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Hello everyone!!

My name is Mikey aka Baby Mike. I have been a long time user or adisc dating back to tbdl.org days. Its been a year or more since I have been what you would consider and active user. It may seem silly but I hold this site close to my heart as this site is what helped me realize that I was not alone in my desires to weae diapers, but life happened and I had to step away to focus on life. My life has changed a great deal since I was last active. Dreams of mine I thought would never come ture in a million years have become reailty. My girlfriend of almost 7 years now became interested in diapers. This alone has brought us closer together then ever before. I just thought I would drop a line to let you all know (for the ones that rememeber me) Im still around and doing well. For the ones of you that dont know me at all, hello. I look forward to getting to know many new friends.


Welcome back! I'm relatively new (almost 3 years) compare to you, but I remember you being very active when I first joined. I'm happy all is well for you and I look forward to hearing some more from you!
Hi Baby_Mike. I remember you. You must have been a young member years ago dating back to the tbdl.org days. I hope life has been good for you. I'm glad you're back and that your girlfriend is accepting and into it.
Welcome back your name rings a bell .
I'm glad your doing well.
Thanks everyone!!! dogboy yes I was rather young when I first found this site. Im glad to be back, I miss this place! My girlfriend has surprised me and still does from time to time. A few months ago she went from just liking to wear to asking me to help her regress. I was blown away. I helped her regress now shes identifies as a AB.


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