Real, genuine unexpected messing accident

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I had a rare moment yesterday. A real messy accident.

Thankfully I wasn't in public, but I definitely wasn't trying to mess though.

I was wearing just a pair of Depends briefs, the blue pull up ones. I know that they're not great, but when I'm having some little playtime, I like to pretend I'm wearing a kiddie pull up, and I'm about 10 years old. But I know I can't trust them very much, and they'll leak.

So I had my Depends on, underneath a pair of light blue shorts, with a white t shirt, and white ankle socks that have blue toes and heels.

In my fantasy I was having trouble with making it to the toilet on time, so I'd been put back into my night time pull ups as a precaution against having an accident.

I drank some beer, even though it's not a childish thing, it makes me want to pee, and relaxes me as well. After an hour or so I could feel it building up.

I watched cartoons for a while, and kept relaxing my bladder occasionally until I eventually sprung a leak. I quickly got up and ran outside, where I lost control a bit and wet myself. Of course my pull up leaked, and my pants got wet.

I didn't fully empty my bladder though, and spent some time outside enjoy the feelings of being a little kid running around in a wet pull up under wet pants, who still needed to go.

Eventually I decided that my time alone was running short, so I went for a shower.

I stood in the shower, still fully clothed, and spread my legs wide and bent forward a bit, trying to empty every drop out of me.

I stood there, pee freely running down my legs, the Depends having failed completely of course, making my shorts and socks all wet, and I sort of pushed a bit to totally drain my bladder.

But what happened next actually scared me a bit.

I discovered the hard way that I had a touch of the runs.

As I pushed on my bladder, I filled the back of my pull up as well. Startled the hell out of me!

Thankfully I was in the shower, so clean up was easy. But I honestly wasn't trying too, nor was expecting that to happen.

It did make me feel little though!
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