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One thing that is really worth rethinking is size. This is also a relatively expensive thing if you do not own a diaper machine.
Sizes, when you look at the size of a diaper, they all advertise with a small, medium, large, these are sizes that might overlap. This is nice from the perspective of the hips. Some assumption in the factory however is: if your hip size is L, then you also need very long diapers. Reality is that bodies have different proportions and a factory definition of medium might not completely be your medium.

Take Candy Fluff, they have a range that goes to 100 (medium) and they're large starts at (100 and goes to 150). The issue here is that, large is also very long, so when your hips are 99 or 100. The diaper will be tight (not so comfy) or you take the large one, but then they assume you also need a long diaper and you end with a diaper that ends somewhere close under your ribs.

So with adult diapers, we should not only take horizontal sizing as a measure, but also vertical sizing. So you would get a product like size 8- ( horizontal 8, vertical smaller) or 8+ (horizontal 8, vertical larger) or create a size between (7+ is right between 7 and 8) where the difference is not 10 cm but for example 5.

Am I the only person that certainly could use this?
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That's why luckily not all brands are the same.

Megamax size M are just like that on me, way to long and I fit proper and a bit snug in the size Small.

But in the Betterdry I fit best in the M10, however I just about still fit the S10 and they then have a nice low cut rise, which is good for hiding them under clothes. The M10 is my daily driver, but I fold the plastics edges of the waistband down and inside, since they are a high rise cut on me.

With the rearz the medium is not that of a high rise cut on me, but for some reason I always leak before even having them used at like 50% of them due too the fit.

In cloth diapers the sizing is sometimes even funnier, for Threaded Armor I fit in the sizes S M and L, but with Blumchen velcro pocket/2 in 1 pants I just barely fit in the size XS even though this was not advertised. The size small is already big and the size medium is way to big for the pocket style diapers. But their 2 in 1 have the same outer size but due too the insert without pockets, they just fit proper without leaking and can hold a bigger insert to get more out of them.

Sizing is weird, personal and even sometimes advertised sizes can fit way different then expected.

Having model (as in the diaper and the person that models them) sizes explained would help a lot with picking the right size.

The hardest part is that it would require even more sizes and stocking which is not viable for most of the brands.
Roland007 said:
This is also a relatively expensive thing if you do not own a diaper machine.
Even if you do own such a machine it's incredibly expensive. Just the drum to cut the leg openings can cost upwards of US$80,000.00 Adding more sizes like you state would be amazing to get a more tailored fit but the diapers would likely be somewhere around US$6 each to compensate for the overhead of having so many different sized parts to place on the machine to ready it for production. Then there is the time to change those parts out and start a different size. It's all very complicated logistically speaking. Maybe some day someone will design a machine that adapts easier to different sizes and we can have better fitting diapers.