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I've been working on this idea and would like a few private opinions on it. Obviously I need to trust the person or persons I let look over this project. I might be over protective of my ideas, but I have no idea what I might do with this. Even with my over protective streak don't let it make you think you won't have a chance to look it over.
PaddedPuppy said:
Wow, that's vague!
If you are wanting the right sort of person to give an opinion, you should probably expand a little more to at least say what sort of project this is, to at least get people with interest and knowledge in that specific area to give feedback.

Good luck with this top secret project though, whatever it may be

Your probably right. I'm giving too little detail. I'm writing a new story. Not abdl in any way, but more of the start of a universe I wanted to build. I have other ideas for weapons, vehicles, building and characters that I wanted to place into it. I need the setting first. So I've working on building a stage for them all. No one seems to want my ideas, so why not use them myself?
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