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Anyone ever hear about this show? It's about a 33 year old Japanese woman unhappy with her life, then one day wakes up as a baby again to relive her life.

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Have never heard of the TV show.
Many people dream about the chance of living their life over again, like you say a reboot.
With a few minor exceptions, regard opportunities to say farewell to a couple of family members and friends, I am happy with the life I have lived and have no real want or need to reboot. The only exception is that at my advance age, a chance to live longer would have interest.
Many of you will have the chance to live to over 100+ years, make the best of those additional years.
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Its a strange choice if anyone was ever given it. Would you grow up this day and age? Or in the year you were born? Also would you remember the previous years as an adult?
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