Rash from not wearing a diaper

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Does this happen to anyone else?

I wear almost 24/7 and almost never miss wearing a diaper to work (usually a seni super plus) and as a result my thighs are well used to the normal chafing of the padding so no problems. However, every now and again because I am running late or am just not in the mood to wear a diaper during the day, I decide to go back to wearing just boxers and I always get a rash from the chaffing. My body is so used to the diaper that when I forgo the padding, my thighs and tricky bits rub in a slightly different way and I get a rash.

Just thought it was ironic that the only time I ever get a rash is when I don't wear a diaper.
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I had this happen to me the other day after wearing 24/7 for the past 4 months. I was wearing a swim suit and just chalked it up to the netting.
Powder, not just for diapers anymore!

Seriously, in highschool I was reintroduced to the concept of powdering my junk by friends. I run hot - sweating, itching and chafing were a real issue for me too. They used regular baby powder sparingly, and nobody thought twice about the scent. However, I found for the day-to-day, Gold Bond powder is THE BEST. With underwear on, a small squeeze in your hand, reach in and apply to the inner thighs and everywhere else.

I DO NOT recommend it in a diaper, however. It contains menthol, which produces a pleasant cooling effect when you sweat. The same affect is unpleasantly intense when substituted for baby powder in a wet diaper.
I had this problem when I did a lot of long periods of wearing 24/7, it was very odd, but I assumed it was something related to my body being used to being powdered and all that other stuff. So when I wasn't diapered, I didn't have things to absorb the sweat and also my body wasn't as used to being without the chemicals and powder.
When it's humid or when I go swimming a lot I get a rash. I use Gold Bond powder for relief and cure. It has a tingling/slight burning to it which I really like. :)
I get chaffing in any kind of panties, but my legs are used to diapers so I never have problems with them. Not sure why that is.
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