intensely strong dream she came to the decision that she had to act on these desires. All she had to do was learn more about him, find his weaknesses and then he would be like putty in her hands. And after days of researching and watching she had a plan.

One rainy Tuesday Vicky waited for Robbie knowing he would be there shortly. 4pm every Tuesday and Thursday. She felt like this may be a form of a stalking but at the same time she almost felt protective. She felt like she needed to be this overbearing of this boys life, it was her duty.

Robbie came in and sat down next to Vicky, sure he was nervous in the beginning but over the past few weeks he had started to warm up to this girl. He was still shy but he was able to have conversations with her, sometimes better than he ever had with some of his bestfriends. It was like she knew how to make him feel safe by simply moving her eyebrow a certain way or just poking his side. And he left his guard down on that day. Vicky jumped on it too, when he wasn't looking she nabbed his ipod and slid it into the pocket of her leather jacket. Now she had something.

After an hour or so the two of them had there goodbyes and Robbie left on his way. Vicky waited in anticipation for awhile, waiting for him to be home. Then she called him.


"Hey Robbie, this is Vicky from the library."

"Oh hey did you-"

Vicky cut him short, "You left your ipod at the library and it had your number and address on it. I just thought you might want it back. They're kind of valuable you know silly, you shouldnt leave them sitting around."

Robbie cussed under his breath at his carelessness, "Thank you so much Vicky, I'm lucky I put my number on there. I'll come back right now and-".

"How about I just bring it to you? I've already left the library and headed your way. I could just drop it off real fast."

Robbie looked around at his apartment, all of his paraphenalia was out in the open. His paci, bottle, powder, lotion, toys, clothes, and he was standing there in a wet diaper getting ready to change. He could clean it up fast he just had to hurry. "Ya thats cool, thank you so much again."

"Its no problem honey, seeya soon." With that the phone made a clicking noise indicating the end of the conversation. Robbie stood in the middle of his living room for a second in thought. Honey?

Robbie quickly went around his apartment cleaning up anything he deemed to be to babyish. His teddy bear, bottles, blankie, and other toys were quickly tossed into his closet. As he began to lay down to change out of his soaked diaper he heard a knock at the door. "Shit," he thought as he pulled up his jeans and tightened his belt, "Maybe she wont notice." He held onto this thought for comfort as he crossed his living room to answer the door.

"Hey you!" Vicky exclaimed as she stood in his doorway holding his ipod.

"Hey Vicky, thanks again you-". Vicky cut him off like usual.

"I already told you its no biggie, I was on the way to my new babysitting gig anyways so it wasn't out of the way at all." She took a step toward him pulling him into a hug. Robbie froze up not knowing what to do, he didn't like this much contact when he was trying to hide the obvious bulge portruding from around his waist. And then the unthinkable happened. Robbie felt two soft pats on his bum from Vicky's hand, he was speachless. Maybe she wouldn't notice he thought, but one look into her eyes already told him he was wrong.

"Well what do we have here, hmm?" One of her eyebrows raised up as she gave him a mischevious grin. "Looks like some little boy is very wet. I better see if he needs a change." Vicky's hand started to move its way towards Robbie's waist as he stared at her with a lost vacant expression. As he felt her fingers begin to undo his belt he came back to his senses.

"Vicky wait, you dont-"

"I dont what? Dont understand?" She looked up from his belt at him, her eyes boring into his daring him to lie.

"No it's just, well I umm-"

"You just thought you could prance around in a diaper and nobody would notice, is that?" Vicky's smile remained as she stared him down. "Well I did notice, and guess what. I'm not very happy with you." Her facial expressions suddenly changed to a mother looking at a misbehaving boy. "Do you know why, Robbie?" She looked at him, still holding onto his belt to keep his pants up as she waited for his response.

For the life of him Robbie couldn't come up with an answer to her question. He wasn't even sure if he knew what the question was. His brain was overloaded with the humiliation and pleasure that was now engrossing it.

"Aww you don't do you, that's so cute." Vicky let out a slight giggle and let go of his belt letting his jeans fall to the floor. "I'm upset because I've seen you so many times now and everytime your always in a wet diaper, and you never ask to be changed. Good boys dont go around waiting for their diapers to leak, they ask there mommies to change them. That is unless..." she stared down at his sodden crotch as it bulged out with the volume of its contents, "your such a little guy you dont know when you've had an accident." And with those last words Vicky brought her fingers down to his thighs tickling them lightly as she brought them inside the legging of his diaper. She looked up at him again, this time with a huge grin. "Looks like I was right."

Robbie continued to stare at her, his jaw hanging wide open as he struggled to come up with anything to say. Millions of things came to his head but none of them seemed right. Vicky took one look at him and knew what was going on. She had read about this, it was the most adorable aspect to her.

"Come on honey, lets get you changed into a nice clean diaper, won't that be nice." She took his hand leading him dumbfounded into his own living room. Her hands took a hold of his sides gingerly as she guided him down to the floor and onto his back. Robbie laid there staring at the ceiling in shock, to scared to look back at the woman who had just seen him in a soaked diaper.

Vicky gave his tummy a light tickle and then went to work removing his pants and the old diaper. One after another the tapes were undone and soon Robbie laid in front of a woman he had only known for a short period of time completely naked besides his shirt. His face was beet red and his eyes began to tear up as he realized what was happening.

"Oh don't be sad sweety, it's okay. I'm here to take care of you. Its all going to be okay. Here-" Vicky's hand had picked something up from underneath the coffee table. His pacifier. He had overlooked it in his haste to clean up everything else. She slowly brought the nipple towards his lips, she began to tease them with it until finally he opened his mouth and began to suck. A look of contentment came over his face.

"Much better." Vicky smiled at him and rose up walking towards the back bedroom. A few minutes went by before she returned carrying all the neccesities for a proper change, including two of his overnight diapers with cartoon designs on them. Her face shown pure excitement as she knelt down in front of him again.

"Oh my god Robbie these are to cute!" She exclaimed as she unfolded the diaper in front of Robbie's face. She laid the pad down and took his ankles into her hands giving his bottom a light tap to let him know he should raise it. "Up up baby boy." She said with a motherlee glee.

"Vicky...what are you doing?" Robbie had finally found his voice, even if it came out barely louder than a whisper.

"I'm changing your diaper silly." She gave him a wink and went back to her duty, She covered his downstairs in lotion and powder before wiping off her hands on a towel she had found.

Robby focused really hard to continue the conversation, he couldn't give in to his shyness. "No, I mean what are you doing Vicky? Why are you doing this?"

"Just hush for now love," she reached for the pacifier in his hands and brought it back to his mouth. Robbie took it obediently and sucked on it like a good boy. "I'll explain everything in a second, okay? Aww thats adorable, I didn't notice it said that." Vicky brought her hand to his binky once more poking it making a boop sound as she read the words on it outloud. "Mama's Boy."

Just when Robbie thought his face couldn't get anymore red he heard those words and tried to his hide his face away from her turning his head to the side. Tiny tears began to fall down his cheeks.

"Baby boy, its okay. I promise." Vicky took the front of his diaper pulling it up between his legs and taping it snugly into place. She repeated the same process with the other diaper and sat back a few inches to inspect her handiwork. A little off center but it'll hold she thought to herself. She reached to his leggings adjusting them before stretching herself overtop of him. "Robbie, look at me. Robbie." Her tone was stern and she meant business not play.

Robbie heard her and wanted nothing but to go hideaway in his bedroom. He thought that not listening to her would lead to something worse so forced himself to look up at her face as it hung over his. When he looked up she was making a silly face at him with her tounge out. This took Robbie by surprise and a light giggle escaped his lips from behind his pacifier.

"Thats better," Vicky smiled warmly at him and helped him up to his feet. Taking his hand she walked to his couch guiding him along with her. After she had sat down she patted her lap with her hand, "Lay down honey." She once again had to help him with it as he was still in a state of confusion but finally he was laying on the couch with her, his head laying across her lap as she stroked his hair.

"About a month ago when we first met, I noticed you were wearing a diaper Robbie." She looked at him and gave him another smile caressing his cheek. "It was a little obvious with as much as your bottom sagged. After that I began to do a bit of research using your email, at first I couldn't find anything but then I started to come across a few sights that you were registered too and wala. I discovered that you didn't need to wear diapers, you liked wearing them." Robbie sucked harder on his pacifier embarrased by his own stupidity.

"I began looking into this 'infantilism' thing and it really got my attention, in fact it kind of turned me on." Vicky gave him a wink before continuing. "After that I made up my mind, you needed a mommy and that mommy was going to be me. Robbie, your really cute and I like seeing you like this. And yes so far from what I can tell I like you even when your not a little boy, but then again I've only seen you when your in your diapers and lets face it, big boys dont wear diapers do they Robbie?"

Vicky stared at him waiting for a response, Robbie reached to take out his pacifier so he could speak but his hand was quickly smacked away. "I think you know how to nod or shake your head little boy. You need to get used to that thing being in your mouth so you might as well start now." Robbie stared at her for a second before finaly shaking his head from side to side.

"Thats right, and if big boys dont wear diapers and your wearing one then what does that make you Robbie? That makes you a baby, Mommie's baby." Her face seemed to light up with these last words. "And if you want Robbie, I would really like to be your mommy. But before you say yes there are a few things we need to go over."

Vicky placed her hand beneath Robbies back sitting him up on the couch next to her, she took her other hand and grabbed his chin lightly steering his head so that he was looking at her. "If I am going to be your mommy then that means that I'm your girlfriend and from the way I've seen you look at me in the library I can tell that part doesn't bother you, but there are a few other things. If I'm going to be your mommy then from now on you do as I say. No if's and's or but's, if you misbehave or dont listen to mommy then I'm not going to break up with you, I'll simply spank you or maybe take my little guy out somewhere with nothing but his diapers. When we are at home, you will crawl everywhere. You will eat when I say and what I say, your binky will be in your mouths at all times. Get used to it, its too adorable not to require." She gave him another wink and reached around patting his bum playfully. "You will not change yourself, only Mommy will do that. If Mommy ever decides that she wants a babysitter for her little guy then that person will be in charge of changing you. From now on your life is going to be dictated by me, and if you listen like a good boy I think you might like it."

Robbie didn't know what to say. This was everything he had ever wanted, yet he couldn't find the words to say yes. He felt like it would be wrong, like she would grow sick of it and come to her senses one day. He stared at the cushion of the couch picking at the strings.

Vicky wrapped her arms around him pulling him to her chest, she leaned down and kissed him on his forehead. "Robbie, I'm not lying to you. I want this, and I know it's what you want. What do you say kiddo? Do you want to be my baby boy? Do you want me to be your mommy?"

As he laid his head on her chest his heart raced a million miles per second. Without thinking he quickly began to nod up and down as tears gushed from his eyes and he collapsed into her bawling with relief not sure what to do.

Vicky could hear his muffled "Yes's" as he sobbed into her breast. She pulled him closer hugging him tightly. "Good Boy, just let it out honey. Mommies here...and she isnt going anywhere." Vicky's hand began to massage Robbie's back and moved its way down to his diapered bottom patting it lightly while he cried in her arms.


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I liked it foxkit1992. It was a very sweet short story. I actually think the rest of the material you have written on adisc is pretty good as well. Sorry I don't have any constructive criticism for you. Not much of a critic. I just know I liked it. :thumbsup:


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Yes Robbie may have been a grown man but he loved wearing diapers, he had always had these desires and going out in public in them was one of the greatest thrills to him.
Okay, you need better punctuation here, and it should probably be two sentences. For example,
"Yes, Robbie may have been a grown man, but he loved wearing diapers. He had always had these desires, and going out in public in them was one of his greatest thrills." In the original, your phrasing "the greatest thrills to him" takes the attention off of Robbie, and what Robbie likes, and makes the thrills seem like a separate entity. Try reading the sentences out loud, at a natural pace. If you stop to take a breath, there should be a period. If you pause, it probably needs a comma.

He barely responded his tounge
Sp. mistake: should be "tongue".
No if's and's or but's
...none of these words should have an apostrophe. For plurals it should be "Ifs, ands, or buts." I know it looks weird, and the spell checker says it is wrong, but it needs to be that way to be correct.

Your story isn't bad, although the girlfriend really kind of creeps me out. That said, I certainly haven't caught all the problems; I actually noticed more, I just don't have the brain power to go through them right now. I'm sure that someone better suited than me will look your story over soon, but I hope that the little bits I covered will give you something to go over in the meantime. I don't usually critique stories, so I hope that was vaguely helpful!