Reflections on Samples

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I ordered 5 samples from XP Medical. Dry 24/7 M, Dry 24/7 L, Seni Quattro L, Tena Stretch M/R, and Abena M3. I have the following reflections.

I tend to experiment with mediums and larges as a tall dude with an average waistline (~34-35").

Dry 24/7 M: Great great diaper. These are my new favorites. I will be ordering a bunch of these when I burn through the stash I just got.

Dry 24/7 L: Too damn big. It's kind of funny how a smaller diaper will stay fastened around my belly button better than its larger brother because there's too much material.

Seni Quattro L: WTF guys? New and improved? I feel cheated. First of all, they're comically oversized. I'm talking 3-4" past my belly button. Second of all, they're thinner than the old ugly pink ones and were leaking after my second wetting. I realize that buying a smaller size would alleviate some of these problems, but it wouldn't fix the fact that they didn't hold up at all.

Tena Stretch M/R: I was attracted by the notion of an affordable one tape diaper, but the fit, appearance, and absorbancy are all awful. Just don't. I suppose this is why you never see anyone wearing these on Reddit or Tumblr.

Abena M3: These are my officially my new wearing in public diaper. Good low cut is conducive to wearing normal clothes with it. Breathable material is soft and reasonably quiet (though certainly noticeable in a quiet house). One gripe, after I wet the first time, the pee smell was highly noticeable.
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