Regression Seeping Into Daily Life

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I replied to a previous thread along the lines of "When did you first want to regress?" in which I stated that only recently had I begun to explore my little side. With that in mind, and the fantastic feelings I've discovered, I've more or less "babied out" every night since the first time I tried it, in part because of the stress relief and in part because I sleep so much better.

However, I've started noticing that aspects of regressing have started coming out when I'm not in a little space, especially when I shouldn't be. Specifically, I've started absentmindedly sucking my thumb, and I caught myself doing it in the middle of my last chemistry lecture. Is this blur between regression and adult obligation something that a lot of people deal with when they first start regressing that they eventually get over, or should I "dial back" the regressing every night until I get a better grip? I would hate to do something too embarrassing in public. What is your personal experience in this regard?
Awesome feeling regressing, but yeah I think you do need to learn to keep the genie in the bottle when your out with regular folk. Truth is when you love feeling that way you just want to relax and be natural, but sadly there's too many judgemental people in he world.

Just be conscious of daydreaming cause that's when it's easiest to to zone out and slip into little mode - probably why it's happening in the Chem lecture haha .... Wake up and pay attention. JK

Good luck, you'll do fine, I can relate and have had friends make comments like "your such a toddler at times" or "anyone would think you were a baby" when I've been absentmindedly doing little stuff irl...seriously if they only knew lol.
Was actually on the thread where you originally posted about the chemistry lecture.

To answer your question, I think some aspects of my ABDL side have seeped into my personality, but not as you describe it. I don't find myself sucking my thumb in class, (although I have drooled once, but who hasn't in high school, even college?) but I do make references to me being "such a baby" at times. Usually just gets a laugh out of my friends and we move on.

Anyways, as far as advice goes? Maybe you should cut out the extreme little activities, and maybe just cut it down to wearing cool undies or something at night.

Or, maybe just cut away one thing at a time until you feel like you can't take it anymore, cut away just a little more and keep it like that for a while. I can't go into specifics because I don't really know your age play activities. That's about what I did though in order to start repressing a few of the ABDL "feelings" that came up at awkward times.
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