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There are plenty of hilariously recreated childhood photos on the internet, where people take a childhood photo, and then "update" it with themselves in the same spot, sometimes with similar clothes and props; bonus points if the shots include several people. I've had a good laugh looking at these.

Has anyone on here done this? I'm not suggesting sharing them here for obvious reasons, but feel free to talk about them. I did one of a photo of me walking and standing alone for the first time, holding a sippy cup. In the original I was wearing red dungarees; in the recreated one I wore a red onesie.
You'd have thought that I would've, but I haven't.
I think that I may have intended to, but once you get snapping (beginning with test shots), any plan tends to go out the window.
There aren't too many photos of me as a kid, anyway, and none with a visible nappy. I must've been wearing one in the 2 ducky-suit photos, but I don't seem to be wearing one in the ducky-overalls photo at age 2 (I'm guessing that was during a potty-training attempt, as per the social dictats of the time).
My favourite photo of me as a kid, aged about 8, is a Polaroid, taken in Chinon, France, but I'm not nipping over yon just for a pic 🤭. In most of the other photos, I'm scowling 😠. 🤣
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I've been thinking about recreating the feeling of time but never tried recreating a picture!
I was watching an upload of screen recorded Sprout TV from 2011 I wish I could find more