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I am not calling him out on lying, but I just want you guys to keep note on this thread because I fear it will attract people to write fake stories and all. Just keep an eye out. Thanks.
Post: were you ever punished with diapers when you were growing up?
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Posted by: kite
Original Content:
when i was about 4 or 5 years old i remember vaguely acting up in a filene's department store and my mom threatened to put me back into diapers. i'm not sure on this part but i think she actually did because i do remember my mom putting me in a stroller after and then something feeling odd down there when we were walking to the parking lot. the reason why my mom had diapers was because she was with a friend and i think i called her bluff by going "no you won't!" in a whiney manner (hehe).
so anyways, i was wondering if any of you had this happen to you while growing up?
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