RIP Satoru Iwata

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Sadness has swept to Nintendo fans everywhere today as we learn that Nintendo's president Satoru Iwara has passed away today (July 12 2015).

It breaks my heart to hear that the man responsible for my entire life involvement in video games has passed away. I grew up with Nintendo with the SNES being my first console when I was a around 3 years old. I have only ever owned Nintendo consoles playing Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, and pokemon games to this current day.

He will be missed greatly. Rest in peace Mr. Iwata.
He was just 55 :frown:
I respect Iwata. I will miss him and wish him eternal rest.
I couldn't believe the news when I read it. He was such a charming person, its a sad day for Nintendo fans. May he rest in peace.
Shocking and sad News. :(
Very shocking news. He wasn't old. I didn't even know he had an illness.
It was sad to see him go.

Thank you for everything Mr. Iwata, may your soul find peace in the great beyond.
It is sad, and shocking indeed.:(
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