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real life *B/DL references

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Have any of you ever found yourself in the awkward position of having a friend or relative who didn't know you were a *B/DL make some AB/DL reference? A couple of examples:

- When I was in high school, I had been dating a guy for a few months when one night we were cuddling and he said "I just want to diaper you and powder you and give you a binky!" and then added "some of which I wouldn't really enjoy." Now, keep in mind that he had no clue at this point that I'm a TB. I just gave him kind of an odd look and laughed, but I thought to myself that somehow he must know I was a TB and was trying to tell me something. Weeks later, I did tell him I was a TB, and although he was accepting and nice about it, and did eventually wind up diapering me and claimed to enjoy it, he said he had never heard of any kind of diaper fetish before and had no memory of making that comment.

- Much more recently, one of my co-workers joined myspace and was very excited about it one day at work and playing around on the site. She kept calling me in my office to tell me about funny things she'd found. At one point she called me and said "oh my god, there's some guy on here wearing diapers!" Apparently she'd stumbled onto a DL's profile. I just laughed and pretended like I thought it was so funny that grown adults would wear diapers as a fetish. She responded by saying something like "you have no idea, people have the weirdest fetishes."

So, any of you have any similar stories? If you were in a situation where a friend who didn't know you liked to wear was making fun of *B/DLs, would you defend the fetish or pretend like you also found it hilarious?


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I haven't (unfortunately) been yet in situations like yours, so I can only answer your last question.

Of course it'd depend on who this person was, but if it was a friend of mine I'm close enough to joke with...... I'd pretend to be convinced he's telling me about this because he's a DL himself and, since he doesn't have the courage to come out to me, he's dropping hints to make me guess what he's into. :D:D:D

Something like... "Ooohh, really? And how's that you know that much about it? Hey, you don't have to be ashamed to tell me.... it's not that bad after all... I'd accept you anyways.... I'm here to help you if you need.... etc etc..." :laugh:

Sometimes I can be quite bitchy, I know :p
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None as interesting as yours - But last year, in class these black students were talking about a senior who came out of the closet as a abdl, but they didn't know what it was. She just told her 'school' friends, and they spread the word that she wore diapers. I defended her, saying that it's not a big deal and they agreed, but continued talking about it anyway. That's basically the only real encounter i've ever had...never got a chance to meet her either :(
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one time i had a friend say that he was going to get the pen from men in black and make me think i'm a baby. it whouldn't be that funny, but he kept going on and on about how i was going to have to wear diapers and stuff, and when i grew up, he'd do it again and again. he thought he was being clever when i laughed, but it was so funny that he stumbled apon something i love and had no idea.
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