RIP James Best

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Just saw on FNC that James Best passed away. He played the deputy Roscoe Coltrane
on the Dukes Of Hazard. I always liked him in the car chases and his bumbling ways
with Boss Hogg.
Saw that too. Too bad, at least he's hanging out with Boss Hogg now.
My kids loved the Dukes of Hazard, and I did too. May he be in a better place.
That's too bad. I, too, liked that show.
I too like the Dukes of Hazard.
The dukes of hazard was nothing in his career.

I was surprised at all of the things he was in.

HE was the second defendant that Perry Mason represented. HE was in most of the western tv shows. I have seen him in Gunsmoke, Wanted dead or alive, rawhide, The rifleman, etc.

He also was a supporting actor in a movie from the early 50's possibly the late 40's. I believe the title was "Montana range wars" or something to that effect. Anyway it was about the range war between the cattle men and the sheep ranchers in early Montana. When I watched it for the first time in the mid 70's, his line was: "We should just go out and shot all of the wooly maggots". From that day on I always called my sheep "the band of wooly maggots".
He never could catch them Duke boys. Primarily because he didn't seem to have the secret road map telling him which bushes had ramps hidden in them.

Following on from what egor says above, I saw an interview where he expressed surprise in being so fondly remembered for his role in Dukes of Hazzard, given the span of his career, but seemed to take it all in good humour and accept it for what it was.
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