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Hmmm. Well this is awkward...

I came here to do a continuation of Maxx's story "Vince". I've looked all over the site, and it appears you guys have done a purge of some kind.

I guess I should introduce myself anyway.

Hi. I'm Carly. Vince's best friend's daughter. I'm a senior and cheerleader at a rather pretentious suburban high school. I also used to be a bedwetter. That's why I was chosen to do the writing. Vince apparently didn't know that the bedwetting cleared up a couple of years ago.

He also didn't know that computer access can be a bit of a problem for me. Its not that I can't use one when I need it, we've got several computers, and decent internet service, its more of a privacy issue. Visiting this kind of forum, ya know?

Picture this. Me, mom and dad living in a giant old house, 3 stories if you count their room up in the turret, 5 rooms you could count as bedrooms, except obviously we don't need to use them all as bedrooms. You would think with all that space, we might not see each other for days, and I'd have plenty of time alone to write a diaper novel.

Wrong. First, we're kind of a cuddly little family. Everybody gravitates to the same room. Second, my mom is picky about her decorating. She considers tech stuff tacky, so all the computers are in one room that's like a designated home office for all of us. It looks like a little cube farm minus the dividers. I'm surprised she tolerates a TV in the family room. Smartphone? As if. Dad counts every nickel. He can justify them for himself and mom for business, but me? Not that I'd want to be typing this on a smartphone anyway, but still... Third, we're very open and sharing about everything. Everything. That's how Vince knew about the bedwetting. Dad told him. Fourth, it seems like there's always a dinner party, out of town visitors, out of country visitors, people staying in the spare rooms...friggin Grand Central around here... yuppies networking if ya know what I mean.

Its rare that I have any extended time on a computer without someone looking over my shoulder. Oh, its worse than you think. During summer break, or when mom and dad go out of town for any extended length of time, I have a nanny. Yeah! Seriously! 18 years old and I have a nanny!

Anyway, I've been waiting a couple weeks for an opportunity, and now that I have it, I'm just rambling. A little tipsy, sorry. Mom and Dad went out to a party. My boyfriend just went home. He's not supposed to be here alone with me. We raided dad's beer fridge. It was still a frustrating experience for all concerned. Maybe I'll tell you about that another time. Right now there's a bigger issue.

I don't know how much time I have until they get back. Given my bedwetting history, I don't think they'd be all THAT upset if they caught me on ADISC, but I have to be in bed, lights out, when they get home so they don't figure out the beer and boyfriend thing. There's other things about ADISC visits that are a problem, but I can't explain them right now.

Oh yeah, you guys would want to know about the diaper I'm wearing, not my boy problems. I found some in the back of the closet, leftovers from my bedwetting. They're pretty thick, and have a kind of pale lilac plastic cover. You guys probably know the brand. I don't. Dad used to buy them online from somewhere. With this, beer, and the boyfriend I thought tonight might turn out to be a wet one so I padded up just in case, even though I haven't had any accidents in quite a while.

Shoot! I still haven't told you about the big problem! Sorry, rambling.

You guys purged! My new part of the story won't make any sense if you haven't read the old part first! So now I have to figure out a way to get the old file. Vince being dead kinda complicates that. I can't just go ask his widow for it, can I? That would be too wierd. What if she doesn't even have it any more? This may take a while, if I can even do it. I guess all I can do for now is give you guys a heads up that there's more to the story and I'm trying to piece it together.

Oh, wait! The front door! They're home. Gotta scurry.


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Kudos, Maxx: this is the most original voice I've seen in a long time in just about any diaper story. Great start. :)


Hey its me again. Not much time, 'rents have gone to work and I have to get out of this soggy diaper and get ready for school. No point in wearing it and not using it. Its not like I could take it off and put it back in the closet.

Didn't get caught last night, but rushed off to bed without cleaning up internet history. Have to do that now. Hope they didn't use the computer this morning before they left.

I also thought you'd like to know that I think I've figured out a way to have someone else get the old story file for me without upsetting Vince's wife. More later

Carly out...

P.S. I wonder how my parents would take it if my bedwetting started up again? It was nice to not jump out of bed to get to the bathroom.


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I am absolutely floored by the originality of the voice here. Once this is finished it could be possible for someone to forget that they're reading a story. Really it's excellent so far.


Hi. I see Carly has been here, so I better give you an update on what I'm doing. The timeline is a little confusing. I've been trying to do my part for almost a month now. I'm not sure what her part is, so this is as much for her as it is for all of you, in case she's sitting around waiting for something to happen.

I'm Ally, short for Allison. Mom was an Elvis fan. Yeah, that Elvis. I'm 11 and I live next door to Vince's old house. Its me, my Mom and my older brother living here. We moved in about a year before Vince died.

I didn't know him all that well. In fact I only talked to him a few times. Moms always pound it into your head not to talk to strange men. Its not like he was "strange" strange, we just didn't run into each other much. He was always gone. At work, I guess.

He did fix my bike a couple times. I didn't go up and ask him. His wife saw me fooling with my bike and made him come over to help me. He showed me how to fix the tire myself and the stuff I needed to do it. He was nice enough, talked about places he rides to, probably trying to give me ideas about where I could ride. I don't think so. Too far. Mom would never let me.

That's not important. What might be important is that I saw he had a spare house key in his bike tool kit.

Mom also asked him to fix our internet once. Mrs. Parker probably told her that he knew how to do it. They drink beers together on the patio sometimes. He spent an hour or two fooling with her computer. Maybe that's why I can get into their network. Mom got a new computer and gave me her old one.

Back to telling about me, and why I'm here. We used to live in a much bigger house on the other side of town until Mom and Dad got divorced. The other house was way better, especially because of the bigger yard. This one is OK, though. I've got my own room that's only a little smaller than my old one. I really miss the walk-in closet. My stuff is jammed tight in this one.

Oh, hey, Mods! I know I'm not old enough to be here! I'm just here about the story. I promise I won't look at anything I shouldn't, and once this story thing gets fixed, I'll go away until I'm 18. Cross my heart!

Mom and Dad's problems were pretty bad. He says she cheated on him, Mom says he drinks too much. I think they were just tired of each other and tired of us. They get along much better apart. Mom's still kind of tense a lot of the time. I'm sure my ADHD and bedwetting don't help. Dad still complains about the cleaners making him stay in a tiny apartment. I think I'd have liked living with him better except for the tiny apartment. Oh, and I've seen him drunk and angry. Maybe I am better off here.

I like my new school and the kids around here better than the old neighborhood. They're friendlier and not as stuck up, even though my mom calls some of them hillbillies and trailer trash. She still lets me go on sleepovers. That's another good thing. My bedwetting is less of a problem here. It seems like half my friends do too. Maybe the kids in the old place just did a better job hiding it.

Don't get the idea that I pee myself constantly, its only once in a while. Well, OK, a couple times a week. I think I was OK for a little while before I went to school, but then it started up when my parents started having problems. I don't really remember, that's just what I hear. Anyway, I used to wear mostly underjams until I got bigger and they weren't holding enough. Mom switched to thicker ones, Abenas I think. I still have some underjams around for sleepovers because they're less obvious. Its just in case. I try not to wet around my friends, and it hasn't happened in quite a while, but still.

A few weeks ago, Mom got a couple of cloth ones with velcro and a plastic cover all in one, like a cloth disposable. She said they were expensive, but since I don't wet that often, I could wear them a few nights in a row without washing them or throwing them away. I really like them. Tonight, though, I'm wearing one of the disposables because its Friday and I'll almost certainly be wet tomorrow morning. For one thing, I'm up typing this in the middle of the night. For sure I'll be overtired and more likely to wet.

Well, OK, might as well be honest about it, considering where I am. I'd rather sleep in on Saturday morning than get up to go to the bathroom. Do you think my Mom notices that I'm wet nearly every Saturday? I bet she does and pretends not to. Me and my ADHD up at the crack of dawn bouncing off the walls can't be something she looks forward to, especially if she had a date or something Friday night.

My brother teases me once in a while about it, but never Saturday mornings. I think he likes sleeping in more than teasing too.

Mom insists I'll grow out of it. I think she believes it too. She really tries to be a good mom, and she'd take me to a doctor if she thought it was a bad problem or something they could fix.

Enough about me... I better say why I'm here before they throw me off!

Like I said at the beginning, I live next door to the Parkers. Well just Mrs. Parker now...

My room is the closest one to their house and their router. I have my own laptop. All I have to do is log into their network, snatch the file, and repost it. Theoretically.

I can get in, see their router, see a tablet once in a while, and some other devices that I don't recognize, but I haven't seen anything that looked like a computer. Vince used to leave his on most of the time. Maybe Mrs. Parker doesn't do that. She's not that smart about computers, so I don't think she would have turned off network discovery or file sharing.

Maybe she just doesn't have it turned on late at night when I'm looking, or worse, maybe she doesn't use it at all anymore. I suppose I should try some different days or different times. Privacy isn't that much of a problem since I have my own laptop. I'm trying to be careful so as not to arouse suspicion. "Michaels" popping up on a screen over there would be bad. Over here, me spending hours on the computer would get noticed.

Yeah, I'm also procrastinating a bit. Can you blame me? I'm an 11 year old kid. You guys and your story aren't exactly the highest priority in my life. I could've coasted along for months taking a peek every once in a while to see if its there.

Well that's over. Carly's note made me realize that other people are depending on me. If I don't make a move, Mrs. Parker might move somewhere else, or do a major housecleaning, and the chance could be lost forever. Me and my ADHD are going to get hyperactive on this.

Fear not Carly, fear not Diaper People, there is another way. Burglary! Vince Parker was a packrat. His wife isn't much different. Even if his wife isn't using that computer any more, its got to be on a shelf somewhere. Even more likely, and less likely to be missed, is an external hard drive with that file on it.

If I can't get the story off the network soon, I'll go over and ask Mrs. Parker if I can borrow some bike tools to fix a flat. Mr. Parker's bike is still hanging in the garage. The tool bag is still hanging from the saddle. It should be easy enough to slip the house key in my pocket while I'm getting the tools. I bet she doesn't even know its there, so she'll never miss it.

That could still take a while. Mrs. Parker works at a school, so she's home the same hours I am, even if Mom and my brother aren't. There's also a lot of windows and a lot of eyes in this neighborhood. I'll have to be careful...and patient.

It better be worth it. I'd be awfully embarrassed if I got sent to jail over a story you think is stupid!!


OK Jason, I'm mad. No. Make that furious!!! No. I can't think of the right words!!!!!


<deep breath> <sigh>

Jason, I'm so mad at you right now I don't know what to do. Diocese of Joliet? Seriously? What's with that?

You're the only living person, other than my mom, who's been in my room since I got that letter. It has to be you. Time to fess up. NOW. Its too late for you to hope you'll ever have another chance with me, but maybe, just maybe I won't...

OK, I have to go cool down for a while, but Jason, if it was you or one of your friends sneaking in here and setting this up, now is the time to save yourself.

Oh. For the rest of you watching, that goes for you too. If one of you wierdos is pulling an elaborate joke... If there are cameras in my room I don't know if even fessing up will save you.

<deep breath> <sighs>

Alright, that made no sense. I'm Carly. The REAL Carly, not the bozo who posted that other stuff, JASON (my soon-to-be-wearing-an-orange-jumpsuit-soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend)!!!!!

Carly out - for a long run or whatever I can think of that will make me too tired to do something I'll regret. OMG! I can't believe you even kind of sounded like me!

P.S. I really hope its not you Jason, but whoever you are, fess up and save yourself!


All right. I've calmed down some. It's not Jason, it can't be. We went out to a movie Saturday night. If he did it, he'd have seen my rant, and I would have smelled the fear. He was all chirpy and happy. I guess Thursday night was a lot better for him than it was for me.

I was all moody trying to decide whether to confront him about the letter or the diaper or both. He guessed or figured out it was that time. That made him even chirpier, damn him.

We've known each other for years, but only started going out a few months ago. He couldn't have known about my bedwetting unless one of my girlfriends told him. That's not likely. They know what would happen. He's been in my room alone a few times while I went to the bathroom or the kitchen or something. Long enough to snoop in my closet a little.

He could have moved the letter...... Yeah, but the letter itself was awfully long and elaborate. Even if he's clever enough to fake it, why would he? Things are good with us. There's no possible reason he would mess it up just for a practical joke.

Unless... maybe HE is a diaper lover! Could he be trying to get me into this? Snoop in my closet, see the diapers, wonder why? Lure me into this website to see how I respond?

I remember him leaving, I remember going to bed, I don't remember my parents coming home. Could he have snuck back in and diapered me?!? Was I that drunk? I didn't think so...

It only makes sense if he is a diaper lover and wanted pictures of me in a diaper. That's not so bad. I wouldn't mind so much if he had them, but what if he loses his phone, or one of his buddies gets hold of it? That kind of thing happens a lot.

I guess I am mad that he didn't ask.

I'm going to be SO mad if I go back to school after break and everyone is giggling behind my back.

Damn. I should have confronted him.

If only I knew for sure how many diapers I had. They're pretty good ones. It would be awfully hard for a diaper lover to resist taking one. He's got a tight little butt. They'd fit. One missing would be proof its him.... Oh. Or my Dad. Never mind.

OMG! I'm going away for a while to calm down again....and count my diapers in case there's a next time. I'm not sure if I'm mad, scared, embarrassed, or what.

P.S. Contrary to what faux Carly would have you believe, privacy isn't that much of a problem, even in our family home office. Bifocals. Mom and Dad both are old enough to have them. Typing on a word processor like this, they couldn't see what I'm doing. Looking over someone's shoulder is in their blind zone. Not close enough for the close part of the lens, and I'm using too small a font for them to see from farther away. I've tested them to be sure. They might notice an ADISC header, though, so that's why I'm doing this off-line. I typed it Sunday morning but didn't get a chance to post until today.

I see no other faux people have added to this. I wonder if that means anything.

- - - Updated - - -

Trepidation. That's a good word. I think that adequately describes how I feel about outing myself here in a public forum. Not that I have a choice, since its already been done for me. At least I'm not using my own account, so Maxx can deal with the unwanted attention from people wanting to be my friend, or asking for a selfie of me in my diaper.

Trepidation about my parents stumbling across this. When I was still bedwetting Dad used to do all kinds of searches for diapers, devices, and programs to help with "nighttime enuresis". Back then, I thought he did way more searching than the problem called for. Now that I'm older, I understand guys, fantasies, and voyeurism better.

I found this this place by snooping in his internet history. Dad can be so smart about some things, so dumb about others! I started lurking here once or twice a week. I found other places too. Ick. ADISC and its predecessor fit in better with my feelings about diapers. I wouldn't call myself a diaper lover, certainly not an AB, but wearing diapers to bed never bothered me.

Bedwetting and overnight diapers went on for at least a year longer than it needed to. I'm sure you all share that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed on a cold winter morning, or worse, the middle of the night. That stupid buzzer was really annoying. I had to live with that for something like six months before they gave up on it.

With high school came more activities, homework, boys, and less time. Its not that I didn't like diapers anymore, they became a liability. One more step going to bed, one more step getting up in the morning, more time cleaning up so I don't smell like pee. If I had a leak, then there's the whole laundry thing. Diapers aren't any fun if you can't take the time to enjoy them. Around that time, my Dad got his cholesterol numbers too. Suddenly our diet changed to include things like garlic, asparagus, broccoli.... you get the idea. One of my bff's clued me in before the problem got out of hand.

I still have a moderate stash of diapers left over. Every once in a while I'll pull one out, to relax and celebrate finishing a big project, or if I'm feeling overwhelmed by the world. Maybe I do have a little bit of AB in me.

Grrr. Thursday night was not one of those nights. Waking up in a wet diaper was a surprise. Jason and I had a few beers, but I clearly remember him leaving, and I'm pretty sure I remember going to bed without a diaper. I certainly DON'T recall posting anything here or getting up in the morning to clean up internet history. Then there's the letter.

Calm down


Is there a good word to describe a mix of anger and hope? Angry that I might be gullible enough to fall for this and bare my soul to you weirdos, yet hope that somebody pops up and says "April Fool, here's how I got you..."

Please, Jason, now would be a really good time. I might even forgive you not asking. No, I would forgive you. Please come over right now and share my diapers with me. If its not you.....
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The alternative is nightmare-quality, zombies-in-the-basement terror.

OK, maybe its not that quite that terrifying. It was, in bed, in the dark last night as I thought about it. Now, on a sunny Tuesday morning it isn't quite that scary. You never seemed like a bad guy Mike. Yeah, that's right. Its not Maxx, not Vince. You used my real name, so I can use yours. Was that a slip-up? What's the matter, a couple of beers too much for you?

So how long have you been watching? Can you read my mind too, or just watch?!? Its bad enough thinking you were there with me and Jason! I can't believe you would actually hurt me, but this kind of personal invasion is way over the line! At least be open about it instead of sneaking around! Maybe you thought you could do what you wanted with no one the wiser? Or did something happen that you can't?

Alright ADISC'ers. I'll fill you in and you be the judge.

Gaaahhhh! I still feel like I'm being made the fool!

A week or so ago, I got home from school before my parents got home from work. That happens when I don't have a game or cheerleading practice. I grabbed the mail on the way in and was about to toss it on the kitchen table when something caught my eye. One sort of official looking envelope was addressed to a "Miss Carly Schaeffer - Personal and Confidential". Handwritten no less, or at least it looked like it. I kept that, tossed the rest on the table.

Upstairs, putting my jacket in the closet, I noticed the diaper stash and had the briefest urge to pull one out. Banishing that thought, I took a look at the envelope. Yellowed a bit, it looked old. The return address: Diocese of Joliet. I'm not even Catholic. Those marketing people are always trying something different to pique your curiousity and get you to at least look at their pitch for products or donations or whatever. Good luck with that. I'm a kid and I've got no money. Who knows where they got my name and address for the mailing. It could be a pitch from some Catholic college. Too late for that, I'm already committed. No, you weirdos don't get to know where.

The 'handwriting' font they used to address it looked pretty realistic. The possibility never crossed my mind that someone might've done it by hand. Only Grandma does that these days. Oh, and my mom when she does Christmas cards. I tossed the envelope in the wastebasket and went about whatever else I did that afternoon.

Fast forward a bit. Woke up Saturday morning, stretched. Wished I had a diaper on so I could sleep in a little longer. Ugh. A cramp, and turmoil down in the girly parts. Good news/bad news I guess, not that I was worried about it. Other than a date with Jason later, I didn't have a lot to do Saturday, or the rest of the week for that matter. Spring break.

I got up, shuffled to my bathroom, and in the cupboard there's the end of an envelope sticking out from under my tampon box! THAT envelope. Unopened. Confused, I almost forgot to take care of my immediate problems. Two separate urgencies shocked me back to reality.

Business handled, I picked up the envelope and went back to my room, my mind whirling with questions. Didn't I throw that out? How did it get under the tampon box of all places? Mom? Does she know something about it? Is it really something important?

Typically I tear open envelopes unless I know its something real and important. This one called for the letter opener. I remember thinking "Damn those marketing people, they got me". Dad's in marketing, so I'm more aware of all the ploys than the average teenager. It had some weight to it, certainly more than a page or two. Carefully slitting the top flap, I opened it, anticipating a glossy brochure for one of the small religious schools, or perhaps an appeal with pictures of starving African children.

I couldn't have been more wrong. Three pages of stationary with Diocese of Joliet logo at the top. The first page was filled with smooth, well formed, cursive. I didn't read the whole thing then and there. I had to stop and absorb the impact of the beginning. All in formal letter format, it was from a Monsignor Joseph O'Brien, dated April 3 1966!

Here's the first bit, and you'll see why I freaked and dropped the letter at that point.

"Dearest Miss Schaeffer,

I hope this letter finds you well and living in the Light of the Lord.

The fact that you are reading this letter means that I have left the mortal realm. With the help of God's grace and his Son's sacrifice, I hope to be with Him as you read this.

I prayed and pondered nearly a year before composing this letter from my notes, sealing it, and putting it with my personal effects. The notes were taken at the insistence of a young lady who consulted with me under the seal of the confessional.

I don't know if you are Catholic, so I'll explain a bit. Anything disclosed to a priest in confession is confidential between the confessor and the penitent, regardless of the nature or severity of the sin. Disclosure is a mortal sin. Many of our Saints chose martyrdom rather than reveal the names of penitents or the contents of their confessions.

As you can imagine, even taking notes concerned me.

The young lady insisted that she released me from the obligation upon my death. She said that it was important for people in the future to know about this narrative, that it might well lead others to believe in the Lord.

She was most convincing, predicting certain future events as proof of her veracity, suggesting that I make my decision after some of the predictions came true. Like many of Irish heritage, I'm a fan of boxing. Her prior knowledge of the outcome and details regarding two matches last year finally convinced me. You may have heard of a young man named Cassius Clay. He recently changed his name to Muhammed Ali. I suspect one or both of those names and his history will be verifiable in your time.

The young lady said you would have access to another portion of this story from other sources, and that it was important for them to be connected. In addition to her postal address, she gave me the following and insisted you would recognize it and know what to do with it. It made no sense to me, but I reproduced it exactly as dictated.

User: Maxx
Password: saxon1317

Following is a synopsis of our visit and discussion...."

(No, you idiots, that's not Maxx's actual password!! If you all go try it and get him locked out, then I can't finish this!)

So you see why I freaked? I came here, found the post by faux Carly, and Ally.

I've since read the rest of the letter!

When I used to come here, I spent some time in the story forum. I liked Timberly, Ohio. Didn't pay any attention to furry stories or heavy duty babying. Grammar and spelling turned me off others. I don't remember seeing a Maxx story. If I did, I probably read a few paragraphs and gave up if it didn't make an impression.

Judging by the letter, it might have been like some old rock songs. You get lulled into changing the track by a 2 minute instrumental before you find out it rocks the house. Sweet Jane on Rock 'n Roll Animal comes to mind. My Dad is stuck in the 80's.

So here I am, deciding what to do about this, and not looking forward to bedtime...

April Fool's anyone? Anyone? Please?


Carly, its Ally. You don't have to worry anymore. I got the key today.

It was finally a nice day out, so I wanted to ride my bike anyway. Of course the tires were flat after the long winter. Mrs. Parker helped me get Mr. Parker's bike down, and I showed her that I knew what tools to use. She went in the house for a minute while I was working on it, so getting the key was no problem.

Mom was a little upset that I was wearing a pullup during the day, but she didn't do anything about it. I said I was playing house with my friends and I was the baby. She rolled her eyes and said "It's not appropriate to wear diapers when you don't need to, and they're too expensive to use as toys". I said "They're not that expensive. I bet Dad wouldn't mind me playing with them". I probably shouldn't have said that, but she did walk away and leave me alone.

Now I have to wait for my chance to go in there and get the file. As soon as I post the story, you can add your part from the letter and you'll be done. Is your boyfriend cute? I can't wait 'til I'm old enough for a boyfriend!


NO!! That's enough, Mike!

I'll do it.

I'll go get your stupid story. Your wife knows me. I can come up with some excuse to get in your old computer. Maybe I'll just ask her directly for the file. That's somthing you should have tried, instead of invading me and Ally.

I'll even type in all that stuff from the letter. Or maybe I'll scan it, then all your wierdo friends can have fun trying to decipher the dead priest's handwriting.

Three conditions:

1. Get out of my head and stay out.

2. Leave the kid alone. It's not fair messing with Ally. She's got enough problems. Yesterday is a complete blank to her, isn't it? Now, besides the bedwetting and ADHD, she can't trust her own thoughts and memories!

3. Go back, if you can, and confess to that other little girl. Then get out of her head and stay out. She'll be mad, and she'll be scared, but long run she's better off understanding what was happening to her.

If you don't, your story will never come out. I'll burn the letter. I'll talk to the Mods at ADISC and make sure it never sees the light of day.

You have a real person in the real world on the case. There's no reason to haunt anyone else.

This is nuts. I'm going to put on a diaper and go back to bed. NO! Wait! That's exactly what you want! Is that you in there pushing buttons? Leave me alone!

I swear I'll find a way to have an exorcism, I mean it!

P.S. Some hints about what file to look for and where might be nice. Have you ever tried to find something on someone else's computer? Wading through gigabytes of stuff with no idea how they organized it? Or if?

A little help with how would be appreciated, too. I don't want to upset your wife any more than I need to. Its been long enough that she's probably starting to move on, and I'm at a loss for the proper way to ask a widow for her dead husbands fetish stories.

Yes, I'm thinking of my feelings and reputation, too. I'm a nice, normal, preppy teenage girl. How, exactly, do I go up to a woman who's known me since I was 7 and ask for a diaper story that I need to put up on a fetish website. You just know that will come back to haunt me.

I guess this turned into a little more than a P.S. Too bad.

Mike, I'm waiting.

P.P.S. No, I'm not going to hold you to telling Ally. It doesn't look like you've been with her that long, and you've been more careful about interfering. Except for yesterday. If I find out otherwise.....
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Hmm. Nothing.

I'd kind of like some confirmation that we have an agreement...and a little help on how to proceed.

How does this work? Does a diaper have to be involved? What was the deal with Ally the other day? Did you take over for the whole day, or go get the key then dump her in the middle of the afternoon in a diaper with no idea how she got that way? Or maybe you're still there?

God, I know I'm going to regret this.

OK, Mike, you have my permission just this once to take me over and clarify our situation. I'm already wearing a diaper. Of course you know that, you watched me change...eeewww..... and its that time still!!! I get the shivers just thinking about you watching.

OH! Maybe its too gross and you're staying away! I should be so lucky.

My parents will be gone until at least 5. You better not take any liberties!


Still nothing?
No Mike?
Nobody else wants to pop up to say "Gotcha"?

Maybe I can forget this whole thing and go back to just being me!

Since we are on a diaper forum, all you wierdos would probably want to know that I used the diaper while cleaning my room and doing the dishes. Its not like I could take it off and put it back in the closet at the end of the day. Not this week anyway. Yuck!!

It wasn't that big a deal since I've had so much practice wearing them at night. When I was little I didn't always take them off right away when I got out of bed. Mom wouldn't stand for that past breakfast. Oh...except for long car trips. Dad doesn't like to stop. Changing at rest stops was embarrasing. Traffic jams were my payback. I could watch Mom and Dad squirm and get mad while I could let it go and keep reading my books.

So Yay! No more Mike! No offense guys, but the story can stay lost as far as I'm concerned.


I'm sorry about everything Carly. I really did think I could hang out with you and do the story revisions without you ever knowing I was there. Teenagers never get enough sleep anyway. I didn't think you'd miss an hour here and there.

It might have worked except I didn't know your bedwetting problem had resolved itself. I waited quietly for a couple of weeks, knowing that the letter might show up. Might. I'm pushing buttons and making suggestions. I don't have total control when I'm not inside a person.

No, I can't read your mind either. I get all the inputs from your senses when I'm in control. That's pretty similar from one person to the next. Once I've been inside for a while, I can read the inputs even when I'm not in control. After a bit longer, a few days, I start to get flashes of images, probably things you're thinking about. I also start to feel what I think are your strong emotions. A few times I think I've influenced you with my emotions even when I wasn't in control.

Every time I jump from one to another, it takes some time to recalibrate and get used to the new system. Maybe if I'm with one person long enough, I'll actually be able to read thoughts. I don't know. That's as scary a concept for me as it must be for you. Despite the age of the letter, I'm new at this and don't have all the answers.

Diapers aren't necessary for me to take control, but they make it easier for me to go unnoticed. There's some uncertainty and loss of co-ordination when I hand it back to you or Ally. That might change with experience, too. Just to be safe, I've been doing it lying down and diapered.

The one exception was the day the letter arrived and you tossed it in the trash. I fully expected that, but also expected to retrieve it after you went to bed diapered.

Do you remember that you felt faint in the shower that evening, and found yourself sitting on the tiles, propped in the corner with the water running? That's because I took over and went to retrieve the letter before your Mom had a chance to empty your wastebasket. Yes, I know how moms are. I put it in a place that I thought would be secure for a couple of weeks.

That Thursday night could best be described as a drunk dial. I'm sorry. I was affected by the drink just as you were. In my defense, imagine how hard it was for me to be a captive audience for you and your boyfriend without touching the controls! It was.... interesting. Coming here and letting off a little steam afterwards seemed relatively harmless compared to what I could have done!

Sorry, I do realize I had no right to be there or do anything at all. Still, everyone has to be somewhere.

Oh, and I'm well aware of your dad's fine selection of craft beers. You did OK by me. I'd have leaned a little more in the hops direction, but Belgians and Saissons are good, too. One more Belgian and I might've come out of hiding and blown Jason's mind.

Oh, Jeez, that's right. Its been almost 2 weeks. Sorry about that too. You've probably moved on and you're going to be really surprised tomorrow when you wake up in a wet diaper.

Last you knew, I was with Ally. Well, that's where I've been, waiting and watching for a break-in opportunity that never came. I never had a chance to check in here either until tonight. Ally had her computer taken away due to some behavior problems at school. They weren't my doing, I promise. I've been doing my best to sit quietly and watch. God, 5th grade is boring. Watching it from the inside of a twitchy, shrill, little girl is even worse.

Its not so bad when she's out of school. Thank God her mom pushes her out the door for some physical activity. She's always running around with her friends on her skateboard and bike. It takes the edge off for me as well as her.

And I've had the comfort of her diapers at night. She's only wet a couple of times, but that's OK. Her all-in-ones feel awesome when they're dry and fluffy. I know you don't care about that Carly. I threw it in for the rest of the audience.

Back to business: I understand your anger, and accept your conditions to the extent that I can. Everybody has to be somewhere, including me. I don't know how to blink out of existence, and I'm pretty sure my old body is no longer accessible. Sheesh... maggots... or was I cremated....I don't know, and I've tried not to think about it. It takes a really huge, emotional, mental effort to make a jump. I can't imagine what it would take for that one, if its even possible.

I'd just as soon stay out of Ally. She's making me crazy. I wouldn't mind going back to Sue. I'm not sure how I'd communicate with her to tell her who and what I am, though. This forum works pretty well for us, but the internet didn't exist in 1965. I'd just as soon stay with you while I figure that out. Remember that I couldn't communicate with you or help you out from 1965 either, except by circuitous means like Father O'Brien. That was no small achievement, believe me!

With your permission, I'd like to stay until you get the original story, then go back to Sue and try to fulfill your third condition. Hopefully by that time I can figure out a more permanent solution or residence.

OK, hints.

First off, you're looking for a file named vince_story_b.txt. There's also vince_story_a, but b has more of the story. Rev. A was what originally went up on the story forum, rev. B I didn't have time to clean up. If you just want to be done with me, A would be OK, although I'm not sure it would pass muster with the mods.

Yes, selfishly, I'd like to stick around and help you clean up B, but I won't come out unless you ask.

Second, your best bet to find the files is on my old external backup drive. It has both files on it. Unless my wife or son have moved it, its in the fire safe in the basement. I'd bet against her finding it, Junior might have. If you need to, you can say that I told your Dad once where it was. I probably did at some point.

Third, for an excuse, use pictures. His birthday is coming up. Say you want to look through old pictures to make up a powerpoint. Your dad went for years without a scanner. He was always giving me envelopes full of pictures to scan for him. I guarantee there are more than a few of him (and you, and your mom, and your grandma) in my files that he's lost or never had. If he's had one of his periodic computer disasters since I died, so much the better. Believable, and it really would be a great birthday present.

That's all for now. Sorry. Hope you're not too mad. I'd really like to talk to you again, but only with your permission.
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Damn you Mike! Really?

Ever hear of knocking!!!??? Is a little heads up too much to ask? One minute I'm out with Jason, the next minute, Mom's tapping me on the shoulder to wake me up to go shopping.

A wet bed would have been easier to explain than leaping out of bed in a diaper I didn't know I was wearing!

Furious doesn't begin to describe it! If there were a magic button....

I'm going away to cool down a bit before saying any more. I'm sure there will be an awkward conversation with my Mom. Maybe Dad too. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so sensitive.

Oh... You stay put! The only reason I'm going along with this even a little is to keep you from going off and messing up somebody else.

I also need to read what you wrote. Haven't had a chance yet.


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Have I mentioned that I love the originality and outrageousness of this story? As well as the fact that you are confident enough not to explain a darned thing​ as you go along? :)


OK. I feel much better now. I'm still mad, though.

Understand this Mike: There is no we, there is no us. You're an uninvited guest. A burglar stealing bits of my life. This is rape. No, worse than rape. Rapists go away.

1...2...3...4...5 Deep Breath

OK, can't go there or this will turn into a rant.

I don't know if I should think about this now... or later... what order?

OK, first, the discussion with my mom went OK. Once I'd figured out what happened, I made up a story about some occasional nighttime accidents. That's believable and didn't surprise her. She didn't bring up anything about doctors either. So far so good. I think she's still a little puzzled about my confusion this morning, but oh well. I hope she doesn't think I was drinking. I wasn't, was I Mike?

After that, my Dad joined in. You, meaning forum wierdos plus Mike, will be happy to hear I'll be getting a new supply of diapers, including some cloth and plastic pants. Dad said it would cost less, especially if I only wet once in a while. I don't know what to make of cloth. I've never used them. You forum wierdos may have to help me out with that.

He seemed too accommodating, bordering on enthusiastic about it, especially the cloth diapers. Creepy. I'm sure he's got a spreadsheet to back it up, though. This is getting creepier by the minute. A creeper inside, a creeper outside, its starting to feel like I'm in prison or a nursing home. No privacy anywhere. At least Jason isn't into them... Oh shoot!

Alright Mike, you got me. You didn't say what happened with Jason, and I have to give you permission to come out and tell me. We were out, we were alone, and I kind of need to know what you guys did while I wasn't there. I talked to Jason a little while ago and he seemed normal, so you must not have messed up too much. Still, I'm a girl and there are things a girl needs to know.

OK, Mike, I'll be diapered tonight, and everybody in the house knows it.

P.S. If my Dad is lurking, I'm just going to kill myself!!!


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no killing yourself, you might end up like Mike. Mike seems to be Catholic, maybe threaten him with an exorcism, he seems kinda rude, and why does he keep going after girls?


I get it Carly. I'll try to be more sensitive to my position with you.

I didn't purposely leave out details, I just didn't know how to bring them up, given that I jumped into a rather personal situation.

When I make a jump, I have no advance notice of where you are, or what you're doing. I could be jumping into a train wreck or a car crash for all I know. Its even possible to jump accidentally or to the wrong person. That's how I first found out I could go person to person. Fortunately, the circumstances were such that I got in and out without causing any problems or the person knowing I had been there. You'll find out more on that in the original story if we get that far.

I try to pick times that won't be dangerous or disruptive. This time, I was more concerned with Ally than you. She got her computer back, so as soon as she put on her pull-up and went to bed, I took over to check for my router at home, and then to the forum to see if anything had happened. After reading your posts, I was kind of anxious to get back to you.

Thinking about it now, I probably should have waited until a little later, but I was worried about falling asleep inside Ally and having to wait for another day, or two, or three... She was pretty tired.

You could have been driving. I didn't think about that before jumping. There isn't quite the loss of control jumping in as jumping out, so no, you didn't pee all over Jason. It still takes me a couple seconds to get my bearings in the new body, figure out who and where I am. That could be disastrous behind the wheel.

As it was, this jump was pretty confusing. Dark, lots of physical contact with something... someone. It took longer than usual to figure out what was happening. Jason had to notice that I stopped for a few seconds. He didn'nt say anything, probably assuming you needed to catch your breath.

This being a family forum, I can't give a lot of details.

Suffice it to say that:

I think I duplicated your 'kissing' style well enough not to arouse suspicion.

You didn't do anything with Jason that you two haven't done before.

Nothing we did poses any risk of motherhood.

Essentially I did my best to carry on with the evening the way I thought you would have, even though some of it was pretty awkward for me as a guy.

Check your email. There's one with the subject line "biology homework". Its your body, you deserve to know the details if you want to, and it may be useful when you pick things up again with Jason. I used one of my old e-mail accounts that your parents wouldn't have seen. The first couple paragraphs are just biology stuff I copied from somewhere so the preview won't look suspicous if your parents snoop.

Oh crap! I could have told you I was coming via email! Why didn't I think of that before? I guess I've been so focused on not being noticed, I never thought about how to announce I'm coming.

Wait...Maybe not...Oh, yeah, I could!! If I signed into my account at Ally's, signed out, then cleared history, it would have worked out fine! Sorry.... I'm going to wear that word out before this is over.

That's water under the bridge as long as I'm staying with you. I can't email without taking over. I can't think of any way to warn you from inside either. Over time maybe I could learn how to flash you a mental image or emotion or something.... that's assuming you ever give me permission again.

Whatever. I promise that if I ever have to go visit someone else for whatever reason, I'll try to find a way to tell you I'm leaving, and warn you if and when I come back. Otherwise, you can assume I'm in here watching. That's a horrible thought, I know, but knowing is better than wondering, isn't it?

Oh! You ought to consider a signal or safeword to use if you ever want me to come out for some reason. Why? Visiting my wife for one. If it gets wierd, you could signal me to take over. I know you well enough now to fool a casual acquaintance. Heck, I even fooled your boyfriend. Of course, we weren't doing much talking. Diapers wouldn't be necessary because I wouldn't have to let go of you until you're back home.

If you wanted, I could spare you the drama and borrow your body for the visit to my wife. Its going to be hard for me whether I'm running the show, or inside watching, but it is MY project after all. My first thought when you offered to do it was to visit someone else so I wouldn't have to go at all. That would be a violation of your conditions, though.

I can't say I'm sorry enough times, or thank you enough for your patience. I know this isn't a normal or acceptable situation and I really am trying to puzzle it out, as you saw from Father O'Brien's letter. All I can do in return is suggest that there might be things I can do to help you out. Two heads are better than one for some things, maybe? Maybe you'd like to 'go on vacation' certain days of the month?

I think I'd have to draw the line at jumping to Jason and making him your slave, or stepping in front of a train in your English teacher's body. Not sure the latter would rid you of either of us. You might end up with both. Just sayin.

For what its worth, a regular supply of diapers, and your parents knowing about them, make back-and-forth conversations here feasible. It would be better with a laptop on your bed, then you wouldn't have to worry about falling out of your chair when I fade out. Just a suggestion.

Your body, your conditions, your call.

Mike out.
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Essentially I did my best to carry on with the evening the way I thought you would have, even though some of it was pretty awkward for me as a guy.

Mike! NO! WRONG!

Get a clue!

Corrrect answer = "Jason, I'm not feeling well. Please take me home"

Well, no. Correct answer = Go wherever it is you're supposed to be and leave me alone!!!!!

Maybe you'd like to 'go on vacation' certain days of the month?

Again... as wrong as its possible to be!!! On what planet do you think I'd leave you unsupervised to handle something that personal!!!

No. You don't have permission to come out and reply!!

Carly out.


I guess that came out a little harsher than it needed to. Last thing I need is an angry or suicidal spirit brooding in there.

You're acting like we're old friends but I only know you from what you've posted here on a fetish site. Assuming you are who you claim to be, in real life I only saw you passing through once in a while, or drunk at one of Dad's parties. That person is way different than the guy who posts on a diaper forum and claims to be lurking inside me.

Again assuming everything you've said is true, you've had a 24/7 immersion class in "How to be Carly". I don't know you any better than I know the mailman. Remember that when you're communicating. No, its not an invitation to come out and tell me more about yourself. Maybe I should dig up Mom or Dad's HR manual and read you the section on sexual harassment.

I've been some combination of confused, terrified and furious since that Thursday night with Jason. If you can't sense that, then you're doing a terrible job reading my emotions. If I could have you evicted, fired, or arrested, I would. In a heartbeat.

It can't serve your purposes to have me crazy and irrational...unless you're a demon trying to make me crazy and irrational. Is that what you are?

You talk as if you want to be my guardian angel, yet you haven't shown any knowledge of anything heavenly. All I know about your goals and objectives is an obsession with some diaper story you wrote before you died. I don't understand what that has to do with you finding your ultimate destination, and I don't think you do either. I wonder how many bedwetters are really evidence of lost souls looking for a story?

OK, I've got that off my chest. I said I'll go see your wife about the file, and I will, if only because it will keep you from making trouble for me or someone else. There's no chance I'll let you borrow my body for the trip. You might think you know how to do a good chirpy extroverted cheerleader, but I'm the expert, and I don't know you well enough to trust that you won't commit other mischief on the way that will come back to haunt me. Pun intended.

That file being where and what you claim is also evidence you're telling the truth. I need to find it myself and see it with my own eyes to be sure its not a trick. That's still not 100% proof, but it helps.

I'm pretty sure I know where your fire safe is, from being in your basement at a party with my parents. I was watching when you showed them. Its not a safe at all, but it is fireproof. No, I'm not going to describe it in case one of these wierdos knows where your wife lives.

You are right about one thing. A safeword is a good idea. It never hurts to be prepared. If I need you, I'll sit down, say "Sorry, foot cramp", and tug on the toes of my left shoe. That should put you in a position to take over without a crash and burn. Don't get any ideas. I'm considering going over there diapered. That means if I call you out, I would expect you to come out, and go back in as soon as we get what we need. No longer. I mean it.

I don't really care if your wife happens to notice I'm diapered. Even if she never knew about my issues (God, I still can't believe my Dad told you...unless that's one of your little demon lies and you know it some other way). She doesn't ever see my parents, so there's almost no possibility it'll come back to me.

That's all for now. Stay put. I might give you permission for a quick chat before I go over to see your wife. Might.

P.S. Is there any way you could go to sleep, or disconnect or something when I'm with Jason...or in the bathroom? Knowing you're in there watching is just too creepy for words.

P.P.S. The sad truth is, I've been so freaked out and preoccupied the last couple weeks, Jason probably had a better time with you than he would have with me. No, that is NOT permission to come out.

P.P.P.S. Yeah, I suspect you can come out any time you want, whether I give you permission or not. Remember that I have the letter, and I hid it in a secure place while you were with Ally. Its not exactly nuclear deterrent, but I do know you want that almost as much as you want the original story.
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