Reoccurring diaper related dreams

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I was a late bed wetter. I wet until past my 11th birthday, and wore protection until I was nearly 12, just in case. Up till age 10, I wore thick terry cloth training pants with plastic panties, or a disposable nappy. I stopped wearing the nappies when I outgrew them, but kept the trainers.

My younger brother didn't wet the bed, except for a couple of isolated times, and so I was the diapered older brother. A bit embarrassing, but he really didn't give me to much grief. My parents wouldn't put up with it anyway. I wasn't a heavy, or even nightly wetter, but I just plainly didn't always wake up in time. Usually I would start to leak or dribble in my sleep, and the sudden warm trickling feeling would wake me up. Even if I did wake just in time, there was no guarantee that I would make it to the toilet. Often I would wake up as I started leaking, but would still wet my pants before I got to the toilet. I probably had a minor wetting 2/3 times a week, and a full on not wake up at all wetting every couple of weeks.

I would be more likely to wear a proper nappy in the weekend, holidays or if I was sick. In these occasions I would be more likely to stay up later, or be tireder than usual, and if I was tired I would be much more prone to not waking at all, and fully emptying my bladder.

There was numerous times I would wake up a bit wet, so I'd just stay in bed and finish off in my diaper. Don't get me wrong, I would be proud to wake up dry if possible, but if I'd wet a bit already, I figured it was to late anyway.

Sorry for the long winded intro, but there's a reason I bring this up.

When I wet, my dreams invariably played a part. In my dream, I would be needing a pee and desperately looking for somewhere to relieve myself. The scenario would change, but the details stayed pretty much within certain parameters.

I may be at school, at home, at a friends place, or very commonly swimming or at a pool or beach. I would suddenly feel the need to pee, and would start looking for a toilet or a tree or something. Sometimes I'd ask somebody, or sometimes they would notice my growing desperation.

The next thing I knew, I would leak a bit. That's when someone, mum, dad, brother, nanna, didn't really matter who, would tell me it's okay. They would point out that I had a nappy on, or I was wearing wet swimmers, or it was okay to wet myself for whatever reason. Or, I would actually find a toilet in time, and be so thankful for it. I'd rush in, remove my pants and finally let go.

That's when dreaming me would let go, and real life me would suddenly wake up as I started wetting myself in bed.

Nowadays, over 30 years later, I still have those dreams occasionally. In my dreams now I am a grown up, but maybe a bit younger than I am now. Once or twice I've been a teenager. My parents rarely feature in them anymore either. But the same type of things happen. The biggest difference is in my dreams now, I rarely wet my pants, it's usually always diaper related.

I don't remember exact details, but it's often along the same lines.

I'll be with a group of people, and somebody, maybe me, maybe not me,will mention needing to pee. Then someone will point out I'm wearing a nappy. I may or may not have pants on, but regardless, everyone knows I've got one on. Occasionally I won't have one on, but will find some or be given one to wear specifically so I can use it right away.

But there is absolutely no embarrassment about it. It's just normal. Nobody is freaked out at all, and I don't care that they know. I suspect others might be wearing, but don't really care either.

They are usually stressful though. Me or my group are usually under pressure. We have to keep moving, and I feel very threatened. There's a strong risk of violence involved somehow.

But eventually I'll just have to pee. So just like in my childhood dreams, I'll just stop wear I am, and deliberately let go, probably while holding a conversation with someone. Undoubtedly I will tell them what I'm doing, or they will ask me if I'm wetting myself. When I say yes, they don't find it weird at all.

In my teenage years, these sort of dreams often happened as well, and were often wet again, but for different reasons.

Thankfully I haven't wet the bed now for maybe 35 years, except for a few times while being very drunk. But if I ever did I would guarantee that I'll be having a pee dream when I do.

It's not hard to self analyse. I like and enjoy wetting my pants and wearing a nappy, and I would like to be free to do it without judgement from others.
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