Rearz, DC Amor, others worth trying?

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I have tried many of the "best" diapers available, including ABU Space, Bellissimo, Comficare M10, Dry 24/7, Fabine, Abena M4, Molicare, Snuggies Overnight... In your opinions, is Rearz or DC Amor (or any other top diapers I'm missing) worth trying after the above list? I'm satisfied with the performance and fit (6'1", 31" waist) of most of them, but do you think Rearz or DC Amor would top any of them? Thanks in advance!
Honestly, you don't get much better than ABU Space Diaper. If you've tried that, you've tried the best.
Yes, they are worth trying in my opinion! You are addicted like I am and want to "try them all", I understand and I say "go for it". The Rearz and DC diapers are very similar in cut and absorbency to: ABU Space, Bambino, Comficare, Fabine and even Awwsocute. They are both more absorbent than Abena, Dry 24/7, Molicare and probably Snuggies overnight (I've only tried Waddlers). Main differences between them are the materials used during manufacturing, tapes placements on the back wing and (my opinion) padding integrity when wet. I believe the Rearz are more absorbent than the DC but the DC padding holds togeter better and the tapes placements are different. Try em' and judge for yourself, also add Awwsocute to your must try list if you haven't already, another great diaper!
Thanks DLMunky. You're right, I want to try them all, but have so many different types. I guess I'll get around to at eventually... And I've tried AwwSoCute too. Nice, but low in of the list of these top diapers I listed.
I e tried everything Mr. Munkey mentions. Space Diapers are the best functional I've ever used.

Now, that being said, the Tykables overnight are the cutest and better fitting diapers I've ever tried. Their plastic is very soft and gives you a really baby feeling. While absorbency is down, you might enjoy these just because they feel so good. And by absorbency, I mean about 1.4 liters vs. 2.2 in the space diaper (your mileage may vary)
The Rearz are awesome! They are far better than anything else I've tried. But I haven't tried the Space diaper yet.
The DC armor are a good diaper. Probably as good as a Bambino teddy. Nothing impressive, but so very adorable!
Like was already kinda mentioned, why not try them all? I'm working on it, but there are so many awesome diapers out there to try. My most recent purchase was some of the ABU Space and they are SO great. I'm not a big fan of plastic backed, but these are awesome. So absorbent and surprisingly comfortable for me as far as plastic goes. I'd like to try the Rearz Safari. They look super cute.
Personally , I think Rearz diapers will not disappoint you.....comfortable and very absorbant...!
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