Reminder: We Are Not Doctors


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Lately, I have noticed a few people bring up their health problems here, without any indication that they brought the issue up with their doctor.

I recognize that there are many valid reasons someone might hesitate to, or might not be able to, bring up their issue with their doctor.

Still, you need to bear in mind: ADISC members are not doctors.

So: asking ADISCers about your medical problem is NOT a proper substitute for asking your doctor.

ADISCers are NOT qualified to give you medical advice.

At best, we can tell you what worked for us when we had the same problem you have - but there's no guarantee it will work for you too. We likely don't understand your condition anywhere near as well as a doctor would.

Ideally, doctors should be suggesting things to you based on comprehensive, peer-reviewed medical science. NOT subjective, narrow personal experience based on a sample size of one.

If you're already talking to a doctor, feel free to ask our members for personal opinions too.

Just... please don't use asking our members as a substitute for talking to a doctor about your health problem.