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This is an informal (no data or pictures) review of trest diapers- i'll be comparing them to northshore megamaxes, as that's been my standard diaper for a while now. I bought two sample packs, one of medium, and the other large.

Short story, they're okay. I'd heard good and bad things about them, and mostly all of it is true. Short answer here is I'll be sticking to boosted megamaxes (using northshore's 2xl booster.) The combo is a tiny bit more expensive than trests, but just functions better.

  1. The capacity under pressure is very poor. they'll start leaking long before they're full, and not at a "well the capacity is so high it doesnt matter" level, but at a "wait, these are leaking sooner than a megamax??" level. Very disappointed at that. they don't absorb more than a megamax + booster, not even close. I can get that megamax setup twice as heavy, and it'll still be dry feeling by the time it's full.
  2. even though the topsheet is legitimately the comfiest i've ever felt, that's only when it's dry. it's very bad at keeping moisture away from your skin. I actually couldn't wear a single one of these diapers to capacity save for one that came close with some heavy fluid intake before bed because the wetness was just so everpresent. The side region (between the standing leak guards and the ruffled leg gathers) of the diapers doesn't keep fluids going one way too well, either. Fluid will press out of the side of the diaper outside of the standing leakguard and the entire area around your legs becomes wet and gets pee on things it shouldn't be on. That's not good.
  3. the plastic backing will come loose. on all four of the diapers, the plastic backing started detaching from the diaper core, starting at the top of the diaper at your belly and spreading down.
  4. the core is weak and sap will move all over the place. Megamaxes, as my reference point, have a very strong core. if you dissect one, you'll find woven layers, and it all sticks together well. Dissecting this one, it was more like a block of gel. The super-thin diaper with tons of sap design kind of sucks, even if it's nifty.
  5. the sizing is a bit odd. Medium felt like a small, and large felt like an extra large. I sit somewhere in the middle of a megamax medium and large. the medium felt about the same size as a medium crinklz and the large felt like the one time i ordered an XL tykables for fun.

  1. the tapes are the strongest I have ever felt. You know the thing about megamax tapes being strong? Yeah, these put the megamax tapes to shame. After sitting for a few minutes the glue sets and I struggled to get them undone, which is reassuring in their strength, but also means if you have smaller or weaker hands, you might get stuck lol. I've got large, strong hands, and it was already difficult for me.
  2. they have the comfiest, softest topsheet I've felt in a diaper. Cotton balls? A bunny? A chinchilla? Whatever the comparison, the surface of the diaper is seriously comfy. the downside is as mentioned, it immediately stops being comfy when it's wet. this topsheet would be better placed in a light absorbency diaper, not this type.
  3. the landing zone design is very nice- it's a high rise diaper and the top tapes line up right above where the padding ends, which creates a very, very nice seal where even when the diaper starts bulging, the tapes won't be affected. the landing zone also extends all the way to each side of the wings. If the fit is a bit small (like the medium) the tapes will still have a sturdy area to grab onto.
  4. the cut is unique- I compared it to a tykables, abu, and megamax, and it was slightly different from all of them. The cut is very comfortable, even if the diaper sizing is off. It hugged me well and covered everything it needed to, stayed on well, and didn't feel like it was pinching anything. The butt is very wide however. Not bad, just unusual. You can feel it when you walk. When this diaper was dry, it was the closest fit to a proper baby diaper i've experienced and I really loved that

Overall, it's a mixed bag. I won't be buying them again due to the wetness issues making the absorbency meaningless, but if they fix that issue by adding more pulp, this would be basically the perfect diaper. The fit and comfort is amazing, and it genuinely feels like an adult-sized baby diaper. I love the cut and the softness, it's awesome, but at this point it's just an overpriced "play" diaper because the performance does not match that price point. I'll be waiting to hear if they do fix the issue, because that's an instant new daily diaper for me then! Until then, I'm team megamax.
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Wow. Im disappointed, I expected way more from those, won't try them

Thanks for the review!
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