Help Request Registration problems?

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Was trying to get my friend to register just a few minutes ago, and they were saying when they tried it came up with:
Sorry, but it is not possible to register you at this time. If you registered previously, but forgot your password, use this link to reset it.

I'm about 99.9% sure they've never registered for the site before (because, well they had no idea about the site when mentioned it xD). Is it an issue with the servers or something, or something else going on?

They said they tried it with Firefox and IE with no luck

EDIT: Apparently the spam filtering is denying them, told them to e-mail so hopefully it gets sorted out

One last edit, what is the rule on proxies? We seem to think it might be because they are in Eastern Europe, and thus the IP is blocked to prevent spam. Worried if they use a proxy though they might get banned because the IP wouldn't match with their location.
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