Refolded my diapers


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Does anyone else do this? I think it's the little things that brings back memories for me.


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Bifold > trifold, bifold for life. I am usually super lazy, though, and don't bother refolding all my diapers as they come in. Glad that you do it, though!
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It's fun because you ever seen were the fold was at the bottom of the crotch on baby diapers.
I find that I quite enjoy folding cloth diapers. I love getting my stacks of diapers fresh from the dryer and folding them while they're still warm. I don't think I've ever refolded a disposable, but I can now understand the legions of mothers who enjoy 'prepping' their stash. Folding cloth diapers is actually quite fulfilling.
This cracks me up...while I am not an AB (at all really) I just removed every diaper from my most recent order and refolded them in half, then placed them on a shelf near me bed. One benefit is I can fit many more compared to the way they come out of the package (trifold) and I REALLY LIKE the way they look like this. There's something to it, but it's so subtle that I can't think of a way to describe how I feel when I see the diapers on the shelf stacked exactly as Pamper (or whatever brand) were.
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