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Recent urinary incontinence & lactose intolerance.


  1. Incontinent
I've experienced gradual worsening urinary incontinence most of my life. I now need to wear diapers 24/7. Recently developed lactose in tolerance and occasional mildly messy diapers. This has led to my recent interest in diaper stories. I'm very interested in politics, NFL, NCAA Football, SciFi and science.
Hello and welcome, lots of advice and support here
Hi all. For starters, I never wet in bed in my youth, because since I have diabetes and hypertension for over five years now. This is the cause of a lot of my bedwetting, including daytime accidents. My wife and I talked about it and argued for several weeks about my condition, but she was finally convinced that I could not do without diapers. So my wife finally firmly concluded that I was going to wear diapers. When I knew she really wanted me to wear diapers in bed, I strongly believed that she took the opportunity to use this discipline of diapers. The reason why I say this is that in the past, it happened a few times to pee in bed especially after our evenings water well and she often threatened me that if it happened again that she would make me wear a diaper to bed, that said, I am convinced that it was mainly to control me, because my wife has always been very organized. After wetting the bed two consecutive nights.
She told me she's had enough and that as of tonight, you're at diapers so it was the first time she put a diaper on me with plastic panties. In addition she had a big smile on her face, then she told me that it was for my greater good, at first, I still resisted and argued about being in diapers, with a powerful pat on the thigh, she told me that I didn't need to resist the idea that I was going to wear a diaper in the future to go to bed and more, and that, without discussion because she's not going to wash the stained sheets pee every day, that's when she told me to lift my butt to slide the cloth diaper that I started to have tears in my eyes. Then she told me don't worry, that I was going to get used to it pretty quickly and that I'm not the only one my age who has the same problem and wears diapers, after pinning the diaper, she shook the plastic panties before sliding them down my legs onto my diaper. I started crying again.
Just hearing the crumpling sound of the plastic panties only added to my humiliation. After finishing, she advised me well when no time, I am not allowed to touch or remove my diaper myself, under penalty of a good spanking and god know that she is able to because of her rather large and plump build. From that moment on, I knew, that she was taking her role very seriously, she was treating me like her big baby. Since that day, she has been like a mother. Since then, all my diaper changes have been done until my ass is patted accompanied by several teasing on my diaper wearing.
Since I wear diapers 24 hours a week But anyway, I came to this site to find out if there is another bedwetter of my age who like me than their wives or spouses who subjected them to similar treatment. This led me to my interest in real stories about wives who put their husbands in diapers of course with. As this is a good reason for our bedwetting.:think: