Richard Dawkins and The Selfish Gene

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It's an interesting book. Most famous for this little contribution to our society: Meme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

To be sure, ideas that memes formed religion are still hypothetical and the subject of much controversy, but there can be no denying the meme's impact on popular culture. For example, those chain-mails everyone seems to get from well meaning if misguided relatives.

Anyways I just thought it reflects such an interesting feature of todays society that it warrants further discussion. Particularly I'm interested in examples of how his idea of memes affects you and your life? Do you think you really encounter such things? Where and what are they?

I just encountered one recently when a Mr Bob Dobbs tried to sell me a miken box full of an odd cereal called Lerfjhax. I politely told him I prefer pizza for breakfast, unlike my attractive older neighbour (she says it's the mud kits she gets from the spa). I mean really, Bob's sales tactics were less than genius, as going door to door is very unpopular these days. After all he blocked the photogenic view from my front door (the back is nice too). After that, I got back to pounding them keys for a fan letter I'm writing to Patrick Stewert about how his characters helped me get out of a slump when my bike was stolen. Although, perhaps a dramatic reading would express my feelings better... Aaand, I just lost the game. Damn.

Of course, the above is a fictional and slightly ridiculous scenario, but I think it really captures the feeling of memes and their place in the social order. This includes the frequent requirement of being "in the know". To be sure, memes are not limited to the comical. They include more serious things, such as "common sense", conspiracies, viral marketing and idioms just to name a few. So keep an open mind, and post what you think is really a meme in your life, or even something likely to become meme-ified. What is their significance, and what does it mean for the future of our society?

PS: Do respect the forum rules and do not discuss any chan memes, even though they are extremely influential and therefore highly relevant to this discussion.
Not open for further replies.