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(Re) Greetings human beings!

Name: Indianajones
Species: Human Being/a guy
Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but would listen to music until I die

Favorite Nappy: One that fits, and is comfy. Pampers 6s do fit a 30", but it's intensely uncomfortable for me for some reason. Would get Cuddlz, but I have no way to without breaking the law, and my brain isn't wired that way.

Nappies do not rule my life, but I mightn't taken that message too seriously. I left ADISC / being a DL for a little while because I got on the wrong end of the binge-purge cycle, and tried to turn off that side of my life. I realize now that I can't turn-it-off-and-get-on-with-it, and that I'll just have to exercise caution.
Anyway, nappies do not rule my life! What rules my head is my heart, and my heart is ruled by music, and what rules my life is GCSEs, then A-levels, then Uni, and then I'll take what I can get! Live life to the full and laugh the loudest laugh ever!
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