rewriting the AB/DL Primer now that the world has changed

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In late 2005, I drafted a brief summary of our interests and lifestyle, called the AB/DL primer. It was intended as a handout for parents, girlfriends, etc. The following decade was a wild ride. One of the changes set in motion was the AB/DL survey project, which gave us a more detailed understanding of who we are and what we want. Now it is time to rewrite the primer.

Based on previous feedback, it will include less clinical/technical summaries of what and why, as well as an overview of practices with less TMI.

What would you like to see (or not see) in it?

For discussion, here is the old one:

Awesome plan. I trust you will do an excellent rewrite.
I like the idea of dialing back the technical terms. I think that can scare someone who is just wading into the waters.
I feel its a sliding scale like percentage some may be 60%baby or 20% sissy 20% fetish.
Or something like that . In some cases we are all not the same. But for most its the diaper or pullups for some that bridge us togather .

Thank for the work your doing.
just a though I don't think I saw anything about
Asexual people
but I might of mist it.
@foxkits: True, there is a risk that the reader might not get that the triangle is a continuum between three corners, and not just three points. If you were going to explain that to a friend, how would you? I guess I could give an example, such as 'One ABDL might be mostly role but also a bit of object after a long day at work, but mostly loss during weekend play." However, another idea might be better.

Having sissyhood on the same graph would be confusing. However, where it is not (under not transgendered) might seem buried. There will need to be a balance between including specific interests/groups/etc. and intimidating parents and girlfriends with a lot of terms.

@DannyBBaby: You are right, asexuality isn't mentioned. An absence of sex during roleplay is mentioned in the negotiation section, but that is the closest the article comes. Is there a point specific to being an ABDL that should be made? Given that there are multiple types of asexuals, it might need to be one of those details that are discussed, but not listed in the primer.
I like the rough draft much better than the old one. The new one has a more positive focus, keeps the information relevant to every reader getting a primer in ABDL, and leaves out much of the technical details not required.

Along those lines, I would recommend against further defining sub-types (sissies), other related interests (furries), and unrelated items (asexual). The mention of sissy pictures collected is fine as of the 25 June draft because it clarifies likely pictures collected which may not make sense otherwise under the topic of heterosexual.

I feel that some of the technical details of the old primer may be of future use. Have you considered a seperate page for the medical understanding of infantilism and the definition of disorders? This may help others when the topic of treatment does occur. In my opinion, this information may help some prevent unnecessary treatment and help some receive treatment.

I don't consider asexuality unrelated to infantilism. However, detailing that relationship would be far outside the scope of the primer. Of course, the primer is currently being groomed for those seeking little technical detail. Those who want more technical detail would be better directed to the What is Infantilism article, and those wanting a lot more detail should go to the surveys section.
Thanks. I added a note on regression therapy.

There is also a different version of the triangle which might be clearer... or might not. Please let me know.
I think it's interesting to develop. I am a writer myself, more of fiction, but I can dot technical stuff too. if you need advice or someone to write with you, hit me up!
Thanks for all the helpful comments! The new primer is up, and much improved thanks to your help.
I definitely think the new one is much better. It's still confronting but it doesn't punch you in the face as much as the old one. I guess it's a very confronting subject so there's not much you can do about it.
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