Rearz new caboose size large vs medium


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Site says:
Med - 30"-40"
Large - 33"-42"

I am in the middle and curious how the new large fits and if these run small or big? I am in the middle of waist sizes.

they are just a little bit smaller than they used to be but for me this is a lot better. When I wear the large before they were always slightly too big and I would always have to tape them up really tight for them to fit good. With the new large, they fit quite perfectly for me. Everybody’s different so if you used Rearz Diapers before, you’ll just have to compare these to the experience you had with them in the past.
I'm between sizes as well. Every single time I've tried medium vs large diapers I've discovered that medium is the size that fits me best.
I've only tried critter caboose large, but they were definitely too big.
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Just ordered a case of medium critter caboose and they fit small so the bottom tapes start to not stick right on the bottom corners. Just ordered a case of large hoping they fit right cause I love these diapers. Trying to lose weight so fingers crossed I'll be able to wear the mediums later this year.
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