Real Baby Highchairs

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a high chair that i can fit into that is also real baby high chair.

I was just wondering if anyone similar to my size (130lbs, 30" waist, 5'8") has fit into some. If so, what models of high chairs were they?

I was at a friends house and they had a highchair i could fit into like the fisher price image 7582202_20.jpg.. i'm not sure if I want to get this one though because it is big and bulky.

Has anyone tried the peg perego ones like the one in the image 12657h5_20.jpg ... think i can fit into that one?

Any feedback would be great! Thank you!


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I'd like to know, too. I mean, they have to have a weight limit to them and that's what worries me. Even if one could fit into the chair, it might not be strong enough to support the weight of an adult, even a small one.

I know I don't want to try it out and have it collapse under me.


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High chairs have been getting smaller the last few years, and a lot of them have the annoying solid piece that goes between your legs. I suggest you keep an eye on thrift shops and tag sales. Even if you're too embarassed to try it out till you get home, you still won't be out a lot of money.

Given how small you are - lucky kid - you shouldn't have too much trouble finding something that works.

Also there are the wooden adjustable ones - Z-shaped. Those adjust up from baby to adult size. But they're not really babyish, more weirdly designerish.

Having a high chair is fun! Go for it.


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In April 1993 a good friend who was attending an AB party my husband and I were hosting surprised me with the gift of a folding highchair made in 1967. He told me at the time it was a popular model. That year I was 3. My parents kept using the same wooden highchair for all their kids.

In my gallery here there is a picture of me sitting in that highchair purchased by my friend at a Los Angeles area thrift store. When the picture was taken I weighed as much as I ever had, 112 pounds. During the party a man who weighed over 150 pounds also comfortably fit in that highchair. I still treasure it and keep in in my AB playroom at home.

I have noticed all the popular highchairs I see in stores today are a tight fit on babies and toddlers, perhaps for safety reasons.


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I've also noticed the newer chairs are more restrictive in the way the bucket-style seat is designed. I don't know if weight limits are even published on high chairs as they are on baby strollers. The newer chairs can probably still handle your 130 lbs weight-wise with no problem, but will be very snug in the hip area due to the shape of the seat. Kind of like trying to squeeze your bottom into a literal plastic bucket or bowl. As angelabauer mentioned, it's no doubt for safety reasons the design was changed over the years...harder for a child to slip out of the chair seat and be injured in a fall to the floor.

Up until at least the mid/late 1980s, high chairs were made more like a regular chair with seperate seat and back pads, chrome plated steel framing, and open space under the tray support arms, allowing a larger person more hip room when seated. I have seen a couple newer brands made with open space on the sides, however they usually also have a non-removable bar across the front of the seat, making getting into it a real challenge for a teen or adult. Here's a couple pics of mine which was made in 1986:



You can see how much more room is available when the seat is open on the sides instead of enclosed in a plastic shell. Here's some additional neat older high chair pics I've found and saved as favorites on Flickr:
my first high chair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Vintage High Chair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Adorable Retro High Chair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

OLD SCHOOL high chair! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Old School High Chair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

RARE Vintage 1950s

vintage high chair | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Oh, and in case you haven't guessed by now, the guy calling himself "Kid-At-Heart Always" in the photo comments section is none other than me.:)

Best places to find the older chairs here in the US is on ebay and craigslist online. Also, locally you can check at thrift/second-hand shops, yard/garage/moving/estate sales, and newspaper classified ads. Hope you can find a nice one that you can fit in comfortably!

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