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The home of Mrs. Karen Rigel was a rather dull and uninteresting shade of light tan. It sat off the corners of several weaving backroads, deep out of town and far back in the thicket of the untamed moor. Juxtaposing to its side, however, was a large, slightly geometric building, arcing upwards to the matte blue sky overhead. It was a strange place, certainly. Her sign out front read “Daycare and Nursery”, subtitled underneath “All Ages Admitted”.

I pulled my old Jeep into the parking lot, which at that point was completely barren. The place looked half-abandoned, with its only sign of life being the few doodled-upon pages scattered across the shuttered windows in the other building. I walked up to the door of the plain house. A pinwheel spun merrily on the front lawn, but otherwise it looked just like any other building on the street.

I rapped the brass knocker lightly against the old door.

A quiet voice called out from inside. “Coming.”

An old brick seemed to be jutting out from the doorframe slightly. I pushed it back into place with the tip of my shoe.

The woman clicked a few locks before opening the door. “Yes? What can I do for you?” She was older, quite possibly in her fifties, but somehow she still radiated deeply with a kind of youth about her. “Hi, are you Mrs. Rigel? My name’s Austin, I believe we spoke on the phone...” “Oh Austin! Please forgive me, I didn’t expect you so soon!” She pulled back her neat black-grey hair into a ponytail, scrunching it into a bun behind her. “Come in. Make yme.”

Her kitchen was small, neat, and tidy; She guided me to the small table amidst its center. “Want anything to drink? Juice, cider...”
“Uh, cider please.”
She pulled a large spillproof bottle out of the fridge, and handed it to me. I stared at it strangely. “Uh, could I get a glass?”

She looked at me. “We don’t really use them here. I know it may seem a bit unusual, but trust me - enough time around here and you’ll probably understand.” I looked at it for a bit longer, and then took a sip. It was such a strange sensation - I hadn’t drank from a cup like that in years, yet just drinking from it suddenly sent back a flurry of memories.
We chatted for some time about it. She seemed to be nice enough, possibly a bit stalwart in her habits but certainly not a strict individual. She ran over most of the details of the job; I would essentially be managing whatever needed managing as her secondhand. It all seemed simple enough, but just was a matter of experience. “For instance, Austin, have you ever changed a diaper before?” “Personally? Of course. You should know, I studied for several years in nursing care.”

“Oh, you’re experienced then, are you?”

She stood up.“Then prove it. Follow me.”

With that, she started through the kitchen door and into the main hallway. A door out from the living room broke out into a lobby area for that structure, which from the inside seemed almost bizarre. Comared to the rather simple and comfortable decor around the house, this felt grand and mechanical, like stepping into a whole other world.
Three overhangs stood over the complex, each with items visible from its edge. Straight down, I saw what looked to be a sort of climbing area, but we walked past it and around a corner.
We moved to a side area labeled “Changing Room”, and Mrs. Rigel opened the door. A long changing table stood against the wall, as well as a long white cupboard with uniforms and what seemed to be various sizes of diapers.
“Let’s see...”
She scrambled through a bin labeled “Large”, looking for only a few moments before she pulled out what she was looking for.
“There we are.” She pulled out a rather large white pair out of the corner of the box, examining it for a moment before turning in my direction.
I felt confused. “Yeah, they’re diapers... what’s your point?” My head felt slightly strange. I tried to put together exactly what she was asking me, but It wouldn’t click.
She blinked. “You want to prove you can put on diapers? Then put them on.”
She handed them to me before I had any chance to respond.
“Tell me when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting outside.”
She shut the door, and left me alone with them.

I stared down at what I was holding. I should have said something; This was a stupid thing to have to do. I can’t do this; I’m a grown fully cognizant adult. I shouldn’t have to, anyway. Insisting this is unreasonable.

I put my hand on the door handle to leave, to tell her I wouldn’t do this. But then I stopped myself. Did I really want to fight something on the first day? Especially something like this - it was stupid, and a dumb way to get fired if it came to that. I took my hand away and started to unfold the diaper. It made the most sense to set it down on the changing table, which seemed rather long. I assumed this was normally for having multiple children changed at the same time. But, it would serve the same purpose for someone larger. Putting it on yourself is certainly a different experience than that of changing someone else; you have to work around your own weight to put it on in a way that was significantly different from doing it to someone else. Getting it on though was the same process, however. You simply take the folds, wrap them around you, and tape the whole thing together.
Getting up and having it come with me felt surreal; I staggered for a second to try to get my bearings. Part of it was just the idea - I was in a diaper for the first time in a long while. The feelings inside me felt like they were winding into a ball - fear and a hatred of myself now mixing with what was almost a nostalgia for it.

I felt strange.

“Uh, ready.”

She opened the door, eying at my diaper as she did.


She walked up to me, poking and prodding at it slightly. “Not bad, not bad at all. My only thought is...” She pulled off the left tab on the diaper. I threw down my hands, trying to catch it as best as I could.
“God dammit... PLEASE don’t do that!”
She leaned up and stared at me. “Language. Relax, I just want to show you something.” She gestured her hands down again; I gave the tabs back to her which I was rather dramatically clinging to. “Trust me; it’s not like I’m going to judge you or anything. You see enough of that in this job; you just need to learn not to be squeamish about it.” She turned back to face me, taping it neatly to the front panel. “There we go. You had it slightly too loose on this side. You want to make sure it’s tight; an open space can let out liquid. You understand?”

“Oh. Uh, yeah.”

“Good. Let’s continue on the tour, then.”

“Wait. Can’t I change out of these first?”

“Nope. We’ve got to tour around first,” she stated, adding, “There’s no one else here. Consider this getting out of your shell a bit.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door, in nothing but the diapers and a T-shirt. Even without windows in the hallway, I still felt strangely exposed as we wandered our way through. But, slowly, the sensation dissipated. I didn’t feel cold at all, surprisingly, and without in the warmth & light of it all it all felt surisingly safe. I relaxed a bit, and with that she pushed forward.

It took a while to get used to walking around in diapers; you had to move with a wider gait to get around, which didn’t help with feeling childish. But, I didn’t feel as uncomfortable with it anymore. Strangely, the fear and worry I felt earlier on seemed to vanish quickly, and as it did I seemed to feel more and more relaxed. I even was walking right in front of the windows - I began to imagine what people would think of me, a grown man wandering around and seeing the sights of a place like this.
And wander we did - the place itself was incredibly large, with game rooms and toy rooms and plush animal rooms- you name it, they had it. When we got to the Sky Tunnel Room, we stopped for a moment in front of the door.

“Before we go in, the crawl tunnels are something you’re going to want to keep an extra sharp eye on. Once you have kids in there, you have almost no view from outside. So, you’ll want to be in the tunnels to keep an eye on them directly.”
“So, what I think we’ll do tonight is to have you just crawl to the four portholes in the corners and wave. That way you can get an eye for navigating it.”
She opened the door. The room was expansive, at least double the height of the other rooms I’d seen. And in it towered a great green serpent of tubes, which slowly curved and twisted up to the ceiling. Around it circled fantastical murals, all types of creatures real or fictional in any way the mind could surmise. They almost seemed
to dance off the walls, circling downwards toward a painted railroad car labeled the “Railway to Adventure”. Its cabin joined into the tail of the snake, a two-pronged red entrance which led straight into the belly of the beast. With a push of a button by Ms. Rigel, the gates opened.

“Shoes off, please.”

I kicked them to one side and headed in.


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At the fork, I took a left and headed up. As I did, I heard the doors shut behind me; she had locked me inside.

I supposed it was likely no harm done- I didn’t hear her press a button, so it was just as likely they did it automatically as that she would do it deliberately.
In any case, I started moving through the tunnels, crawling on all fours across the plastic cylinders. They were rather large to be navigated by children - I assumed it was better than being too small, but its massive size made me feel tiny in comparison.
That, with me crawling about wearing nothing but a diaper and a T-shirt, suddenly brought back a string of powerful memories. I hadn’t thought about preschool in a long time - it had danced about in the recesses of my mind unconsidered for a rather long while. But I suddenly had surges of strange memories - a little pocket size book of spaceships suddenly popped into my mind. I used to read it in the little cubby loft above the little library there. I could read, but it was mainly to look at the pictures - little men visiting the moon and back intrigued me when I was little. I came to the first porthole.
I came to it and waved to Rigel down below, picturing the space as some massive extension of a space station as I did. I crawled backwards to the other side. She was a cadet on her first spacewalk, exploring out to the stars beyond.
I imagined her taking a hover pack and flying it over to the moon, landing with a cloud of dust as she bounced across its surface in her space suit. Suddenly as she bounded forward, the scenery began to change around her - suddenly, the surface developed into a thick muck beneath her.
I began to picture massive dinosaurs across the landscape, creatures creeping in the primordial beds of the world. When I was really young, I used to be so into dinosaurs. I loved to look at pictures of them - my parents were paleontologists, when I was little at least. They used to take me adventuring in the mud pits outside our home; I’d dig for trilobites or anything but rarely found anything.
I peeked my head outside the second peephole and waved again.

It’s strange - it all looks so much further up here than it does from the ground.

How much longer was this going to take? I suddenly felt a bit uneasy - the need to use the bathroom had hit me all of a sudden, and wandering around here didn’t make it any easier to bear. I felt myself crawling a bit faster, but it wasn’t exactly the quickest ascent.

The faster I went, however, the more I found myself thinking about it. The sensation grew, further and further as I made my ascent toward the third viewport. I looked out, waving quickly as my body screamed from the need to release.
I began to bound and leap forward, further and faster as my situation became more desperate.

Mere feet away from the last viewport, I felt it hit me. I stopped dead in my tracks. An awkward feeling of release struck me, followed almost immediately by a comforting sensation of warmth. I looked down in momentary horror, but in doing so my brain saw nothing out of the ordinary. It had held. Somehow, that was the most surreal thing - not the wearing of the diaper, or even the feeling of it crinkling against my legs - but that it could simply be something I could use. My legs slackened slightly to each side, the warmth of the action seeming to spread across my body. I let it go further, feeling it sap away as instantly as it went.

It...wasn’t unpleasant. It didn’t feel uncomfortable, or disgusting, or any of that at all.

Why was that? I knew what I’d just done, even if it was hidden from me.

My mind was trying to make sense of it all as I waved out the last viewport, not thinking at all about the task at hand as I took the slow path downwards.

Why did I do that?

I worried that she would notice - that she would judge me for essentially wetting what was probably a prop for employees. I got to the end, feeling it sag as I stood up in the gate outside the entrance.

It was obvious I went. I knew it was.

“That wasn’t too hard, was it?” She smiled at me calmly.

“Oh, n-no, maam.”

“Good! Let’s continue on, shall we?” She walked by me nonchalantly.

I followed her.

“How you holding up?”


“You need a new diaper?”


She smiled calmly at me again. “You had an accident, didn’t you?”

“Wha-no-uh...” I felt myself turn beet red.


I didn’t know what to say. She stared at me with a coy smile, as if she found this whole thing funny.


I tried to think of something to say, anything at all. But my brain felt scrambled; every thought I had did somersaults around my brain before dissolving in my mouth.

She looked at me again, still smiling. “We better get you changed, haven’t we?”

My tongue finally untied; I tried suddenly, desperately to take back control of the situation.

“I’m fine; I can manage to...”

She shushed me mildly. “It’s alright. We all have accidents sometimes.”

She smiled again, that warm, friendly look that was as inviting as a midsummer’s glow.

“Let’s get you changed, alright?”

She took my hand. For a moment, I felt a deep catharsis - the stress of the moment vanished like cotton in the wind. I hadn’t noticed how tall she was before - she towered over me as we made the walk over to the nearby changing room. She got to the door, but I still held on to her hand.

She looked down at me. “Time to let go. I can’t follow you in there, buddy.” She smiled again. “Unless you want me to change you, of course.”

I held on.

“Do you need my help?”

I froze for a moment, then nodded, cautiously. We headed into the changing room.


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love it, looking forword to reading what happens next.


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*sigh* Why do the best ones always get abandoned?


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I don't see this as being abandoned. Some people only post once a month... Be patient. It's posts like this which discourage writers from continuing a story.


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It’s not abandoned. ETA for parts 3 and 4 are on Sunday.
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Part 3 is 99% done; I just need to finish restructuring the end of it. Expect that up tonight and Part 4 sometime later this week.


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This room was smaller than its previous, but had the same general features - large cabinets circled the outside edges of the room, accompanying in color the mural which covered the left wall. Here, a large pond seemed to glimmer against the setting sun, cattails almost dancing in the winds if its hazy aurora.

Rigel direced me up onto the table on the eastern side of the room, which almast seemed to be cut out of the woodwork of a small leanto. Short steps led up onto it, approaching into the alcove itself.

The design was unusual - it almost seemed to cut right into the mural ard toward a path that lead across the waterbed. Wooden fence posts came outward from the one side, which angled gently inward until they entered into the mural’s design.

It was fascinating - I sat on the edge of the long table in the alcove, taking it in as Rigel browsed through cabinets, getting various supplies together and putting them on the counter.

Eventually, she pulled out a large Tupperware out of the closet marked L, flipping indecisively through what must have been a hundred diapers. Eventually, she found one with a bright blue husky on the front, which she showed to me.

“How’s that look? Hm?”
There was something adorable about the eyes - they filled the whole front of it with such a curious charm.

“You like it?”

I nodded.

Alright, hold still.” She undid the tapes on the front, taking the used diaper out from underneath me and replacing it with the new one. I hadn’t realized how much I’d wet; the new diaper felt much lighter between my legs, as well as noticeably thinner after the change.

“There we are. Much better, right?” She helped me down from the table, leading me back through the door and out into the hallway.

I tried to wrap my head around what had just happened again, but it seemed stunted and indecisive.

I just used a diaper. I’m still in a diaper. Why am I so calm?
Why am I not more bothered by all this?

The more I tried to think about it, the more lost I felt. I grabbed tighter onto Miss Rigel’s hand again - she would smile soothingly, and tell me it would be all right. I wondered to myself when someone had last told me that. Just that simple caring gesture - I hadn’t heard it since I was a kid.

The rest of the tour was relatively quiet. I wet myself mildly again a few minutes in - after what had happened, I really didn’t see the point in holding it. In any case, it wasn’t major, and we didn’t even need to stop before heading onward. Eventually, we finished our little tour, and she showed me up to my room.

Oh, yeah - my room. That was one of the perks of working here, I remember - the ad said something about living accommodations, and it lived up to the hype. The sky blue room was decorated across with bright and vibrant clouds, which scattered across the edges of the room. In the left corner, the only area not surrounded with bookcases and cabinets, a green hill rolled into the horizon.
Nearly as tall as I was, the bright white puffball of a dandelion was painted in, its leaves rustling as its seeds scattered into the wind. Someone clearly appreciated this place, as even here they’ve managed to put in an exceptional amount of detail.
Ms. Rigel carried up my bag, and I felt myself collapse suddenly onto the bed. I didn’t realize how far we had walked, and getting off my feet suddenly put it into perspective.
I was exhausted.
“Dinner will be in a few hours. I’ll let you get settled in.” She moved to close the door, but stopped herself. “I’ll be right down the hall; let me know if you need anything. I’ll stop back in when food’s ready.”
She smiled. “See you then, buddy.”
She shut the door; I leaned back into the bed, staring at it. When it was closed, the door blended in with that same bright horizon, only broken by the grassy hills and small clouds in the distance of the painting. I followed the clouds to the ceiling, joining together into the area of the matte ceiling fan above me.
The cool air blew softly against my legs; up until that moment, I had almost forgotten I was still in a diaper.
I gave in and let go into it, feeling the immediate sensation of warmth envelop me. It was as if everything still against it relaxed in that moment, melting out my frazzled nerves until they faded completely.

Beforehand, I’d kept wondering about this place - was it really all it seemed, and what would all of this be like. I didn’t expect this; I doubt anyone ever would. But everything just sort of came together; I don’t know if I could have walked away even if I wanted to.

And when it came down to it, it all makes me feel pretty good. I reached up and pulled the chain on the lights, fading into sleep as the room around me vanished.

So I might as well live a bit. After all, I suppose, I didn’t get here by mere accident.