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  1. Adult Baby
Hello and welcome Rein ! (Is that your name ? , or a list of one letter abbreviations?)
I'm rubbish at that style of communication 🙄.. but I am an old fart ! 🤣..
Anyway welcome to the site !
I am Kitty 😺, and I like diapers , you will find many others here who also do .
I also enjoy cooking and eating ! 😋
And gardening, mainly because I like growing food ! (I am obsessed with food ! )
Do you have any interests Rein ?
Hi, welcome Rien.
This intro is the most misterious that I have seen. You are like a character in an anime that doesn't like to talk much.
So we talk for you interpreting your intentions.

I'm Lilithra and I'm a transgender woman of 34 years old. Asexual/panromantic.
I'm a little furball of 18 months that wants to play with new friends.
I like to watch anime and all type of animation and cartoons. I am a gamer, and a profesional QA, I love the game complexity in all the development steps.

I've adult interest too, I watch a lot of series and movies. I like to read a lot fiction and non-fiction. I am very curios and I want to learn as much as I can whetever I can of everything considerer knowledge. Because knowledge is power and I want to feel powerful at least in my mind palace.
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Hello and welcome.