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  2. Incontinent has begun distrubuting their Inspire and Spoiled brand diapers to various outlets in southern Ontario, including Glen Erin Pharmacy in Mississauga and (amongst others).

I bought a bag of 12 of the Inspire diapers from Glen Erin Pharmacy yesterday. They tell me that the Inspire and Spoiled products are identical except that the Spoiled product has a colourful print of little feet all over the plastic cover.

I've tried a couple of the Inspire diapers including overnight last night. It's an extremely high-capacity product similar to ComfiCare or Comfidry 24/7, much higher capacity than Abena Level 4. As the diaper absorbs moisture, it swells up a great deal and becomes very pleasantly squishy. It's a great overnight diaper but not something I would want to wear outside the house.

The plastic cover on the diaper is very thick and strong, the thickest and strongest outside cover that I've ever seen on a diaper. The cover is quite noisy when you first put the diaper on but quiets down as your body heat warms the plastic. There is a tape landing zone in front which permits adjusting the position of the tapes. As the diaper fills up, it becomes quite heavy and challenges the holding capacity of the tapes, especially the bottom ones.
Thanks for this review of the Rearz Inspire! I was thinking about ordering some, but I wasn't sure if they were any good.
I have tried them too

Helped the owner of rearz and some others unpack the delivery truck a 20 foot shipping container completely full of diapers I was glad it was winter I was still sweating like crazy it was lot of diapers to unpack and it had to be done in less then 2 hours I should have snapped a picture there where huge walls of cases of diapers in the wear house but they are in plain boxes so not much point really.

I agree they hold a lot probably more then any other diaper I have tried the diaper gets quite heavy swells up like crazy they really do get squishy.

I have had tape rip off once so far when I was putting one on was probably my fault cause I was putting it on to tight nothing little packing tape didn't fix.

they are little pricey but worth it if you want a diaper that can hold a lot and are completely white.

I wasn't to big on the printed diaper with feet on it but they also hold just as much maybe the next order they will have a better print I know the owners looking to change the print possibly.
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