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Hi all,

Went to an actual incontinence supplies shop last week called Nappies Galore, Incontinence 'n' More

Well the nervousness was huge, like my hands were sweating like a river and I was feeling nervous. The store is really obvious there is a fixed sign that says NAPPIES and another flag sign that says the same. I went in there and the lady asked if I wanted help or to look around, I asked if they had Attends M4 and she said no but what about Molicare Super Plus? I said a bit pricey so she suggested Active Slip Fitted Brief which are about the same absorbency as Molicare Super. After a few minutes of selecting nappies and a casual chat at the end when buying them I felt less nervous. I got the Active Slips, 20 for around $20 and they are ok, after the third big wetting they started to sag.


I was at TAFE and went to the toilets and waited till there was a bit of noise(squeaky door opening, toilet flushing), took them off put them in a plastic bag and put a Tena Slip Maxi on,(first one I grabbed out of my nappy box, only had a Molicare Super Plus and a few Tena Slip Maxi's (old box that car amp came in), I have another large box that has all the other Active Slips which is what my two packs of Tena Slip Maxi's came in). Took ages to do the change, waiting till it was noisy enough to cover up the untaping and taping sounds, I'm not incontinent but I wanted to do a day test(review to come).


I think this store has a delivery van that says

Not something you want turning up in your driveway when family/neighbours are home!
I wish we had those stores in the USA
Those Active used to be available in the Nappyland stores and were pretty good for a cloth backed product, at least the heavy overnight ones were. Definitely not a premium capacity product though good fit, comfy and pretty good look.

From memory the daytime ones were plastic backed and had minimal capacity but for me were just passable with a good booster.
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