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Hi I was wondering if abunde would be able to help me with deciding on wearing to a rave, I've been to many raves before but I'm more concerned with security doing their pat downs. Will they say something do you think or will I be good
why do you want to go to a rave with your diaper in the first place?
If they do feel it, just say everyone has their own story.
Eh, I'm sure they're mostly feeling for sharp or hard objects (weapons etc). I'm sure no one would really bat an eye at a little extra padding, and they certainly don't need to ask you about it. If you don't mind a few seconds of possible awkwardness with someone you'll probably never see again, go for it.
As Disneygeek pointed out, they're really searching for dangerous and/or illegal paraphernalia. They probably won't really care if they even notice which they might not. So I'd say you should be good to go
I'd be more worried about the bag you'd be carrying your fresh diapers in. They'll see those straight up.

Believe me, you won't get through with just one.
KodDrago said:
Hi I was wondering if abunde would be able to help me with deciding on wearing to a rave, I've been to many raves before but I'm more concerned with security doing their pat downs. Will they say something do you think or will I be good

Ive been to a few raves and i can say its defiantly doable, You can stay in the front of the crowd for the whole show without having to make a bathroom break. Only issue, if you even see it as one, is that people are going to be bumping into you the whole time in the mosh so your going to get touched in the rear alot unententionaly and maybe even intentionally
I want to wear them cause I love diapers and being little and I love raves, I don't plan on needing to change while there, I normally don't have to go to the bathroom anyway while at a show so that's not much of an issue. I don't mind if people feel it while dancing. It would just be super comfy and I think I'm going to do it. Would little paws be too big or not?
I can't say with certainty how it is for raves, but i know that with a lot of the clubs i go to, nobody has ever questioned it. Maybe security is tighter at raves, but i've never had more than a quick pat down done before i went out clubbing. And i wouldn't worry too much about needing to change, i usually only go out with a clutch or something small, so there's not much room for a backup diaper. I guess it comes down to how much you drink (and what you're drinking), and how small your bladder is. But i wouldn't worry about security. Believe it or not, some people are incontinent in everyday life lol, you definitely wouldn't be the first person they've seen wearing.
Okay thanks, I'm only drinking water and I haven't filled any of my little paws completely yet so I think I'll be good on those regards and it is a quick pat down I just am nervous about that cause my friends don't know, and I'm not incontinent just little :)

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I think security is about the same for clubs but I haven't gone to any clubs
Why are you concerned about wearing a diaper to a rave party? People (at least in my region) wear diapers to concerts all the time. Just ask anyone who has been given the job of cleaning up concerts and raves after their over and they'll tell you that diapers, while common, is FAR from the most outrageous (or even questionable) item/mess they have cleaned up.

Seriously, don't sweat it. 3 out of the 40 people that came before you were A) not AB/DLs in any applicable context and B) are wearing diapers. Possibly 1 other of those 40 was also carrying controlled substances while 5 had ingested them beforehand.
Okayes tank chuuu XD
Raves in diapers are the best imo the ONLY downside ive found is that the longer and better the party is the more thickly your likely to padd up and therefore the harder it will be to dance properly... If thats your thing... Its mine.

Also security never has ever felt, noticed or even cared about my heavily fluffed bum. Neither does anyone else at a rave... If its a REAL rave then that sort of weird thing is completely expected if not manditory :smile1:
Will it be hot at the rave? Will you be doing drugs? If you'll be sober in an air conditioned venue a diaper would be awesome. I take diapers to music festivals where there is camping. Is changing a messy diaper in a 90degree tent a torturous and smelly process? Hell yes but is shitting in a hot smelly porta potty just as bad? Absolutely! And it's even worse cuz you're not just smelling your own mess but 100 different other peoples too. I'd certainly rather go in a diaper than a porta potty, for a year I used porta potties nearly 24/7 in desert heat... Not fun.
Most of the time it can get really hot at a rave especially when your dancing.. that sucks kinda too, sometimes makes you wana just be an exhibitionist and say f&*£ it lol.

But crinklebuttt is so right diapers are way better then Porta poties and at raves some times there's only 1 bathroom, TWO if your lucky and always about 20 people on line for them not to mention someone's always having long sex in one and doing drugs in the other so having a diaper is defiantly a plus in that case !
I just ordered a red tutu for Color me rad! What should I wear under it?
The most absorbant fluffy diaper you have preferably cloth
How about a dipee under a colorful tutu?
I wear every time I go to a rave/festival. I was just at beyond wonderland in SoCal. It was awesome!!!! EDC in Vegas is pure amazing but when your diapered it's just epic....just a side note.....I have noticed that you will get butt rubbed or grabbed a few times. Not sure it's because they see it and want to confirm or what it might be. But enjoy yourself!!!
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