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I feel like I might need to explain this story a little. For starters yes it's that Raquel. If you've been around these forums for a while then you'll remember Raquel's only wish, which was a very popular story written by Emily91 who's since stop writing the story and as far as I know being an ab/dl all together. This unfortunately left one of the better stories on this forum unfinished. Even though she got through what she considered one book it ended in a bit of a cliffhanger and the next book wasn't finished with only a vague outline of where she wanted to go with it. The fact that it was left incomplete has always kinda bothered me,because I was writing one of my stories Abby's diapers at the same time and in the same universe as a sort of inside joke, but they ended up being pretty well connected. So when she left she also happened to delete the story entirely from wattpad where I also posted Abby's Diapers, and I've been getting several messages from people there confused as to where this other story is.

So I decided I wanted to retell her original story to wrap up a loose end in one of my stories and also because I happened to like the original and want to see a completed version of it, one that has a definite end and isn't left hanging. That's not to say I won't put my own spin on it, there were a lot of things that sort of irked me with the original, mostly the stuff toward the end that would have set up the events in the next book. Also, while I'll try to keep the general dl theme she had, my version is probably going to lean more on the ab side just because I lean more on the ab than she did. Also I'm not out to make the definitive edition of the story, I just want to make a version that has an actual ending. I'm also not out to take credit for her work, that's why I'm making this long preface. It's her story and all of the ideas or hers she's just not around to finish it and that's what I want to do. And finally if Emily91 is still lurking around here on the forums then I'll gladly stop writing if she doesn't want me to, or if any of the admins want me to. I'm not 100% sure this is even covered in the rules, but at the end of her last post she said she didn't mind if somebody finished it so there's that.

With all that said, I really hope you guys enjoy my interpretation of it, and I hope you can appreciate my desire to give this story an ending.

- - - Updated - - -

The sun was setting in the horizon creating a red and purple light show in the sky that completely overshadowed the small dingy motel. The orange neon sign read Georgia motel, a sign that indicated the owner wasn’t the most imaginative of people. A small two door sedan waited parked across the street. Inside a Puerto Rican man, Miguel Hernandez, watched the motel through binoculars in the driver seat. Sweat gathered on his brow and on the tips of his jet black hair, not from heat but from anticipation. His 5 year old daughter was seated anxiously in the passenger seat nervously playing with her own jet black hair a look of terror on her face. She brought her hand down to the front of her dress and fidgeted with it attempting to get comfortable in the soaked diaper she was wearing, the stress of the current situation not helping her usual bladder issues at all.

“You don’t have to go daddy,” she said panicked. Miguel began crying his tears fogging up the binoculars.

“No baby I do,” He said as brought the binoculars down to wipe them with his shirt. “They killed your mother, took her away from me, and they’ll kill you too if I don't stop them here.”

“We can just go. We don’t have to go back home. We are already here in America let’s just stay.”

“No this is the way it has to be.” The neon light of the motel sign shut off with a violent spark, and one of the cars parked in the motel’s parking lot sped off. “There I have to go now,” Miguel said as he kissed his daughter on the forehead.

“Please no.”

“Stay here be safe,” Miguel said as he made his way toward one of the motel rooms slowly drawing a gun from his trench coat as he moved. He seemed to flit across the lot with speed, precision, and determination. Raquel could see him as he leaned against the wall of the hotel. He took a deep breath and then kicked the door in. He stormed in the room out of Raquel’s sight. Almost as soon as he entered Raquel could see a line of cop cars with lights and sirens on flood into the parking lot. The police quickly surrounded the one exit to the hotel room and began to approach the room with their pistols drawn. It was only a few seconds before the officers emerged with Miguel in tow. Raquel screamed as she saw her father led into the back of a squad car in handcuffs. She kicked open the door of the car and ran out screaming for him. She didn’t run far before a police officer scooped her up.

“Get that girl out of here!” came a shout from one of the officers in charge. “This is an active crime scene no civilians!”

“No please daddy no!” Raquel screamed as she tried to wriggle out of the officers grasp but to no avail the officer easily overpowered the little girl as she carried her away from the scene. Raquel continued screaming.

- - - Updated - - -

Raquel woke up screaming from her nightmare covered in sweat. She breathed heavily in and out getting a grasp of her surroundings. She was home in her room, well not really home, at foster home number 5. Though admittedly the Coopers were a lot more stable and welcoming than the other foster homes she had lived at. Raquel quickly threw the sheets off of her bed in an attempt to cool off as quickly as possible. In doing so she exposed her very soaked diaper. Of course I wet the bed, Raquel thought, she didn’t blame herself as much as usual though, night terrors were a perfectly valid reason to wet the bed after all and she didn’t feel as ashamed about wetting the bed for that as she did when she wet it for no reason.

She sighed as she got up out of bed, there wasn’t any sense of trying to go back to sleep now, she was already awake besides it was probably best to be up early for her first day of school. Raquel removed her wet night diaper one tape at a time and threw it in a diaper pail in her bathroom that was already filled with wet diapers from several other nights. Her night diapers looked as much like a stereotypical diaper as possible, thick, plain white, and with 4 tapes to keep it on. One time Raquel actually looked up diaper in the dictionary and could swear the picture in the dictionary was a picture of the diapers she wore to bed. Despite their blandness they usually did their job well enough, only leaking when Raquel drank excessively the night before or slept in a weird position. She did always secretly hope that the company that made them would come out with a more aesthetic model, not a full on baby design but something more entertaining to look at would be nice.

She hopped in the shower eager to feel clean. After she was done with her shower she instinctively put on her day time pull ups. Raquel liked to think that wearing pull ups during the day was just a precaution. She could begrudgingly accept that she had basically no control of her bladder while she slept, but she liked to think that she had at least some control while she was awake. Sadly, though the fact that she still wore pull ups every day is a testament to how she still had frequent accidents even during the day.

Somewhat ironically the pull ups she wore during the day were actually designed to be heavy duty night diapers, but for girls much younger than her. Even though she wasn’t a little girl anymore and was a proud 15 year old, she stood at an unbelievably short 4’9 and was just as skinny, so the pull up meant for 5 and 6 year olds still fit her like it was supposed to. They also happened to be amazingly quiet unlike her thicker night diapers, which crinkled with every move she made, and were likewise much thinner and easier to hide under clothes, combined with being pull ups meant that these had been her go to day time protection for as long as she remembered despite the somewhat childish designs they had. In particular she hated the fade when wet designs the bottom of the diaper had as it reminded her of how childish of a problem this was.

Raquel pushed thoughts of her problem out of her mind as she finished getting dressed for her first day as a sophomore. She wore a professional but form fitting blouse and a shorter than average skirt, though still long enough to cover her protection without any worries. In addition to being the first day back to school this was also the day of the school’s cheer try outs, and Raquel was determined to try out this year. Last year she ended up bailing at the last minute because she had wet her diaper and neglected to bring a spare to change in to, but since then she adopted a policy of hiding an extra diaper and changing supplies in a secret pocket of her backpack. Raquel picked up her backpack and made her war downstairs for breakfast.

Seeing that it was still early in the morning Raquel was the first of the Cooper’s kids to make it down for breakfast. Jennifer and Cameron Cooper, her foster parents, were in the kitchen. Jennifer was making pancakes and Cameron drinking coffee while reading the morning paper.

“Morning Raquel,” Jennifer said in a sing songy manner. “You’re up early. I haven’t finished making pancakes yet so you’ll have to wait a minute.” Raquel always liked Jennifer she was the pinnacle of a good mother. She had a love and passion for all of her kids including Raquel who was their only adopted child. She was also a professor at a local community college which Raquel always thought of as one of the most “mom-like” jobs a person could have. Her hazel colored hair fell to the bottom of her neck as she danced rhythmically to a song she was humming while she cooked.

Raquel set awkwardly next to Cameron Cooper while he read the paper. For every Jennifer there was a Cameron, who seemed to be living proof that opposites not only attract but somehow tolerate each other’s company long enough to procreate. Cameron was a gruff serious man who worked as one of the more vicious prosecuting attorney’s in South Carolina. He had always been, annoyed or angered by Raquel’s presence, at least from Raquel’s point of view. Raquel always found this odd considering he was the one that suggested adoption in the first place. Raquel could only guess that when he said adoption he didn’t mean adopt the broken girl with the bladder issues because that seemed to be the biggest sticking point he had with Raquel, often passive aggressively noting how expensive it was to keep her supplied with day and night time diapers, or how their biological kids were potty trained by 2. Raquel tried not to hate him too much though, after all the last 4 foster homes only served to take the broken girl and break her even more. Compared to that, passive aggression was a cake walk that Raquel would much rather take.

“Wet the bed again?” Mr. Copper asked frankly.

“Yes sir,” Raquel answered meekly. “I had nightmares last night.”

“Well that’s a better excuse than usual but still a bad one.”

“Cameron!” Jennifer scolded. “Lay off of the poor girl will you, she’s had this problem all of her life I don’t think it’s going to stop just because you chastise her about it.” Mr. Copper mumbled something under his breath as Mrs. Copper put a plate of pancakes down in front of Raquel. “So you going to try out for the cheer squad this year?”

“Yeah Sarah and I practiced my routine all summer.” Sarah was the Cooper’s oldest child, the spitting image of her mother only she let her hazel hair grow out longer. She had become somewhat of a high school hero as she led the cheer team to their first ever appearance in the state competition as a freshman, and continued to lead them there throughout her 4 years as the squads captain. Now Sarah was away at college and Raquel hoped to carry on her foster sister’s legacy, and her passion and skill at dancing meant she could if only she could get over her nerves and bladder control issues.

Raquel began greedily eating her pancakes, of all the foster homes she had been too this one had the best cook, and she had even lived above a restaurant at one point. Jennifer offered a plate to her husband but he simply stuck his coffee cup in the air as a sign of no. Jennifer finally sat down with her own plate.

“Raquel if you’re finished could you wake the twins up for me.” Raquel nodded having just finished inhaling the last of her pancakes and made her way to the twin’s room. Raquel peeked into the room and could tell from the faint sounds of giggling that the twins were attempting to fake sleep.

“I sure hope Erica and Andy aren’t asleep,” Raquel said in a sarcastic tone. “Because then it would be a real surprise when I body slammed them,” She said playfully laying on top of Andy who immediately started screaming happily. Erica was quick to come to her brother’s rescue. She lept on top of Raquel from her bed.

“Get off my brother evil monster,” she said playfully.

“Oh no I am defeated blegh,” Raquel said falling on the ground mellow dramatically much to the joy of the twins. The twins Eric and Andy were the Cooper’s youngest kids one boy, Andy, and one girl, Erica. Despite not being identical twins they were very much alike aside from gender differences. They had also inherited the iconic Cooper hazel hair. The twins might have been the cutest thing on the planet to Raquel, they were constantly happy and were quick to accept her as a big sister and always looked up to her as one. They were both rapidly approaching 7 years old which meant that this was probably the last year they would be sleeping in the same room as Sarah’s room was already being renovated for Erica to have her own space.

“Ok you two mom wants you ready for school so hop to it,” Raquel said peeling Erica off of her. “Hurry up or you’re going to be late.” She said leaving them to their own devices. She returned to the kitchen to find that Mr. Cooper had already left. “I think I’m going to walk to school today,” Raquel said as she picked up her backpack.”

“Not so fast come here,” Mrs. Cooper commanded. Raquel approached her and was greeted with a slobbery kiss on her forehead.

“Aww mom,” Raquel complained wiping her forehead off. Mrs. Cooper laughed and pushed Raquel out of the door.

“Have a good day call me if you need anything,” Mrs. Cooper yelled as Raquel began walking to school.

“Ok love you,” Raquel shouted back.

Raquel made the rather uneventful walk to school and immediately began filling her usual role of wall flower by blending in with the background of all the other students. She didn’t get far before being spotted by her friend Alicia Kent. Alicia and Raquel had met last summer at a dance class and were friends all through freshman year. Little did Alicia know that Raquel desperately wanted the two to be more than friends, and had spent the last year working to make that happen. They had been separated over the summer as Alicia went to Florida with her grandparents and Raquel was hoping to rekindle the hopefully romantic friendship.

“So how was your summer?” Alicia said curious.

“It was all right,” Raquel began. “Dance class wasn’t the same without you so I ended up quitting and hanging out with Sarah most of the time.”

“You didn’t need that class anyway, you were already better than most of the teachers.”

“I don’t know about that,” Raquel said modestly even though she knew it was true. “How about you? How was sunny Florida.”

“Well.” Alicia said with a coy grin. “You know Chase Collins the quarter back?” Chase Collins stereotypical jock #42, Raquel thought to herself.

“Yes I’ve heard of him.”

“Well it turns out his parents own a beach house in the same town my grandparents do.” Stereotypical rich jock, Raquel mentally added to her last thought.

“What a coincidence, I bet you had fun with that,” Raquel said sarcastically.

“Well yeah actually, we sort of hit it off and. We’re going steady.”

“Oh,” Raquel said, though the way she said it hid the sheer amount of dread she felt in her heart. Was she just imaging the mutual attraction the two shared? She thought she had finally found the one she could take a chance on and be herself with, but right at the moment of fulfillment it was taken away from her by stereotypical rich jock asshole #42 Chase Collins. Raquel struggled to keep a straight face as Alicia went on and on about him. About his huge arms, how strong he was, his new car. With each item added to the list of reasons Chase is awesome Raquel felt more and more heartbroken. What was that summer they spent together in dance class? Alicia had called Raquel’s dancing beautiful and sexy, had called her beautiful and sexy. Was that just a game to her? Was Raquel just projecting, hoping too much that it was real?

“Hey you in there?” Alicia said snapping Raquel out of her trance. “You almost walked into the wall this your first class right? English?”

“Oh sorry,” Raquel said coming out of her trance. “I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night so I’m a little out of it.”

“Well lucky you’ve got me to keep you entertained through class huh?”

“Yeah,” Raquel said unenthusiastically. She was not looking forward to another hour of Chase Collins talk from the girl she loved. A love that until now she thought was reciprocated.


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Given the fact that Emily91 explicitly stated that she gave her blessings to anyone who wished to continue her story, this homage is completely legitimate. I'm looking forward to reading it.

It does bring up an interesting question, though: under what circumstances, if any, should a reader be allowed to "take over" a "dead" story? Goodness knows everyone here probably has favorite unfinished stories out there written by no longer active authors. Is it reasonable to apply some metric to these stories that renders them, or at least their plots and characters, public domain after being abandoned for a certain amount of time? If attempts are made to contact the author without success? Or do we just let them remain as they are, sadly incomplete? Emily91 gave her permission; few authors do so, and the body of unfinished ABDL literature grows and grows.

As writers, what do you think? If you abandoned a piece for, say, three or four years, and someone wanted to pick it up and finish it, how would you feel if (a) you were still here and had no interest in it anymore and they asked permission? or (b) you were no longer in the community and impossible to locate, so they did it anyway with all respect given to you as original author, and somewhere down the road you discovered it?


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Given the fact that Emily91 explicitly stated that she gave her blessings to anyone who wished to continue her story, this homage is completely legitimate. I'm looking forward to reading it.

It does bring up an interesting question, though: under what circumstances, if any, should a reader be allowed to "take over" a "dead" story? Goodness knows everyone here probably has favorite unfinished stories out there written by no longer active authors. Is it reasonable to apply some metric to these stories that renders them, or at least their plots and characters, public domain after being abandoned for a certain amount of time? If attempts are made to contact the author without success? Or do we just let them remain as they are, sadly incomplete? Emily91 gave her permission; few authors do so, and the body of unfinished ABDL literature grows and grows.

As writers, what do you think? If you abandoned a piece for, say, three or four years, and someone wanted to pick it up and finish it, how would you feel if (a) you were still here and had no interest in it anymore and they asked permission? or (b) you were no longer in the community and impossible to locate, so they did it anyway with all respect given to you as original author, and somewhere down the road you discovered it?

personally the only reason I leave something unfinished is if I didn't like the idea or if it wasn't going the way I wanted it too, so I wouldn't particularly care if someone else took the idea at that point. They might be able to make it work where I couldn't. If at all possible I would appreciate at least being asked first, though I don't think I would actively attempt to stop them if they didn't ask. That's just me though I think most people would be a bit more protective of their ideas and would be mad if you didn't ask before taking the idea even if it's dead. If they weren't able to be contacted though that's a completely different scenario. It's not possible to talk to them and negotiate and use the idea with their permission because they aren't there to give it. I think in that case the person doesn't have any intention to continue or defend the work any more then it's fair game. Definitely always give credit to the original though that's just common decency.


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Im very excitied for this new incarnation of an already fantastic story. (you really are a talented writer. Btw)

Just one tiny detail that's bugging me. Surely somone of Raquels age would better fit, and probabaly prefer, drynites to pullups? Sorry to be that annoying guy that picks pointless holes :sad:


I think permission should be given first. Failing that, if it can be reliably determined the author has permanently relocated to an alternate universe intestate.... it would be acceptable to continue the story with a forward noting all the applicable circumstances. Who are we to say that the author isn't a victim of longterm writer's block, or perhaps has lost all his fingers and is doggedly typing out the rest of the story a character at a time with his badly chafed nose on a dog-slow 5 year old tablet?

Very little of our catalog is copyrighted, but its still a matter of honor. Great story crying for continuation notwithstanding.... make up your own damn story!

Note that I have no objection to multiple contributor story lines. IRL, I'm currently hip-deep in George R.R. Martin's Wild Cards anthology.

Edit: To be clear, I'm not disagreeing with the official ruling in this instance. Emily91 gave her blessing to a continuation, and was certainly aware of blablafreckenlover's other work in her fictional universe.
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I always found it weirdly distracting when actual brands show up in an ab/dl story so you won't really see me use an actual brand name like dynites or pampers, but for all intents and purposes the pull ups she wears are just slightly cuter goodnites. In my eyes at least drynites/goodnites are just bigger sized easy ups that are harder to tear open so that's why I described them as a pull up because that's what they are to me anyways.


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I always found it weirdly distracting when actual brands show up in an ab/dl story so you won't really see me use an actual brand name like dynites or pampers, but for all intents and purposes the pull ups she wears are just slightly cuter goodnites. In my eyes at least drynites/goodnites are just bigger sized easy ups that are harder to tear open so that's why I described them as a pull up because that's what they are to me anyways.

I find "in-show advertisements" distracting for the same reason! You know, when you're sitting there, enjoying your favorite show and they suddenly get into a car that you suddenly realize the camera weirdly panned over long enough for you to know it was a RAV-4 or something? And then they make a big deal about a feature? Really? It can do that? Give me a break. Or, I'm bingeing "The Sopranos" right now b/c I have never watched it before, and the family is eating breakfast, and four times in one less than 90-second scene they show a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal. And I can't even begin to count the number of times they drink Coke products. Jeez!

<end rant> Sorry.


I find "in-show advertisements" distracting for the same reason! You know, when you're sitting there, enjoying your favorite show and they suddenly get into a car that you suddenly realize the camera weirdly panned over long enough for you to know it was a RAV-4 or something? And then they make a big deal about a feature? Really? It can do that? Give me a break. Or, I'm bingeing "The Sopranos" right now b/c I have never watched it before, and the family is eating breakfast, and four times in one less than 90-second scene they show a box of Cap'n Crunch cereal. And I can't even begin to count the number of times they drink Coke products. Jeez!

<end rant> Sorry.

With you, with the exception of shows that are mostly tongue-in-cheek anyway. Then it becomes part of the gag. Seeing your post, Hawaii 50 leapt to mind... all the Black Suburban's, the Camaro, occasional Corvettes. You know that's all product placement advertising. Then they toss in Chin's vintage red Mustang.....

Edit: As for using actual brands in a story... sometimes it can be the best way to evoke a feeling, a shared mental image, or recall a certain era without excessive verbiage.
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Yeah, I'm not against "sitting down to have a Coke" or something casual like that. I mentioned "The Sopranos" and they actually do it quite well. If you were not bingeing you'd never notice the dozens of Mrs. Butterworths syrup appearances, etc., probably. As much verisimilitude as the coarseness of the dialogue. But when it gets absurd... "Bones" comes to mind, with its intrusive Prius commercial insertions.


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Chapter 2

Alicia Kent Alicia Kent Alicia Kent. It’s all Raquel could think about during her first day back at school. Ever since she dropped the bombshell that she was dating Chase Collins of all people instead of her. Raquel could think about nothing else. She was angry, confused, betrayed, and, though she hated admitting it, jealous toward Chase Collins. Of course Alicia would chose him over her. He's the star quarterback, he has all of the screaming fans and cheerleaders, and he has the money to take her nice places in even nicer cars. Raquel was just a broken orphan girl with a bladder issue.

This train of thought continued until 4 periods into the school day, she was momentarily distracted form her thoughts by the bell ringing for lunch. Once Raquel’s mind was distracted for long enough, she began to realize that, in fact, she had gotten rather hungry, and this primal urge drove her onward to the cafeteria.

Raquel brought her own lunch from home. While Madison High School had above average school food, nothing could beat a homemade Jennifer Cooper meal. Even her fried bologna sandwiches were culinary master pieces to Raquel. Seeing as she didn’t have to wait in line with the other students Raquel was quick to get an empty table all to herself and she eagerly removed her lunch from her backpack. Before she could sit down she was approached by her only other friend outside of Alicia Kent, Ryan James.

Ryan was the type of skateboarder kid 80’s pop songs were written about. And unlike most kids his age who simply borrowed the moniker as a fashion statement, Ryan actually did skateboard in his spare time. As if just to prove this point one could usually always find one of his skateboards sticking out of one of the pockets of his backpack. The deck and wheels always scratched or broken in places from years of wear and tear. He also dressed like a skater. Unlike the tears in jeans that were there for style, each of the holes in Ryan’s jeans and shirts told the tale of another epic wipe out and he had so many that he couldn’t remember how he got most of them. He even had to remove a few items from his wardrobe because they were violating the school’s dress code. Constant exposure to the sun left his skin fairly tan and made his dirty blonde hair seem all the more appropriate.

Ryan ran up to Raquel abruptly. “There you are,” He said in a friendly tone. “I was wondering if I was going to see you at all this year.” He moved in for a handshake but was shocked when Raquel returned with a hug.

“It’s good to see you Ryan,” Raquel said a tad emotionally

“Woah don’t surprise me like that,” Ryan said alarmed.

“Oh sorry,” Raquel apologized. “I didn’t mean too. I’ve just been having a bad day.” Raquel silently cursed herself. Raquel had always known that Ryan had a crush on her, ever since they met in English class last year. It wasn’t long into the relationship before Raquel killed that dream by telling him she was a lesbian, but much to her surprise he insisted on being friends anyway. Never the less Raquel was always careful around him. She knew he still had feelings for her, feelings that she couldn’t return, so she always tried to maintain a professional distance with him so as not to hurt his feelings any more than she already had.

“What’s got you so down?” Ryan asked sitting down.

“It’s Alicia, she ended up …” Raquel was silent for a moment. As she sat down she noticed that her pull up was wet. She didn’t remember when she had the accident, but could only assume that it happened because she was too concerned with Alicia. Well darn there goes my extra pull up, Raquel thought to herself. I’ll just have to focus on staying dry until the cheer tryouts are over.

“Hey you there?” Rayn said breaking Raquel out of her mini trance.

“Yeah sorry, I think someone must have spilled something in this seat and it startled me,” Raquel congratulated herself on the quick and effective lie as she scooted down slightly to the left of where she was. She tried hard not to think about the wet pull up she was in as she continued her conversation with Ryan. “Like I was saying, Alicia is going out with Chase Collins now.”

“Alicia Kent? The one you had the hots for?” Raquel nodded yes. “And Chase Collins? The quarterback?” Raquel nodded yes again. “Man that really sucks Raquel. I thought you said Alicia was in to girls too.”

“I thought she was,” Raquel said wistfully. “I guess it was wishful thinking.”

“Join the club,” Ryan said commenting on how eerily similar Raquel’s situation now was to his own situation last year.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories,” Raquel apologized.

“I was just kidding,” Ryan said with a wave of his hand. “Besides at least you stayed single. I can’t imagine if you had started dating Chase.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that,” Raquel said beginning to eat her sandwich. “Rich jock is not my type.”

“Plus he’s a dude,” Ryan said getting his own lunch out of his backpack. “Anyway why are we still talking about him? I didn’t become friends with a lesbian to talk about all of the cute guys.”

Raquel giggled at this. “You have a way with words Ryan.”

“It worked didn’t it?”

“Yes it did.”

“So what else is going on your life? Maybe something a little more upbeat.”

“Well I’m going to try out for the cheer squad again this year.”

“Great!” Ryan said happily. “What ever happened last time? You ran off before you could perform.”

“Nerves,” Raquel lied. The wet pull up she was wearing reminded her of the real reason.

“Well just be sure to shake the jitters out before you go on,” Ryan said helpfully. “I’m not going to be able to sit in on the try outs this time. Mom wants me home early. Besides last time they stared at me like I was a creeper.”

“We weren’t even friends back then so you were being a creeper!” Raquel said playfully.

“Yeah I know and I got caught,” Ryan countered. “So now I’ll have to watch it at home through my hidden camera in the locker room.”

“Oh god,” Raquel aid laughing. “The day you figure out how to set up a hidden camera is the day I sprout wings and fly.”

“You caught me, I’m sorry that I’m not secretly spying on the cheer squad. You’re the only one that gets to do that.”

“Hey! I am not spying on them.”

“Oh so you aren’t going to be enjoying the free show in the locker room? Not even a little?” Raquel turned a bright shade of red at the comment.

“Only a little,” Raquel said playing along with Ryan’s game.

“Raquel you clever girl you,” Ryan said coyly.

“Ok ok enough teasing,” Raquel said becoming increasingly more embarrassed.

“Alright,” Ryan said defeated. It was at this point Raquel began to have a familiar feeling. Like a bead of sweat running down her leg, only it wasn’t sweat her pull up was starting to leak.

“Oh shoot,” Raquel said alarmed, but she quickly recomposed herself before Ryan caught on to the real reason for the outburst. “Sorry Ryan I’m going to cut out early I need to use the bathroom before class.” Raquel quickly ate the last of her sandwich before running out of the cafeteria waving by to Ryan.

“All right see you later,” Ryan said slightly alarmed by Raquel’s quick exit.

Raquel quickly made her way to the girl’s restroom and locked herself inside of a stall. One of the benefits of doing this in the middle of lunch was that the bathroom was empty giving Raquel all the privacy she needed to perform this sensitive task. Luckily another thing that made this easier was wearing a skirt. Raquel hoisted her skirt up well above her waist revealing the wet pull up. The designs on the front completely faded, incriminating evidence that Raquel had wet the pull up. Raquel tore open the sides and removed it carefully placing it on the toilet lid. She then opened her backpack’s secret diaper change pocket which housed a new diaper and some wipes. She gave herself a quick wipe and then stepped in to the new pull up one foot at a time, and the finally pulled her skirt back down to the appropriate level. Raquel was still the only one in the restroom so she quickly disposed of the used pull up in the trash before anyone else came in, she always secretly wondered if the janitors were ever concerned that there were pull ups in the girl’s bathroom but she was fairly confident they couldn’t be traced back to her without some kind of DNA test. With that done Raquel turned around and looked at her skirt in the mirror. There was a small wet spot where the leak occurred, but nothing too noticeable. Raquel snapped back to attention when two other girls walked in to the bathroom. They seemed to be oblivious to Raquel so she took the opportunity to sulk out and to her next class.

The rest of Raquel’s day went by without incident. With her constant concentration and a little bit of dehydration, Raquel managed to make it to the end of the day without wetting her pull up. She stepped out of the bathroom having actually used it and confidently walked to the gymnasium where the cheer tryouts were being held.

Raquel quietly walked in to the gym. Seated in the front rows of the bleachers were the current cheer squad members, currently out of their uniforms sitting around talking. Higher up was a small gathering of random students that, for whatever reason, wanted to watch the tryouts. And finally on the floor of the gym sitting at a small table were a panel of three other cheer leaders, all in uniform and Coach Miles, the coach in charge of the squad. Raquel could only guess that these were the judges. In front of them were all of the potential cheer leaders each of whom were either standing around nervously or practicing their routine. Without worrying about her bladder, Raquel felt oddly calm and in control and was ready for the tryouts to start. After a few minutes one of the cheer leaders at the table stood up, Raquel correctly assumed that this was the captain.

“Ok everyone thank you for showing up. My name is Kelsey Webster captain of the Madison High cheer squad.”

Kelsey was a fierce looking person. She had long blonde hair the flowed down to the middle of her back. She was a little on the short side, being only a few inches taller than Raquel, but she made up for it in muscle mass. The added muscle gave Kelsey a curvy appearance and went a long way to making her intimidating despite her short size. Raquel also couldn’t help but notice that she filled out her cheer uniform very well, which was saying a lot. Madison high’s cheer uniforms were on the modest side not even showing a hint of midriff, with sleeves up to the wrists and a skirt that was more of a short dress hanging just above the knee. Despite the modesty of the outfit, Kelsey managed to own it like it was made specifically for her. Despite the fierce and intimidating way she stood Kelsey spoke surprisingly calm and sweetly but with the hint that she could change her tone if you made her mad.

“Myself and the panel behind me consisting of our two senior cheer leaders and Coach Miles will be evaluating your routines,” Kelsey took this time to get a boom box from the table behind her and put it on the floor. “I hope you all brought your own music, if not we have two or three cd’s you can pick from. When we call on you please come up to the table and sign your name on the paper, and begin your routine. Kristina here will stand by at the boom box and hit play after a count down.” Kristina demonstrated the countdown as Kelsey said this, it was a simple countdown from 3 to 1 using her fingers and ending with a point. “We only have a few slots open this year so not everyone will make it in, but don’t let that discourage you. Try your best and above all have fun.” Coach miles took this opportunity to speak up.

“One more thing before we start,” Coach Miles said quickly.

Coach Miles was a not so old woman that was showing her age too much. Despite only being a little over 40 she had a full head of short grey hair. Despite her appearance though she was full of energy and strength exemplified by the track suit she was wearing.

“I just want to say, real quickly, that we judge on technique not how sexy you look. So please let’s try and keep it pg-13 everyone.”

“Man coach buzzkill,” one of the cheer leaders said mockingly. The others including Kelsey laughed at this. Coach Miles raised up her hands in defeat. “It was just a suggestion, someone around here has to be the old stick in the mud. Alright the floor is yours.”

One by one the cheer leader hopefuls went up and performed their routine. None of them could hold a candle to Raquel, who put countless hours of practice into this moment. She waited impatiently as others went before her with mediocre routines. Raquel was bouncing with anticipation she couldn’t contain herself. During her jitters though she felt something strange on her bottom. She instinctively went to scratch but was shocked when she felt something mush against her. Oh god not now. She thought. She had messed her pull up, only a little at first but thinking about it led to her involuntarily push more out. Raquel sighed hopelessly, there was no stopping it now. And there she stood, a 15 year old girl about to try out for the cheer squad in a messy pull up. Not even a pull up. A pull up is for people who only wet occasionally and have small accidents. It was a messy diaper. Something babies wear because they can’t help but mess themselves.

Raquel stood mortified as everyone continued doing their routines. The diaper kept the mess constantly pinned between Raquel’s behind and the seat of her diaper, even standing still a bit of the mess constantly touched her bare skin. It was a constant reminder of the accident she had and how she wasn’t remotely in control of her own body. Raquel tried to move around to get more comfortable but the more she moved the more she spread the mess around until most of her diaper area was covered in it, and it acted like a glue keeping the diaper uncomfortably stuck to Raquel. Before Raquel knew it the rest of the tryouts had down on the bleachers, only she remained, the only one that hadn’t done her routine.

“Ok kid you’re next,” Kelsey said encouragingly. Raquel just froze. To her everyone could see right through her. Like they had x-ray vision and could see that she had messed her diaper and had smeared it all over herself with her constant fidgeting. “Look I know it’s a little nerve racking, but we’ve got a schedule to keep here.”

“I – I – I – I” Raquel stammered.

“If you’re having this much trouble in front of us this might not be the thing for you,” Kelsey said honestly. Raquel stammered some more. “Ok I think we’re done here.”

“No wait,” Raquel finally managed to speak. “I practiced I … just give me a minute.”

“Look no offense, but we aren’t going to have time for nerves when competition starts. Its tough work being on this squad and it doesn’t look like you can handle it. We’re done here,” Kelsey said more finally. The rest of the squad to disband. Kelsey approached Raquel as everyone was filing out. “Hey look kid its ok. It’s not for everyone don’t beat yourself up about it.”

“No no stay away,” Raquel said panicked, worried that Kelsey might smell the mess she made.

“Hey easy, I’m just trying to help.” Raquel abruptly ran past Kelsey out of the gym.

“Man what was her problem?” Kelsey’s friend said as she approached the situation from the bleachers.

“Probably just nerves Sadie. It happens every year. Some people just can’t take the pressure. I wouldn’t worry about it, we don’t need people like that any way.”

“Wow that’s a little harsh don’t you think?” Sadie said sympathetically.

“It’s the truth.”

- - - Updated - - -

Despite having several tests this week I finished another chapter. I hope you guys like this one.
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Also if any one can think of a good cover pic for the wattpad version of this story send me a link. I'm finding it hard to find the right one.


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Chapter 3

Raquel waited impatiently toward the back of the crowd of students waiting for their bus. It had been a few minutes since her accident and the time gave her a chance to calm down and think rationally about the situation. She has messed herself, the uncomfortable stickiness in her diaper reminded her of that. She also ran out crying like a baby in front of the head cheerleader. Not that she could’ve stayed and performed her routine with a messy diaper, but she acknowledged that she could’ve exited a little more gracefully, now there’s very little chance she would ever get on the squad. She had to try though. As much as she hated doing it Raquel knew that if she named dropped her sister Sarah they would likely let her do her routine tomorrow, but that was tomorrow, at the moment Raquel was more concerned with getting home as soon as possible with no one noticing the now pretty obvious smell emanating from her backside.

Everyone waiting in the hall gasped as another loud boom of thunder caused the lights in the school to flicker.

Unfortunately for Raquel armageddon was currently happening outside. Walking home in a messy diaper would have been bad enough, but throw in a thunderstorm and that meant Raquel was forced to take the bus or risk getting blown away or catching pneumonia. She didn’t enjoy the idea of trying to keep her mess a secret while on a bus filled with other people. The bus was a miserable enough experience in a clean diaper, but she didn’t have a choice.

Raquel gave a nervous gulp as her bus pulled up. She made her way through the crowd of other students nervously. Several of them took note of the smell but couldn’t place it to Raquel. She finally made her way on to the bus, but since she was one of the last students on the only remaining seat was in the back near Chase Collins and the jocks. Raquel didn’t want to be around Chase on a good day and this wasn’t a good day. She just put her head down and tried to ignore them.

“Woah what’s the smell?” One of the jocks asked. Raquel momentarily panicked.

“It’s probably just my pits bro,” Chase Collins answered sticking the other jocks head under his arm.

“Aww rank dude,” One of the other jocks said laughing. This sort of conversation continued for a majority of the bus ride, Raquel struggling internally with how annoying this group of people was and how sitting in her mess made them even more annoying. Raquel shifted her posture a little trying to get a little more comfortable unknowingly revealing her diaper as she did.

“Woah is that a diaper?” One of the jocks said. Raquel had tuned out the jocks conversation but on hearing the word diaper she froze panicked.

“That is a diaper,” One of the other jocks confirmed. “That’s the kind my bed wetter little sister wears.” Raquel shifted her posture so it was no longer revealing her diaper. She didn’t look at the jocks who continued to accost her but instead looked out the window trying to fight back tears.

“I bet that smell was her,” Chase said laughing.

“Aww dude, did she crap her diaper?” One of the other jocks said waving his hand in front of his face.

“I bet she did. I just hope her mommy gets here soon to change her,” Chase said in a mocking babyish tone. “Is your mommy going to change you little baby?” Chase asked Raquel directly. Raquel didn’t respond. “Hey! I’m talking to you,” Chase said more aggressively throwing an empty bottle at Raquel. “Hey babies are supposed to answer back,” Chase said scooting over to Raquel’s seat. Raquel was panicking as the large jock invaded her personal space. She curled up into a fetal position against the wall of the bus as far away from Chase as possible.

“Just go away!” Raquel said crying.

“I just want to know if your mommy’s is going to change you. Me and the boys are having a hard time putting up with that smell.”

“Please just leave me alone,” Raquel begged. She saw one of Chase’s hands move toward her skirt. She abruptly switched from defensive to offensive when Chase attempted to touch her. She uncurled and delivered a hard slap to Chase’s face, cutting it with her fingernails. Chase held his face where Raquel slapped him in pain as he felt blood from the scratch start to ooze out. “BACK OFF CREEP!” Raquel yelled. This scream got the whole buses attention and they were all looking at Chase accusingly. Chase raised his hands.

“Fine,” he said more to the angry crowd than to Raquel. “I’m not in to babies anyway.” The crowd eventually died down once Chase took his seat again.

Fortunately for Raquel that awful encounter with Chase Collins took up most of her bus ride, and the bus soon pulled up to her house. She quickly got off. The driver attempted to stop her, and ask if she was ok, but Raquel just ran off into her house without even hearing him. She was still shaken from her ordeal, and quickly ran to her room eager to get out of the messy diaper, she could already feel a major diaper rash from how long she’d been in it. Raquel ran to her room and closed the door. Once she was alone she finally broke down and started crying. The stress from the day compounding with years of other abuse that began bubbling to the surface left Raquel loudly weeping. She fell to the floor landing on her messy bottom which only added to her misery.

“Raquel you ok?” Came Jennifer Cooper’s voice from the hall. “You ran up here awfully fast.” Raquel didn’t have time to wonder why Jennifer was home or curse herself for not locking the door before the concerned parent opened the door to Raquel’s room and saw her crying on the floor. She quickly shut the door behind her and went to comfort Raquel. Raquel buried her head in Jennifer’s chest and continued to cry. Somehow having someone there that cared only made her want to cry more. As if having someone that cared about her crying only made her cry even harder for all of the times she had to hold it in. Jennifer held Raquel close and let the girl cry. She lifted Raquel’s skirt to confirm what she had started to smell. “Raquel baby have you been in this since school?” She could feel Raquel move her head yes against her chest. “Honey we need to get you changed you’re going to get a serious rash.”

“Ok,” Raquel said still crying. She pushed herself off of Jennifer to change herself but Jennifer stopped her.

“Just lay down honey I’ll take care of it.” Jennifer removed a large changing mat she kept under Raquel’s bed. Jennifer bought it when she learned of Raquel’s problem as a show of faith that she would be accommodating. At that point though Raquel had already been changing herself for years. So, while she appreciated the gesture, it was only used a few times before Raquel told Jennifer that she could do it herself. Raquel lay down on the soft mat still sobbing. The mat had a strap that went across the chest and two velcro cuffs attached by a short length of nylon to the top of the mat that was meant to keep hands out of the way during a change. Jennifer gently snapped the strap across Raquel’s chest and put her wrists in the cuffs. Raquel didn’t mind the restraints partly because she was still crying, and partly because they were fairly loose and meant more as gentle reminders then something that was actually supposed to keep her still, Raquel could easily get out of them if she wanted, but in this case she didn’t feel like moving all that much anyway.

Raquel continued sobbing as Jennifer changed her. Raquel was thankful that the chest strap discouraged her from looking up so she didn’t have to see the mess herself when Jennifer opened the sides of the pull up to remove it from Raquel and throw it away. Jennifer grabbed Raquel’s ankles and raised her legs up as she started the long process of cleaning Raquel’s diaper area. By the time Jennifer had gotten Raquel clean, Raquel had calmed down quite a bit but was still sobbing a little mainly from the constant stinging of the diaper rash she had gotten on her bottom.

“You’ve already got a pretty bad diaper rash,” Jennifer said concerned. “This should help a little.” Raquel felt something cold touch her skin as Jennifer gently rubbed rash cream on Raquel. Raquel gave a sigh of relief and calmed down now that the pain from the rash was gone. Jennifer grabbed one of Raquel’s night diapers and, after a generous application of baby powder, taped it snugly on. “There we go,” Jennifer said letting Raquel out of the restraints. “All better?” Raquel’s answer came in a hug. She grabbed on to Jennifer tightly as she let out the last of her sobs.

“I’m sorry,” Raquel said sadly. “I’m sorry you had to deal with that. I'm such a freak.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. And you're not a freak you just can’t help it. You know I’m always willing to help you no matter what.” Jennifer helped Raquel up.

“Maybe I should change into a pull up so I can …” Raquel was cut off by Jennifer.

“I’m not going to hear it. You wear yourself out every day trying to fix this problem, you deserve a break. Just use your diapers and I’ll change you when you're ready. Don't worry about it tonight just relax and try to calm down."

“But what about,” Raquel began.

“Cameron’s pulling an all-nighter at the office," Jennifer said already knowing what Raquel was worried about. "And since the storm knocked out one of the generators on campus you’ve got me for the rest of the night. I’ll talk to Cameron about this tomorrow, you shouldn’t be getting this upset over accidents and most of that is his fault for pushing you too hard,” Jennifer ended on a stern manner.

Raquel followed Jennifer out of her room wearing just a t-shirt and her diaper, feeling a lot better after Jennifer changed her. Erica and Andy were playing a video game in the living room when Jennifer and Raquel walked in.

“Now Erica Andy listen up,” The two paused their game to pay attention to their mother. “Raquel’s had a bad day, so she’s already in her night diapers. I don’t need to remind you two not to make fun do I?” The twins nodded no as if the idea never entered their minds. “Good I’m going to get started on some mac and cheese for dinner, you three play nice.” Raquel moved to the couch behind the twins crinkling loudly as she moved with nothing to muffle the sound. Once the twins finished their game the snuggled into Raquel on the couch.

“What happened Raquel?” Andy asked concerned.

“Did you have an accident in school?” Erica asked thinking the most likely reason.

“Yes I did,” Raquel admitted

“But I thought you had accidents all the time?” Erica asked confused.

“Not this kind,” Raquel said hinting the truth without saying it explicitly.

“Oh,” Andy said realizing why Raquel was upset. “It’s ok Raquel we don’t care if you need diapers.”

"Yeah we love you no matter what," Eric added as she and Andy hugged Raquel.

“You two always know how to cheer me up.” Raquel and the twins watched tv until Jennifer came into the living room with a large bowl of mac and cheese. Without being asked Raquel ran into the kitchen and got bowls for everyone. Jennifer lovingly gave each of her kids a generous helping of mac and chees before putting on a movie for them to watch. During the movie Raquel felt the familiar urge to use the bathroom. She initially instinctively fought to hold it in, but she remembered what Jennifer had said and purposefully let go. It was so much easier for her to just let go like that, having to constantly worry about making it to the bathroom really had put a drain on her. Now that she didn’t have to worry about it she had more energy and felt happier. Once the movie ended Jennifer made everyone start working on homework. Raquel didn’t have a lot but she did have some math problems to do. As she was getting her stuff out of her backpack Jennifer stopped her and peeked into the back of her diaper.

“You’re a little wet Raquel. Are you ready for a change?” Jennifer asked caringly.

“I’m fine,” Raquel said blushing. Raquel knew the diaper could hold another and she was used to the feeling of a wet diaper so didn’t find it uncomfortable. She thought about putting up a mild protest at Jennifer checking her diaper like that, but decided against it. It probably wasn’t a bad idea to check it every now and then, and it’s not like she minded all that much anyway. All of the other foster homes she had been in were happy to leave her in a used diaper all day which meant it was usually up to Raquel to ask for a change or, more likely, change herself. Having a guardian actually check to see if she was wet and ask if she wanted to be changed was nice.

“You just let me know when you're ready for a change and I'll fix you up.”

"Sure thing mom," Raquel said starting on her homework.

Raquel finished her homework before the twins and so sneaked off to her room to mess around on the internet before bed. Her phone started ringing after only a few minutes of browsing it was her sister Sarah. Raquel slowly answered the phone not incredibly eager to explain to her older sister the day’s events. Raquel was immediately hit with Sarah running a mile a minute as soon as she answered her phone.

“Raquel Raquel you have to tell me everything. How did it go? Did they love your routine? Does everyone miss me yet?”

“Listen sis,” Raquel said stopping her sister. “I didn’t go through with it. I had another accident.”

“No,” Sarah said in disbelief. “We worked so hard, and I know I saw you do that routine perfectly in a wet pull up before. Why didn’t you go through with it?”

“It wasn’t wet Sarah,” Raquel said humiliated.

“Oh,” Sarah said a bit more seriously. “Hey listen accidents happen Raquel don’t worry about it. Just try again tomorrow. what are the chances of that happening twice right?”

“Yeah I’m sure if I give your name they’ll let me try again, and it was probably just a freak accidnet.”

“Yeah see no problems.” Sarah noticed a long silence in Raquel. “No problems?” she repeated as a question.

“You probably think I’m a baby don’t you?” Raquel said defeated.

“No! Raquel you know I don’t see you that way.” Sarah said seriously. “You are my baby sister and I’m going to take care of you, look out for you, and give you a hard time like a big sister is supposed to. That doesn’t mean I think any less of you or look down on you, especially over something that you can’t help. Something that isn't even a big deal to me.”

“Really?” Raquel asked looking for a positive answer from her role model.

“Really,” Sarah said giving Raquel the positive answer. "Remember when you first came home with us. I went with mom to pick you up from the orphanage and we had to stay the night at a hotel because it was too far from home and I shared a bed with you."

"I remember wetting the bed real bad," Raquel said embarrassed.

"Yeah because you were so embarrassed about needing protection that you never changed out of your pull up from the orphanage and it leaked and soaked the whole bed me included."

"How is this supposed to make me feel better?"

"Mom and I both knew you were going to leak Raquel. It's not like we didn't know about your problem before we adopted you, and we didn't stop for bathroom breaks that whole trip so you were bound to leak if you weren't leaking already."

"Then why did you sleep in the bed with me?"

"Because I knew you were making a big deal out of it. You were on pins and needles the whole ride and could barely get to sleep as it was. I didn't want you to wake up all alone and I didn't want you to worry about it so I slept with you so that you'd wake me up too and I'd be there to help. And when you did wet the bed I stayed up with you for thirty minutes and changed the sheets for you because I was more worried about you than I was about my pajamas being soaked."

"Aww Sarah," Raquel said tearing up.

"I promise you Raquel you are more concerned about your bladder issues than mom or I are. We just want you to be happy. I don't care if you wear diapers to bed for the rest of your life Raquel, you'll still be my baby sister and I'll still love you."

"Thanks sis it means a lot that you did that for me."

"Now please, if we ever go on any more family trips, change before you go to bed I don't want to spend all night in wet pj's again," Sarah said in a joking tone

"Ok," Raquel said laughing. "Was that you giving me a hard time?"

“Yes it was. Now let’s change the subject to something happier and less mushy. Anything good happen to you today today.” Raquel and Sarah talked for a few hours about their day and how much they missed each other until Sarah had to hang up and get back to studying.

“Ok bye.” Raquel hung up. The conversation with her sister did a lot to bolster her self-esteem and she felt ready to take on the try outs tomorrow with renewed enthusiasm.

“Knock knock,” Jennifer said as she entered Raquel’s room. “It’s getting late and you need to be changed for bed.”

“Ok,” Raquel said as she laid down on the changing mat. She snapped the strap across her chest herself and let Jennifer put her wrists in the cuffs. “Thanks for this mom I needed it,” Raquel said as Jennifer started to wipe her clean.

“Come on Raquel changing diapers is mom duty number one. I’m happy to do it whenever you want me to.” Jennifer finished putting Raquel in a new diaper. “Hey try not to worry about this stuff so much ok."

"ok," Raquel said happily. Jennifer gave Raquel a pat on the bottom.

“Alright off to bed you’ve got school tomorrow.” Raquel obediently climbed into bed.

“Night mom, and thanks.” Raquel said as Jennifer turned the light in her room off.

“Good night sweetie.”

- - - Updated - - -

New chapter for you guys. I wanted to spend this chapter really showing how the Cooper's treat Raquel and her bladder issues. At least all of the Cooper's except Cameron and we'll get to him later. They don't really care if Raquel ever gets over it, they just accept her for who she is. It's also exploring a bit into how Raquel is the one blowing her problem out of proportion the most and how she's beating herself up over it when almost everyone that actually cares about her just wants her to be happy. Anyway as always hope you guys enjoyed it. This one ran a little long, expect the next one to be a bit shorter than this.
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Chapter 4

Raquel woke up the next morning full of confidence. The overwhelming support of her family pushed away all of the doubts and regrets she had about the day before. Even waking up in a soaked diaper didn’t bother her as much as it usually did. She got her shower and changed into her pull up with an unusual pep in her step. She remembered to pack three extra pull ups in her backpack instead of just one so there was no worrying about not having a change before her try outs. She quickly ate breakfast and was out the door commencing her normal walk to school when Ryan surprised her by rolling up on a skateboard behind her.

“What’s up?” Ryan asked enthusiastically. He stopped his skateboard in front of Raquel. “I heard you ran off from the cheer tryouts yesterday what happened?”

“Oh I had an upset stomach,” Raquel lied. “But it’s no big deal I’m sure they’ll let me try today if I do some name dropping.”

“Good ol’ Sarah Cooper,” Ryan said with a feigned sense of nostalgia. “Hop on, I got a long board so you can ride with me to school.”

“Are you sure you can do it with both of us on it at once?"

“Don’t worry you know I’m good, we won’t crash that hard.” Raquel laughed and cautiously stepped on the back of the long board. Ryan quickly put a helmet on her head.

“Hey!” Raquel protested. “Have you ever heard of helmet hair?”

“It’s just in case,” Ryan said defensively. “You’re lucky I don’t make you ride in a booster seat shorty,” Ryan said lightening the mood with a joke.

“Hey four foot nine is the magic number,” Raquel said proudly.

“No they changed it. It’s five foot 2 now.”

“What!” Raquel said panicking.

“Got ya!” Ryan said laughing as she pushed the skateboard off. Raquel hit Ryan on the arm. She held on to him as they sped off toward the school. “So I got to thinking last night,” Ryan said expertly maneuvering his skateboard down the side walk.

“This should be good,” Raquel said snarkily.

“If you’ve still got the hots for Alicia the best thing you can do is make her jealous right?”

“I don’t like where this is going.”

“Relax it’s strictly professional,” Ryan said. “You need to make Alicia jealous, and I’d like a date to the homecoming dance. Sounds like a good deal to me.”

“I don’t think that’ll work. Alicia isn’t the jealous type, and I don’t think she’d be jealous for a girl anyway.”

“Trust me it’ll work," Ryan said with confidence.

“When did you become an expert on women?”

“I’ve been out with more than you have.”

“That’s not exactly fair though I’m working with disadvantage.”

“Excuses excuses, besides what have you got to loose. If it doesn’t work at least you’ll get a free movie out of it.”

“Free movie?” Raquel asked confused. Ryan coyly removed two movie tickets from his back pocket with a big grin on his face. “Ryan I’m just not sure about this.”

“Hey think of it as a reward for making the cheer squad later today. Or as a happy distraction if you don’t make it.”

“Ok ok, I’ll catch a movie with you,” Raquel said falling to Ryan’s natural charm. “And I’ll be happy to go to the dance with you too, but I don’t want to go through with trying to make Alicia jealous. I’d rather not think about her at all if I can help it.”

“I can take that,” Ryan said with a shrug. “You may change your mind about Alicia though. Chase has a way of turning his girlfriends a little uhh…” Ryan was struggling to find the right word.

“Outgoing?” Raquel offered.

“Yeah that’s a nice way to say slutty.” Raquel hit him again.

The two finally rolled into the school’s parking lot. Ryan pulled up to a reclusive bush and hid his long board and Raquel’s helmet behind it.

“Thanks for the ride,” Raquel said as they made their way to the school. “Are you going to stay and watch me try out this time?”

“Yeah may as well I have to wait on you anyway. Unless you plan on walking to the theater.” The two separated and Raquel made her way through the rest of her classes. She ended up staying dry for most of the day and only had an accident during her last class. She quickly changed in the bathroom and made her way to gym where the cheerleaders had already started practice.

“Ok that was great girls,” Kelsey said as she effortlessly dismounted from the top of a pyramid. “But I think we can get to that final formation faster, let’s run it again from the third mark.” There was a series of groans from the others. “Hey practice makes perfect and if we want to win regionals we need to practice.” The rest of the cheer leaders gave her a serious look. “Ok we’ll take five,” Kelsey said taking the hint. "Take a breather, drink some water, and be ready to run it again when we get back." The rest of the cheerleaders began to tiredly make their way to the bleachers. Raquel took the opportunity to approach Kelsey.

“Excuse me,” Raquel said professionally.

“Oh hey I remember you,” Kelsey said happily. “You ran off yesterday during the tryouts. What was up with that? Are you feeling all right?”

“Oh yeah sorry about that,” Raquel apologized. “I must have gotten food poisoning or something my stomach was upset.”

“I guess it’s for the best you ran off then, wouldn’t want you making a mess on the floor right?” Kelsey said joking. Raquel didn’t find the joke all that funny as that’s basically what happened.

“Anyway I feel better now I was hoping I could try out today.”

“Well that was a pretty firm deadline. I’ll talk it over with the squad and we’ll see,” Kelsey said in a way that seemed to suggest the answer would be yes.

“Well if it helps my sister Sarah Cooper helped me practice my routine.” At the mention of the name Sarah Cooper Kelsey’s expression turned sour.

“You’re Sarah Cooper’s sister?” Kelsey said noting the obvious racial difference.

“Adopted, I get that a lot.” Kelsey let out an angry breath through her nostrils.

“Sorry, but I don’t think we can let you try out past the cut off.”

“But you just said…”

“I just said no!” Kelsey said cutting Raquel off. “Run home and cry like you did yesterday. You're not getting on the squad.”

“I don’t understand,” Raquel said confused. “Did I say something wrong?”

“What seems to be the problem here Kelsey?” Coach Miles said approaching cautiously having taken notice of the heated conversation from where she was sitting.

“Nothing she was just leaving,” Kelsey said finally. “We aren’t accepting try outs past the cut off.”

“I’m afraid she’s right kid,” Coach Miles said a little more politely than Kelsey. “It’s there for a reason, but you can try again next year.”

“But my sister Sarah Cooper helped me with the routine,” Raquel pleaded. "I worked really hard on it."

“Sarah Cooper?” Coach Miles asked shocked. She too gave Raquel a quizzical look.

“Adopted sister,” Raquel clarified again. Kelsey gave Coach Miles a serious look.

“Coach you just said…” Kelsey began but she was cut off.

“Kelsey it's Sarah Cooper's sister. Adopted or not surely we can make an exception,” Coach Miles said already leading Raquel over to the center of the gym floor. Coach Miles got the boom box from yesterday back out and set it on the floor. “Ok I’m sure you know what to do.”

Raquel put her cd in the boom box, once the music started playing she was a different person. All of her inhibitions and fears melted away when she moved to the music. This was it, this was why she loved dancing. She could be someone else, be the powerful confident person she wanted to be. Her body moved gracefully with the kind of poise and precision that made the complex moves she was performing look effortless. Raquel demanded that attention of the other cheer leaders with her routine and they watched with amazement as she moved with the beat. On the final note of the song Raquel landed a front flip and stood panting with her arms outstretched in the air. The rest of the squad watching from the bleachers clapped as she finished the routine.

“Great job!” Coach Miles said clapping. “Kelsey make sure that miss Cooper here gets a place on the squad. If we get a few more of her we’ll win regionals no problem.” Kelsey was fuming.

“Ok we’ve had our break," Kelsey said her anger starting to show through in a more bossy tone. "Run through the third quarter routine.” The cheer leaders started practicing a simple routine while Kelsey spoke with Raquel.

“Listen,” Kelsey said authoritatively to Raquel. “You need to remember who is in charge of the squad understand. You listen to me, and you do what I say. I don’t tolerate insubordination especially from people that shouldn’t be on the squad to begin with.”

“Did I do something to you because…” Raquel started but she was cut off.

“Shut up!” Kelsey said handing Raquel a form. “Fill this out and bring it with you tomorrow make sure you get the right size for your uniform. You have to pay for it out of pocket if we need to replace it. You start tomorrow you’ll be one of our backups.”


“Maybe if you had tried out on time you would be a starter.”

“What’s your problem with me?” Raquel said finally having enough of Kelsey's hostile attitude.

“You are my problem!” Kelsey said angrily. “You and you’re whole family are my problem! Just stay out of my way and don’t forget who is in charge of the squad, me not you. We’re done talking, be here tomorrow,” Kelsey said storming off.

“Wow what’s her problem?” Ryan said approaching Raquel from his position in the bleachers where he was watching Raquel’s performance.

“I don’t know?” Raquel said angrily. “Talk about you teen movie soap opera though.”

“Yeah she’s a queen bee if ever there was one.”

“Let’s stop talking about it. I got on the squad so you owe me a celebratory movie.”

Ryan led Raquel back to the bush where his long board from that morning remain undisturbed. Raquel and Ryan skated from school to the theater in town and watched the latest super hero movie together. Even though her interaction with Kelsey caused her to worry a bit, Raquel was happy that she made it on to the squad after all, so she was more than happy to celebrate with Ryan. After the movie Ryan took taking Raquel back home. The path from the theater to the Cooper house brought them past Mr. Cooper’s law office.

“Woah is that Mr. Cooper’s car?” Ryan asked pointing to the fierce looking sports car parked out front as he scooted past on the long board Raquel holding on to him from behind.

“No,” Raquel answered. “I don’t know whose car that is, but I think it’s a little steamy in there.” Raquel said pointing out how there were two people in the car passionately kissing. Ryan couldn't help but stop to try and get a closer look, teenage curiosity getting the better of his common sense.

“Wow talk about a free show huh,” Ryan said as he and Raquel looked closer.

“Oh my god!” Raquel exclaimed. “Ryan that’s Mr. Cooper!”

“What are you sure?” Ryan asked as they moved closer. The two of them got too close. Mr. Cooper caught them out of the corner of his eye and stared back at them shocked.

“Ryan we have to go!” Raquel said panicked. They quickly jumped back on the long board and sped off while Mr. Cooper got out of the car in a vain attempt to stop them. He slammed his fist on the car as Ryan and Raquel sped off into the distance.

- - - Updated - - -

In the original Kelsey kinda came out swinging with the whole queen bee act, even though she ended up being just a bit misunderstood. I tried to show more of her nicer side up front in my version, let me know what you think. As always i hope you guys enjoy it.
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Chapter 5

Raquel handed Ryan his helmet back as she stepped off of his longboard in front of her house. Mr. Cooper’s car was already in the driveway no doubt he was waiting inside.

“You want me to go with you?” Ryan asked concerned.

“No you shouldn’t get involved it’s a family matter.”

“If you say so,” Ryan said with a shrug. “You know how to reach me if you need help though.” With that he quickly skated off toward his own home. Raquel took a deep breath and calmly opened the front door of the cooper house. Mr. Cooper was sitting in a chair in the living room calmly sipping a glass of whiskey. He immediately turned to Raquel when she came in.

“Raquel,” he said calmly as nothing was out of the ordinary

“I’ve got nothing to say to you.” Raquel said immediately angry. “Jennifer deserves better than this. She deserves better than you."

“I would advise you keep your voice down,” Mr. Cooper said with a growl. “The twins are playing in their room right now and I don’t want them overhearing.”

“They might as well hear it now. I’m sure Jennifer will tell them all about once I let her know what you did.”

“You may want to hold off on that.”

“And why would I do that?” Raquel said feeling confident that she had the upper hand.

“Because if you do tell Jennifer, and we end up getting a divorce, well there’s no reason for me to keep you around anymore.” Mr. Cooper said as he finished his whiskey. Raquel froze.

“What do you mean?” Raquel asked concerned.

“Jennifer’s a great woman Raquel, really she is, but she’s terrible at paperwork. Thank goodness for her she has a lawyer for a husband. Someone to handle all of those complicated forms like taxes, audits, and … adoptions,” Cameron paused letting what he said sink in. Raquel froze in place. “On the bottom of every single piece of paper that says you’re a part of this family is my signature, and I know exactly how to nullify every single one of them.”

“Jennifer wouldn’t let that happen. She’ll do anything to keep me in her family.”

“I’m sure she’ll try, but I’m the best prosecutor in the stare Raquel. I can have you shipped off to another foster home in California before she even gets the chance to do anything about it. I can make you disappear so that no one would ever find you again. And I’m sure whatever two bit home you get sent to will be a lot less accepting of your little bladder problem than we are, but I don’t want to do that Raquel,” Cameron said more calmly. “And I won’t as long as you don’t tell Jennifer or anyone else about what you saw in front of my office today." Raquel’s initially aggressive attitude had faded and was now replaced with her more usual shy and submissive demeanor, she even began to uncontrollably wet her pull up completing the image of helplessness. “I trust we have an understanding then,” Cameron said noting Raquel’s change in posture. The more Raquel thought about it the more she knew that he was right. He could easily ship her off to another misery filled foster home. After all of the years of abuse and borderline torture she’d endured from places like that, she couldn’t go back again.

“Yes,” Raquel said solemnly. “We have an understanding.”

“I had a feeling you’d be more agreeable once you understood the situation.” Cameron stood up from his chair and walked coolly into his office without saying another word to Raquel. Raquel stood in her spot in the living room fists clenched. She hated this feeling. The feeling of having no control, of having her life put in the hands of people that are just trying to use her and who have been given legal authority over her.

Raquel had started to wet her pull up again without realizing it. The already full pull up couldn’t hold much more and she started to leak on the floor. The feeling of urine running down her legs snapped Raquel out of her train of thought. She instinctively sprinted over to the tile floor in the kitchen to try and get as little on the carpet as possible. She had been in this situation before and knew she couldn’t stop herself so she waited uncomfortably as a small puddle formed at her feet. She sighed, she got the majority of it on the tile which would be easy to clean, but her clothes were ruined and were sticking to her uncomfortably. Raquel sighed as she ran into the kitchen to get some cleaning supplies. Raquel suffered through cleaning the puddle she made in her soaked clothing because she knew if she left it for too long the whole house would start to smell. As she finished cleaning and was putting the supplies away Jennifer came home. There was no hiding that Raquel had leaked as there was a large damp spot on her clothes.

“Oh honey,” Jennifer said concerned. “Did you leak again?”

“Yeah,” Raquel said as nonchalantly as possible. “It’s really not a big deal. I just forgot to change my pull up when I got home. Don’t worry I already cleaned it up.”

“If you say so,” Jennifer said still concerned. “Just try to remember to change as soon as you can next time. I don’t want you getting a rash or leaking if you can help it.”

“I’ll try to remember mom,” Raquel said uncomfortably.

“Do you want me to help you get changed?”

“No thanks,” Raquel said as she began to make her way to her room. “I’m fine really.”

“I’m here if you need me, and leave those clothes by your door so I can get them in the wash.”

“Ok,” Raquel said smiling at her mother. In reality she would have appreciated having Jennifer change her. The knowledge that Mr. Cooper could so easily send her away still had her shaking, but time alone with Mrs. Cooper right now would probably lead to her spilling the beans, and in turn lead to her getting shipped off to god knows where. Raquel quickly took off her wet clothes and leaking pull up and got out one of her night diapers since she figured that she would need the extra protection from being so shaken up.

Raquel huffed as she taped the last tape of her diaper snugly on. “This sucks” she thought to herself. “Jennifer doesn’t deserve to be lied to like this.” She helplessly fell back on her bed. There was nothing she could do about it, if she actually told Jennifer the truth she would be sent away never to return. She angrily punched her pillow having no other outlet for her pent up anger. Raquel buried her head in the pillow she just punched. She tried in vain to take her mind off of her current predicament. She silently fumed at the injustice being done to her and to Mrs. Cooper.


Kelsey Webster and her friend Sadie White were sitting down at their local café. Kelsey, the full time cheer leader that she is, was still in her uniform. Her friend Sadie was wearing more casual clothes, a plain whit t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Sadie was a good bit taller than Kelsey, making her only slightly above average height for a girl her age. She had shoulder length brown hair and currently expressed a somewhat tired look on her face as Kelsey was in the middle of a rant.

“Just when I had finally gotten rid of Sarah Cooper her little foster sister comes walking in like she owns the place. It’s not fair, I’m just as good a cheer leader as Sarah ever was and way better than this foster kid, but now another Cooper’s come to steal the spotlight.”

“I think you may be overreacting,” Sadie said calmly. “Sarah was a little … much sometimes, but this Raquel girl isn’t even related to her by blood so there’s no way to know if she’s the same way or not. She might be a nice person if you get to know her.”

“I doubt that,” Kelsey said with an angry huff. “I just need some way to get her off of the squad that way she can stop being my problem.”

“Or you could just play it cool,” Sadie said condescendingly. “You’re still the squad captain. It’s not like she can do anything to you even if she wanted to, so why start stuff,” Sadie made a slurping noise as she finished her drink. "Well I'm done, you ready to go?"

“Yeah may as well I need to get home anyway,” Kelsey said finishing her drink as well. As the two were preparing to leave Chase Collins entered the café as boisterous as ever.

“Hey Kelsey,” Chase said as he passed by Kelsey and Sadie. “Fancy seeing you here. You know I was just looking for you."

“What do you want!” Kelsey answered angrily tired of Chase’s constant advances on her.

“Oooo why so touchy sweet heart?” Chase said in an overly macho tone

“Don’t you have a girlfriend Chase? Maybe you can harass her and leave me alone for once.”

“Hey hey I didn’t mean it like that. I was just going to ask you something. When did you start letting little babies on your cheer squad?”

“Chase I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh you didn’t know,” Chase said playing up the insult he was about to give. “That new Mexican chick on your squad is a big baby.”

“Wow Chase you get the award for most unoriginal insult of the year,” Sadie replied sarcastically. “What are we in kindergarten?”

“No but she might be,” Chase retorted. “It might explain why she’s wearing diapers.”

“What!” Kelsey said shocked. “Are you being serious right now?”

“Yeah I saw her diaper when she was on the bus yesterday.”

“Oh so you’re admitting to looking up girls skirts,” Sadie replied. “Classy as ever Chase.”

“I didn’t have to look. You could smell it a mile away.”

“Chase,” Kelsey said as she started to grill Chase for details. “What did this girl look like? Was she short? Did she have black hair?”

“She’s probably the only person outside of a smurf shorter than you Kelsey. Aside from that I can’t tell you, I don’t really look at women for their faces you know.” Sadie and Kelsey immediately crossed their arms over their breasts and got a disgusted look on their faces.

“On that note I think we’re going to go. You’ve been very helpful Chase try not to trip on your drool on your way out.” Kelsey quickly left the café with Sadie behind her. “What a lucky break Sadie, this is just the info I needed to get Cooper off of the squad.”

“Kelsey no!” Sadie said sternly. “If what Chase said is true then that’s a very personal thing, and she probably needs them for some kind of medical reason. If that's the case she’s probably embarrassed enough about it as it is.”

“I know, that’s why it’s going to work.”

“Kelsey listen to yourself you sound just like Chase did. Just leave it alone there’s no reason to hit below the belt like that.”

“Oh come on,” Kelsey said dismissively, but Sadie grabbed her arm seriously.

“No Kelsey I’m serious. Promise me you aren’t going to do what I know you’re thinking about doing. It’s not worth it.”

“Fine!” Kelsey said with a huff. “But I will find a way to get her off of my squad one way or the other.”

- - - Updated - - -

Sorry for the wait on this chapter school work kind of caught up to me. This is the first of probably many crossovers between this and my other story Abby's Diapers, so if you're interested about where Sadie came from you can read that. Shameless self promotion over most of this is straight from the source, the only thing I changed was Kelsey and Sadie having their conversation in a cafe' instead of in one of their classes, and that was just to get a little variety in and to make it read like that scene at the cafe' takes place right after or at the same time as the scene with Raquel. Anyway hope you guys enjoyed it.


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Chapter 6

Raquel quietly changed into a clean pull up inside one of the girl’s bathroom stalls, careful not to make the two girls gossiping just outside aware of what she was doing. There goes number 3, Raquel thought to herself. She carefully tied the wet pull up in a plastic bag. She looked in her backpack. There was still one remaining pull up, and a plastic bag for when she inevitably used it and had to dispose of it. Raquel zipped the backpack shut and made her way out of the bathroom slyly disposing the plastic bag housing her wet pull up in the trash just outside. She had gotten so used to doing this that it was almost second nature to her, so much so that even though the hallway was full of students no one noticed what she was doing. Raquel didn’t have time to pat herself on the back for her slyness because as usual she was late to cheer practice so she began jogging in the direction of the gym.

Ever since Raquel caught Mr. Cooper cheating on his wife, she had been having more and more accidents during the day, to the point where her actually using the toilet had become a rare occurrence, hence her bringing 4 pull ups to school instead of 2. It confirmed her long held suspicion that her bladder control issues got worse with stress, and between Mr. Cooper’s infidelity and Kelsey’s rigorous cheer practice schedule she had a lot of extra stress.

Raquel burst into the gym quickly, the rest of the squad were already in uniform and doing warm up stretches.

“Late again Cooper!” Kelsey yelled as Raquel sprinted to the locker room. Raquel didn’t bother with a response and simply made her way into the locker room to change. She quickly put her backpack into a locker and took off the coat she was wearing. Like most of the girls on the squad Raquel simply wore her cheer uniform underneath regular clothes, usually just a jacket to keep warm, so she was out of the locker room fairly quickly but if you heard Kelsey you would think she took an eternity.

“Nice one Cooper!” Kelsey yelled as Raquel exited the locker room. “Now you can go over there and do the warms ups the rest of us finished 20 minutes ago.” It was not 20 minutes, Raquel silently thought to herself as she made her way over to an empty corner of the gym to warm up.

Kelsey had made it no secret that she wanted Raquel to quit the squad. Over the past month since Raquel joined the squad she found herself doing increasingly complex exercises and found herself involved in a number of difficult practice routines, where she usually got herself hurt. Despite this intense exercise routine and the extensive practice Raquel had with all of the squad's routines, Kelsey still kept Raquel on as only a backup member, and had no intention of ever putting her on the main squad. Despite Kelsey’s best efforts though, Raquel genuinely enjoyed her experience on the cheer squad and, somewhat ironically, Kelsey forcing her to practice complicated routines had made her really good at it, one of the best in squad in fact.

“All right I’m done,” Raquel said running up to Kelsey having finished her warm up exercises.

“You know what don’t bother. You’re already too far behind to keep up with the big girls today.” Kelsey said in a condescending tone. “I want you to help the others with that handspring in the beta routine. They are having trouble recovering from it fast enough to form a good base for the next move. Remember it needs to be fast but it also has to be solid technique I don’t want anything sloppy.” Raquel didn’t respond but obediently ran off to do her assigned task. Despite her cruelty Raquel could admit that Kelsey was good at her job, she knew how to micromanage and knew what areas of the different routines were sticking points, and could recognize where others would have trouble without even seeing them perform it. Sending Raquel to help with this was a good move on her part, it allowed her to help the rest of the squad master the later parts of the routine while Raquel caught the rest of the squad back up, plus it was a lot less work than Raquel usually had to do during practice so she was thankful for that at least.

Raquel made her way over to a smaller group of about 5 of her squad mates who were all studying a diagram that had been propped up between two rows of the bleachers of how the technique should be performed

“Hey guys,” Raquel said enthusiastically. “Kelsey said you guys needed help with something.” Raquel noticed that among this group was Brittney Cheng a girl on the squad that had quickly become one of Raquel’s best friends. Brittney was average height for a girl her age, but slightly skinnier than most others. This physique made her perfect for her position of off flyer, she was strong enough to hold others up, but light enough to be thrown, so if the routine called for an extra flyer than normal it was usually Brittney who stepped in, otherwise she acted as another person to form a strong base. She had Brunette hair and green eyes and the two clashed with each other in a charming way.

“So captain’s got you doing remedial stuff today,” Brittney said with an air of sarcasm. “I figured she’d have you trying to jump to the moon or something else impossible.”

“Not today,” Raquel said agreeing. “Today I am happily rooted in the realm of possibility. Let’s see if I can’t help you guys out.”

Raquel spent the rest of her time helping her group of girls perform the technique faster and better. Since Raquel acted as a good example they picked it up pretty fast, and by then end of that practice were landing it and recovering even faster than the benchmark Kelsey had set for them. Raquel was finishing helping one of the shyer squad members when Kelsey blew a loud whistle from the other side of the gym.

“All right good job everyone!” Kelsey said proudly. “You guys showed some real improvement. We’re done for today but remember to look over the routines and practice at home. And maybe some of us should consider showing up on time, looking at you Cooper.” With that final jab at Raquel Kelsey exited the gym with her friend Sadie and a few of the other squad members, while the rest of them, including Raquel and Brittney, stayed behind while the cafeteria workers brought out the free meal that was customarily given to the cheer leaders after each practice session. The meal for for this session was chicken strips a crowd favorite among the cheer leaders. The shy squad member Raquel was helping earlier had already taken three plates to go, packing them away in a lunch box, and quickly left the building. Raquel and Brittney grabbed their plates and sat down on the bleachers together.

“I honestly don’t know how you put up with Kelsey,” Brittney said biting into a chicken strip. “What did you do to piss her off so much?”

“I didn’t do anything,” Raquel said opening a can of soda. “Kelsey is still mad at Sarah for stealing the show while she was captain.”

“And she’s taking it out on you. You know if she had half a brain she’d make you the off flyer not me.”

“I’m just happy to be on the squad at all.”

“Oh don’t be modest. Everyone knows you’re just as good as Kelsey is, but she keeps you as a backup so she can steal all of the spotlight for herself. It ain’t right.”

“Well she can only be captain for another year,” Raquel said optimistically. “After she graduates and we get a new captain, I’ll get my time in the spotlight.”

“True that. It can’t come soon enough if you ask me,” Brittney said shoving another chicken strip in her mouth. “Anyways let’s talk about something else,” Brittney began. “I’ve been meaning to ask you …” Brittney started talking about something but Raquel couldn’t pay attention. Almost without warning her bladder gave out and she started to fill the pull up she was wearing. She noticed the weightless soda can in her left hand hand, she had drank the whole can in the span of 30 seconds without really thinking about it, and it went right through her. She silently cursed herself, she should’ve been paying more attention.

“Hey Raquel you there?” Brittney said confused.

“Oh sorry I spaced out there,” Raquel said trying to sit comfortably in the wet pull up. Lately she had spent a lot more time in wet pull ups so she found it easy to readjust herself in a comfortable position.

“No worries I’d go blank too if I was doing half the stuff Kelsey has you doing. I was asking you if you had a date to the dance yet. I know you’re pitching for the other team, but I heard some rumors.”

“Oh yeah. I was going to go with a friend of mine, Ryan. We’re just friends though.”

“I had a feeling that was the case. So would you mind if me and him …” Brittney made vague motions with her hands to finish the thought.

“I didn’t know you were in to the skater type Brit,” Raquel said teasing.

“Please Raquel the boy looks like he belongs in a boy band. That chest and that butt.”

“Ok you’ve made you point,” Raquel said stopping Brittney before she got too graphic.

“Oh sorry, got carried away,” Brittney said blushing. “But you wouldn’t mind it if I stole your date?”

“Oh no I’m fine with it. I didn’t really want to go anyway.”

“Aww thanks Rae Rae,” Brittney said hugging Raquel.

“You’re still going to have to ask him yourself though,” Raquel said worming her way out of the hug. “I’ll send you his number when I get home ok.”

“You’re the best!” Brittney said happily.

“Save the thanks until he says yes. I have to use the bathroom," Raquel lied "Don’t wait up on me.”

“Sure thing, see you tomorrow,” Brittney said as Raquel began walking toward the bathroom.

Raquel quickly changed into her last pull up, grabbed her stuff out of the locker room, and began walking home. It wasn’t too long into her walk that she felt the familiar pain in her bladder. Not really wanting to try and hold it in for the rest of the walk home, Raquel gave in and voluntarily wet her pull up deciding that the damp pull up would have been more comfortable than trying to hold it in for that long.

Raquel arrived home. Unfortunately Jennifer Cooper was out of town at a teaching conference so the only adult in the Cooper house was Cameron Cooper. Raquel didn’t even bother greeting him she simply made her way up to her room. Just because she was keeping the guys secrets, doesn’t mean she had to like him or even say two words to him for that matter. Once Raquel closed the door to her room she immediately changed out of her wet pull up and threw it in the diaper pail in her bathroom. She looked in the diaper drawer on her dresser and was shocked to see that there was only one pull up left, and she was also out of her night diapers. Raquel cursed herself for not noticing her lack of protection that morning when she packed her pull ups for the day. If she had known she was running low she would have tried harder to make them last. Raquel sighed, there was no helping it, she would have to ask Cameron for money to buy more diapers. Doing this was awkward enough under normal circumstances, but Raquel had hardly spoken a word to him since she confronted him about his infidelity. Raquel changed into the last clean pull up she had and gathered up as much courage as she could to go out and face Cameron. She walked into the living room with as much confidence as she could muster.

“Cameron,” Raquel said meekly. Cameron looked up from the paper he was reading surprised that Raquel was talking to him at all.

“Is there something you needed?” Cameron asked confused.

“I need money to go buy more pull ups,” Raquel said hanging her head low. “I just used my last pack.”

“Raquel I just bought you that pack 5 days ago how can you be out already? Are you even trying to make it to the toilet?” Cameron said angrily.

“Of course I am,” Raquel retaliated.

“Are you? If you were really trying then that pack should’ve at least lasted you until the end of the week.”

“Look I’ve just been stressed out ok!” Raquel said coming to a yell. She immediately brought her voice back down. “Cheer squad’s just been really tough and it gets worse with stress.”

“Oh so you didn’t just use them for convenience at all. Not once. There isn’t one time this whole week that you didn’t just give up and use your diapers instead of trying to use the toilet.” Raquel could actually think of 3 times over the past 2 days alone that she had done just that. Twice in the middle of class and today on her way home. But those were all because she knew she couldn’t hold it in long enough, and the pain of holding it in was more uncomfortable than wet diapers. “That’s what I thought.” Cameron said angrily, taking Raquel’s silence as guilt. “I’m not going to keep spending money on diapers for you if you aren’t even trying. You can wear your night diapers to school until Jennifer gets home.”

“I’m out of the night diapers too,” Raquel said hanging her head low.

“Then I guess you’ll just have to actually attempt to make it to the bathroom instead of just being lazy and using your diaper like a baby. Because I’m not buying you any more!” Raquel couldn’t say anything to him, she knew he wouldn’t listen to her anyway. “I’m sure if you actually try to make it to the bathroom you won’t have anything to worry about.”

“But …” Raquel began but she was cut off.

“This conversation is over. No more diapers you’re just going to have to use the bathroom like a normal functioning adult.” Cameron went back to reading his paper a sign that he was done talking. Raquel stormed off in a huff.

It was clear to Raquel that this one pull up wasn’t going to last. Jennifer wouldn’t be back home for another three days, but she could convince Ryan to loan her the money and take her to buy some pull ups after school. It would mean Ryan finding out about her secret, but that was better than the whole school finding out when her pull up eventually leaked, or worse when she wet herself with no protection on. She just needed to find something to keep her protected until the end of the day.

Just then it hit her. Andy was a late bloomer when it came to potty training, and Erica would fake wetting herself so Andy wouldn’t feel as bad about it. When Andy did get potty trained, Erica had been faking for so long that she lost control of her bladder, and so, to not make her feel as bad, Andy did the same thing. It’s because of this endless loop of one of the twins faking wetting themselves to make the other happy that the Coopers usually kept a pack of diapers in the twin’s size for several years after they were potty trained, there probably was a pack still laying around somewhere. Raquel made her way into the twin’s room, they were both lying on the floor watching tv but turned to Raquel when she came in.

“Hey guys,” Raquel began. “Remember when you two kept fake wetting yourselves.”

“We weren’t faking,” the two said simultaneously both blushing.

“Sure you weren’t,” Raquel said dismissively. “Do you guys think you might have some of those diapers still laying around?”

“Why?” Erica asked with a giggle.

“Is there something wrong with yours?” Andy asked a little more seriously.

“I ran out,” Raquel said starting to blush. “I uhh used them all.”

“Well that’s ok,” Andy said positively.

“Yeah just ask daddy to buy you more,” Erica added in.

“I did, he said no.” There was a small silence as the twins processed what was going on.

“I think there’s some in our closet,” Erica suggested.

“They're pretty old though,” Andy remarked. “and I don’t know how many are left.”

“Some is better than none,” Raquel said as she looked into the twin’s closet. Sure enough there was an almost empty pack of baby diapers stored above the twin’s clothes. She was barely able to grab the corner of the package and pull it down. It hit her on the head and the two diapers inside fell on the floor. Unfortunately for Raquel those two were the only diapers in that package, but on the bright side they were the largest size baby diaper available. Raquel looked and, according to the package, she was only about 10 pounds outside of the weight range. It wasn’t ideal. There were only two, and they were covered in baby designs, crinkled loudly, and had a distinct baby diaper smell, but if Raquel could put her mind to it she could make it last the whole day. “Thanks guys,” Raquel said hugging the twins.

“You’re welcome,” the twins said at the same time. Raquel left the twins room and entered her own. All I have to do is make this last through tomorrow. Raquel thought to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror.

- - - Updated - - -

Alright chapter 6. Sorry about the wait on this one. Just like last time life has a way of catching up to me. On the bright side my university is about to move into the study period for final exams. If I was making good life choices I would actually use that time to study, but since I don't you guys can probably expect a new chapter once that happens. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Also as just a heads up I've actually got a pretty big deviation from the original planned in the next one or two chapters, i have to keep a few surprises for you guys. So be on the lookout for that.
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Chapter 7

Raquel woke the next morning in an unsurprisingly wet pull up. She knew that she wouldn’t go through the night without wetting the bed, but she had hoped that the last pull up she had would’ve held up better than it did. Much to her dismay though it was soaked through, a wet spot on the bed being a testament to this. The wet spot wasn’t big enough to ruing the sheets or mattress but Raquel couldn’t help but feel that her leaking pull up was a sign of things to come for the rest of the day.

Raquel removed the soaked pull up and tossed it in the trash. After a shower she stood nervously by her bed looking at the baby diaper that would have to be her protection for the day. Here goes nothing, Raquel thought to herself. She opened the diaper up and immediately could tell that it was louder than the pull ups she usually wore, and she felt like someone could smell the distinct baby diaper smell from a mile away. Fortunately for her, Raquel’s small size meant that she could fit in it reasonably well. They were still tight, the bands holding the tapes were stretched out, but not enough to make Raquel worry about them breaking. Looking at herself in the mirror Raquel couldn’t help but note how simultaneously ridiculous, and cute she looked. Raquel could still only see a teenager with an embarrassing bladder problem when she looked at herself in the mirror, but she had to admit that the diapers fit her well enough that they didn’t seem unnatural, and the cartoony designs, while childish, did have a cute charm to them.

Raquel finished getting dressed, again deciding to just wear her cheer uniform and a jacket today so she wouldn’t have to change with the rest of the cheer squad in the locker room when it came time for practice. She left without eating breakfast and walked to school thinking that it would be best if she ate and drank as little as possible today to make the two baby diapers she had last as long as possible. As expected she ran into her friend Ryan on her way. The paths the two walked to school converged and Ryan sped up to catch Raquel.

“Why the long face sunshine,” Ryan joked as he approached Raquel.

“It’s kind of a long story,” Raquel said embarrassed. “Hey do you think you could take me to the Morgan’s pharmacy after school today? I need to pick something up.”

“Sure,” Ryan said with a hint of concern. “Everything ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Raquel lied. “I’ll tell you about it when we get there ok it’s a bit embarrassing.” Raquel grew red. Raquel lacked the money to buy the diapers herself which meant that she would have to borrow it from Ryan. This also meant that Raquel would have to tell him about her needing diapers. Raquel always hated telling other people about it, especially friends. She was always concerned that they might stop wanting to be around her once they knew she had accidents. Raquel always thought that having bladder control issues made her a freak. She assumed that if others found out they would think the same thing.

“Whatever it is don’t get so worked up about it alright,” Ryan said concerned. “I’m sure it’s fine and we’ll take care of it alright.” Raquel brightened up a little. It was hard to be all doom and gloom with Ryan being so optimistic about everything, even if he didn’t know the whole story.

Most of Raquel’s day went as expected. She was acutely aware of the crinkling sound her diaper made with every step, and the smell coming from it, even if nobody else seemed to notice. Even if they did they didn’t pin it on Raquel. Around lunch Raquel had an accident as usual, fortunately the diaper she had on held it surprisingly well, though Raquel could tell it couldn’t hold another so she reluctantly changed in to her last diaper after lunch. The end of school came with the final bell and as usual Raquel felt the urge to go to the bathroom before cheer practice. Despite her best efforts to make to the bathroom on time Raquel went in her diaper. Just like the one before it Raquel didn’t think it could hold another so she snuck off to the bathroom to assess the damage.

Raquel was lucky, she found the girls bathroom to be empty when she arrived. Raquel darted into a stall, locked it shut, and lifted up the skirt of her cheer uniform. It was as bad as she thought, the diaper had a solid yellow color throughout and had swelled to about twice its original size. Raquel sighed. Any more accidents and it would leak for sure. Plus she found it to be incredibly uncomfortable. Unlike her pull ups, these diapers were constantly pushed up against her skin because of how tight they were. No matter how Raquel moved she felt a constant reminder of the accident she had, something she didn’t appreciate. But even used protection was better than no protection at all. Raquel pulled the skirt of her uniform back down straightening it out so that it covered as much as possible. It’s just until the end of cheer practice, Raquel thought I can last until then right? Raquel exited the girl’s bathroom and began making her way to the auditorium for cheer practice. Almost as soon as she left she was startled by a smug voice behind her.

“There you are!” came the angry voice of Kelsey who had snuck up behind Raquel quietly. “What are you doing out here Raquel?” Kelsey said nagging. “You’ve already missed half of practice.”

“I had to use the bathroom ok!” Raquel said annoyed. “Besides shouldn’t you be there running the cheer practice.”

“Unlike you the rest of the squad is mature enough that they can take care of themselves without me looking over them. Why are you even using the bathroom out here the locker room has a toilet what’s wrong with that one?”

“It’s none of your business where I use the bathroom at Kelsey!”

“When it’s affecting your performance on the squad it is my business. Is there some reason you can’t go in the locker room like everyone else.” The reason was that the toilet in there didn’t have a stall for Raquel to change her diaper in privacy, but Kelsey was the last person Raquel wanted knowing that. As Raquel was thinking of something to say to get Kelsey off of her back, she felt a feeling that sent fear down her spine. She felt her diaper come loose on the left side, meaning that the tab was coming off. The extra weight of the swelled up diaper must’ve been too much for the tapes. Raquel began to panic as the diaper slowly became more and more loose.

“Kelsey I need to go back …” Raquel began but Kelsey cut her off putting a hand on Raquel’s shoulder.

“Oh no you don’t. I had to walk all the way out here to find your dumb ass and I want a reason why.” Raquel could feel the diaper slipping off of her.

“I’m sorry alright just please move out of the way,” Raquel said panicking but Kelsey didn’t budge.

“God that’s just what I’d expect from a Cooper. Thinking you’re the only person in the universe that matters. You know Sarah was the same way.” Raquel could feel the tab finally break loose and she immediately closed her legs to keep the diaper from falling past her skirt. “What are you doing?” Kelsey said as Raquel continued to stand hunched over with her legs crossed.

“Kelsey please just leave me alone ok,” Raquel said trying to get Kelsey to leave.

“Absolutely not, I don’t know what you’re doing but you’re coming back to the gym with me.” Kelsey grabbed Raquel’s hand and started to walk toward the gym, expecting Raquel to follow, but Raquel remained rooted in place still holding the stance. “I don’t know what kind of joke you’re playing on me Cooper, but I am not having it.” With a stronger tug on Raquel’s arm, Kelsey finally broke Raquel’s stance. Without her legs to keep it held up Raquel gasped as the wet diaper fell past her skirt and landed on the ground beneath her, one of the tapes still fastened around her leg. Kelsey stared right at it, a grin forming on her face. “Wow I can’t believe Chase Collins was actually right about something!” Kelsey said laughing with a sense of satisfaction. Raquel panicked and tried get rid of the diaper, but before she could Kelsey snapped a picture of Raquel struggling with the diaper around her legs on her phone.

“Kelsey no!” Raquel screamed attempting to grab Kelsey’s phone. Kelsey used the slight height advantage she had over Raquel to hold her phone out of reach.

“Slow your roll or I send this to the whole school!” Kelsey said threateningly. Raquel immediately backed off and quickly threw the used diaper in a nearby trash can before anyone else saw. “Wow you know everyone told me what a little freak you were, but I never would have imagined you were this screwed up," Kelsey sneered going into full mean girl mode. "I’m sure everyone on the squad will get a kick out of this. I doubt you’ll ever be able to show your face around here again, at least not with any dignity anyway. It's not even your good side either."

“Kelsey please…” Raquel began but Kelsey silenced her by holding up a finger.

“Listen up looser," Kelsey said seriously. "I want you to quit the squad. And if you don’t I’ll make sure this picture is sent to everyone in a 100 mile radius. We clear?”

“Kelsey wait I…”

“Are we clear?” Kelsey said threateningly. She had her phone open to a social media app and appeared ready and willing to send the picture out. Raquel couldn’t respond she just fell to the floor in tears. Kelsey lost a bit of her edge on seeing Raquel cry, but she still maintained a queen bee attitude. “I’m going back to practice. I would suggest that you clean yourself up and head home. Don’t let me see you at practice again.” With that Kelsey smugly walked back to the gym confident that she had successfully removed Raquel from her life.

Raquel wasn’t sure what to do. She knew that if she did go back and Kelsey did send that picture to everyone, then her social life was effectively over, but Raquel had never had more fun and felt more like part of a group then she did with cheer leading. And the thought of Kelsey taking away one of the few things that made her happy, made Raquel’s blood boil. Raquel stopped crying and stood up. She pounded the wall angrily. Every time Raquel was even remotely happy someone took it away from her. Not this time! Raquel thought to herself. She didn’t know what she was doing. Every part of her told her to give up and go home, that Kelsey had won, but there was some voice in her head that drove her angrily toward the gym despite Kelsey and what she would do.

Raquel burst through the doors of the gym and looked directly at Kelsey with a snarl, almost daring the girl to do something. Kelsey just looked on in shock as Raquel made her way over to where Brittney and some other members of the squad were sitting, and began chatting with them in a friendly tone, making sure to send some evil glares Kelsey's direction when there was a lull in the conversation.

“Raquel we were hoping you could show us that cartwheel again?” Brittney asked. “And can you do it slowly?”

“Sure thing. It’s not as hard as it looks I think you guys are just over complicating it.” Raquel said doing a quick cartwheel finishing with her hands in the air. “See just like that,” Raquel said happily.

“Uhh Raquel,” Brittney said with concern. Raquel didn’t hear the rest of what Brittney had to say, all she heard was the sound of water hitting the floor directly below her. Only Raquel knew by the dampness that started spreading around her cheer uniform that it wasn’t water. Raquel looked in horror at Brittney and the rest of squad who looked back at her, and the puddle forming around her feet, with both shock and concern. Suddenly the bravery and determination Raquel had a few moments ago vanished and she ran out of the gym at what seemed like the speed of sound, running past Kelsey who, despite her earlier gloating, did not seem entirely happy with how things unfolded.

“Ok let’s call it early today guys,” Kelsey said not entirely sure how to handle the situation. On que the squad started filing out of the gym most of them with great concern for Raquel. Kelsey and two other senior cheer leaders reluctantly stayed behind to clean up the gym floor.

While most of the squad quietly left and went home, not sure what to make of what they just saw, Brittney went looking for Raquel. After a quick search she found Ryan pacing anxiously outside of the girls bathroom.

“Hey you’re Brittney, Raquel’s friend right?” Ryan asked Brittney worried. Brittney nodded.

“Yeah is she in there?”

“Yeah I was supposed to meet her after school but she just ran past me crying. She’s been in there for a while now.”

“I’ll go check on her,” Brittney said as she cautiously entered the bathroom. She tapped gently on the door announcing that she was entering. “Raquel you in here? I just want to know if you’re ok.”

“I’m here,” Raquel responded in a depressed tone. Raquel came out of the stall she was hiding in. There was a large damp spot on her cheer uniform and it was obvious that until recently she had been crying.

“Here you can wear my clothes home,” Brittney said handing Raquel her clothes out of her backpack. I didn’t wear my uniform to class today, so I can just wear it home and you can get into something dry.” Raquel silently took the clothes with her into the stall. The clothes Brittney gave her were a yellow t-shirt with the logo of the company that made it embroidered on the front and some tight blue jean shorts. It wasn’t Raquel’s usual style, but it was better than the uncomfortably damp cheer uniform she was in now. “You going to tell me what happened back there?”

“What do you think happened?” Raquel said angrily.

“You just had an accident ok,” Brittney said trying to cheer Raquel up. “It was just a fluke, probably something you ate.”

“No it wasn’t,” Raquel said frankly. “I have accidents all the time, every day. Ever since I was little. I usually wear ... protection, but I ran out today.” It was clear that Raquel was having a hard time telling Brittney this.

“Oh, well that’s ok Raquel.”

“No it’s not!” Raquel yelled. “Now everyone knows. Not that it matters, Kelsey would have told them anyway.”

“What!” Brittney said angrily.

“She saw my diaper before practice, said she would send it out to everyone unless I quit the squad. Not that it matters much now, they all know anyway. They probably all think I’m some kind of freak.” Brittney decided to save her anger at Kelsey for later and for now focused her efforts on consoling Raquel.

“Listen I don’t know what Kelsey told you, but don’t think for a second the squad thinks any less of you because of this alright. They were just as worried about you as I was. We don’t care that you have accidents or wear diapers, we’re a team. We stick together and support each other. So don’t worry about it ok.” Raquel came out of the stall in Brittney’s dry clothes and gave her a hug.

“Thanks Brit,” Raquel said feeling better.

“No problem. Now you’re friend Ryan is waiting for you outside and I don’t want to keep someone that good looking waiting.” The joke boosted Raquel’s spirits as she playfully hit Brittney on the shoulder.

“You’re never one to pass up an opportunity to flirt.” Brittney grinned happily at Raquel’s comment and the two exited the bathroom to greet Ryan outside.

“Raquel,” Ryan said concerned. “Everything all right? I was watching the practice and it looked like you.”

“Yeah I did,” Raquel said rubbing her arm shyly. Brittney whispered into Ryan’s ear telling him the whole situation. “Oh so when you wanted me to take you to the store.”

“It was to buy diapers yes.” Raquel said bluntly. She figure now was as good a time as any to tell Ryan the truth. “Mr. Cooper didn’t give me any money to buy them myself.” Raquel said quietly. "Sorry."

“Oh,” Ryan said awkwardly. “Now I get why you were all down this morning.” Raquel didn’t respond. “Hey no big deal Raquel don’t sweat it.”


“Yeah really. I’m not going to stop following you around just because of something like that.”

“Thanks Ryan,” Raquel said happily.

“Don’t be so quick to thank me. I can take you to the store, but I don’t think I have the money to buy you anything.”

“I’ll cover it,” Brittney spoke up. “What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t let you bum some money off of me?”

“Thanks you guys,” Raquel said gratefully.

The three of them left the school walked to the nearby drugstore. When they finally arrived Ryan and Brittney stood next to each other awkwardly making idle conversation while Raquel browsed through the oddly large selection of diapers the store had. Raquel looked at all of the choices with a different mindset than usual. Before she would have valued discreetness, but now it seemed everyone would find out anyway so she instead looked for something that could last longer than her usual pull ups. She pulled out what looked like that most absorbent brand, a taped diaper that was pretty thick, and featured a childlike design of various shapes dotting the diaper and a purple trim around the edges. Part of Raquel’s mind reasoned that she was just putting up with the child like shapes because it was most absorbent and looked more comfortable than the others, but a larger part of her knew that in reality she preferred the cute designs, it was different than the usual plain, medical look she was used to. Plus she couldn’t help but smile at the cute designs, and after today she could use something to make her smile.

“Let’s get these,” Raquel said showing the package to Ryan and Brittney.

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked. Brittney elbowed him. It was obvious to Raquel that the two didn’t want to say what they were thinking for fear of hurting Raquel’s feeling.

“You guys can be honest with me. I’d rather we all just be up front about this if we can,” Raquel said confidently.

“Well…” Ryan began but he was cut off by Brittney.

“They look like baby diapers Raquel, and they’re so thick. You are hardly going to be able to walk. Not to mention what might happen if someone sees it.”

“Well I wanted something that I could wear longer, and since I’m not worried about hiding them any more why not go all out, and I like the designs, you get tired of plain white after a while I need something a little different you know.”

“If you say so,” Ryan said shrugging his shoulders. Raquel brought the diapers to the counter. Despite the product the woman at the counter smiled positively. As Brittney paid for them Raquel made her into the bathroom of the store to put one on.

Normally Raquel only wore taped diapers at home, where she could lay down on her bed to put them on, so it was tricky taping it up in the small bathroom but Raquel managed to get it on eventually. The diapers were indeed thicker than what she was used to, and they seemed to crinkle even louder than the baby diapers she wore earlier, but Raquel didn’t mind. She was just relieved to finally have some protection on. Raquel felt weird without the extra padding, she had gotten so used to it that when it wasn't there she felt like she was missing something. The lingering anxiety she had all day disappeared. The thick diaper, usually a source of embarrassment, suddenly gave her a sense of calm happiness. Raquel pulled up Brittney’s shorts, but found that the diaper was too thick for her to button the jeans up over them. Raquel just calmly sighed and removed the just. Just Brittney’s top alone wasn’t enough to cover the diaper, but Raquel thought that her jacket would cover enough of it for her to get home without drawing much attention to herself. Raquel exited the bathroom and calmly walked through the store back to Ryan and Brittney without any pants. Ryan couldn’t help but ogle over Raquel as she approached them.

“They were too thick I couldn’t button them up,” Raquel said handing Brittney her shorts back. “Do you have my jacket? I think it might cover them up enough to get me home without flashing half of the town.”

“Sure thing,” Brittney said quickly grabbing Raquel’s jacket out of her back pack. Raquel put on her jacket which definitely covered more of the diaper than the t-shirt alone did, but still left a little of the diaper showing out from under it. Raquel gave Ryan a stern look after she zipped the jacket up.

“Sorry about staring couldn’t help it,” Ryan said apologetically. “You looked good if that helps.”

“What am I chopped liver?” Brittney said joking.

“Don’t get me wrong you look good too, but you’re not the one strutting around in just your underwear underwear,” Ryan said bluntly, but you could tell from his face he was joking. Brittney elbowed him in the ribs again while Raquel giggled.

“Thanks Ryan,” Raquel said still laughing slightly. “I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“So you need a lift home?” Ryan asked politely.

“Nah I’ll walk,” Raquel said tired. “It’s not too obvious maybe no one on the way home will be able to tell.”

“I’ll walk with you,” Brittney volunteered. “Stand between you and the road. I can get my mom to come pick me up at your place so it’s no big deal.”

“Well I guess I’ll see you two later then,” Ryan said happily.

“Thanks for everything Ryan,” Raquel said embarassed. “Sorry about dragging you into my drama.”

“Eh it’s not like I have any other plans. I have time for extra drama,” Raquel gave Ryan a hug and with that Raquel and Brittney mad their way to Raquel’s house while Ryan skated off to his.

After a brief walk Raquel and Brittney arrived at Raquel’s house. An unfamiliar car was in the driveway.

“What’s wrong?” Brittney asked noting Raquel’s hesitation.

“I don’t recognize the car,” Raquel said approaching the front door cautiously. “Maybe Mr. Cooper hired a baby sitter because I don’t see his car anywhere,” Raquel struggled to open the front door because she was holding the package of diapers she just bought, but eventually she got the door open. Standing immediately on the other side of the door in the Kitchen was none other than Kelsey Webster who was in the kitchen making snacks.

“Oh Raquel,” Kelsey said surprised by Raquel’s sudden entrance.

“What are you doing here?” Raquel asked angrily.

“Hey loose the attitude," Kelsey said annoyed. "I don’t want to be here anymore than you want me to be here," Kelsey said tiredly. "But I’m getting paid to babysit while father of the year goes back to work. It'd be better for both of us if we could just get past this, at least until I leave”

“Oh shove it Kelsey!” Brittney said stepping in front of Raquel. “You’re probably here just to torment Raquel some more. I bet you couldn’t wait to take this job just to gloat about it.”

“What do I have to gloat about? I didn’t do anything." Kelsey said defensively. "You made a fool of yourself all on your own,” Kelsey said gesturing to Raquel. “You should’ve listened to me and gone home then none of this would’ve happened.”

“You know Kelsey I’m sick and tired of people like you pushing me around,” Raquel said with a new found fire. “I don’t know why in the hell you have to put me down to get your kicks, but I’m not just going to sit down and take it. I’m not quitting the squad not matter what you do. Why don’t you take your idle threats and crawl back to whatever hole you came out of.” Kelsey looked at Raquel with an angry smirk. It became abundantly clear the Kelsey did not like being talked down to. When Raquel was finished Kelsey nonchalantly but very deliberately pressed a button on her phone. A few seconds later both Raquel’s’ and Brittney’s phone made a ding as they had both received a text message.

“Uhh Raquel,” Brittney said worried. Raquel checked her phone and sure enough the text message included the picture of her with a soaked diaper falling from under her skirt. Raquel looked at the rest of the people who got the message, it included most of the squad.

“We’ll see how long that determination of yours lasts now.” Kelsey said smugly. Brittney stood quietly by the door not sure what to say. Raquel continued to stare Kelsey down for another minute or two before turning around and leaving the house slamming the door behind her.

“Wow Raquel that was intense,” Brittney said once the door was shut. Raquel’s composure immediately broke though as she slumped over on Brittney’s shoulder in tears. “Hey don’t worry about it. Remember what I said earlier. Teams stick together. Kelsey is the exception to the rule, and I promise you this will hurt her more than it hurts you, everyone else is on your side. Now come on mom’s coming to pick us up you’re staying the night at my place.

“Thanks Brit,” Was all Raquel could manage.

“No problem. Having your arch villain be your baby sitter sounds like a plot in a mediocre fan fiction and I refuse to let the realm of mediocre fan fiction escape into our reality.” Raquel laughed at the poor attempt at a joke.

“What a day right,” Raquel said finally out of tears.

“You’re telling me.”

- - - Updated - - -

Like I mentioned last time, we've had our reading days and because I make poor life decisions I wrote this instead of studying. I know it's a bit on the long side, I have checklists of the things I want to do in this chapter and I think I put a bit too many scenes in this one. A key difference from the original is that in the original I don't think the rest of the squad ever found out about Raquel needing diapers, and Ryan didn't figure out until close to the end. One of my few complaints with the original is that this didn't happen now. Not only is it weird that the whole squad wouldn't put two and two together after seeing Raquel wet herself, but having them know also opens up some interesting scenarios down the line, and I believe in the original Ryan is told off screen about it, and I wanted to show him finding out about it. As always i hop you guys enjoy it. If I manage to fit everything I want in the next chapter it should have the biggest difference from the original so far so be on the look out for that.
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Chapter 8

Raquel awkwardly stood behind Brittney wearing just a t-shirt, her diaper fully visible as Brittney rummaged through her walk in closet.

“I’m sure I have something in here that you can wear over it,” Brittney said looking through her large collection of clothes.

“I’ll be fine with this Brittney,” Raquel said calmly.

“Well we still have to find something for you to wear tomorrow,” Brittney said walking out of the closet. “I know it’s not exactly a secret anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to go around flaunting it.”

“It’ll probably have to be a dress or a skirt I don’t think any of your shorts are going to be big enough.”

“There has to be something,” Brittney said frustrated. She continued searching through the closet. Raquel let Brittney continue looking and left her room to explore the rest of the house some more. Raquel knew she had a warped perspective on what constituted a mansion, but she thought for sure the Cheng house had to qualify. It was a massive house with two floors and it seemed to go on for miles to Raquel. She stood on the second floor hallway that was as big if not bigger than the entirety of some of her foster homes. She did note that it seemed somewhat empty, there wasn’t a lot of family pictures around. It was an unsettling sign that Raquel linked with the foster homes she had been through, but the place didn’t have the negative energy the foster homes did, it was just quiet and empty, at least until Brittney’s mom Barbra came in through the front door.

“Hey Raquel,” Barbra said cheerily. “I went back by the drug store and I got you some more diapers.” She handed Raquel two more packages of diapers along with one out of the package that she must have used to find which brand to buy. “Are you sure these are the ones you want?”

“Yeah,” Raquel said blushing a little. “You didn’t have to do this Mrs. Cheng.” And indeed Raquel didn’t want her to but it seemed nothing could stop Barbra's charity.

“Oh hush,” Barbra said with a hint of sternness. “It won't do any good to have you running around without any protection on, and having some extra won't hurt. I'll keep them around in case you decide to stay over again. Did Brittney not find anything else for you to wear?"

“Not yet she's still looking,” Raquel said. “But really as long as it’s not bothering you I’m fine with wearing just the t-shirt.”

“You sure you aren’t cold?”

“No I’m fine,” Raquel said giggling. “My mom, I mean Mrs. Cooper, used to ask the same thing, but this is warmer than it looks so I'm not that cold.”

“That’s just moms being moms dear,” Barbra said handing Raquel the two extra packages of diapers. “You go put those wherever is convenient for you, and I’ve got your uniform in the washer it should be done before school tomorrow.”

“Sure thing,” Raquel said struggling a bit to get a grip on the packages. “Uhh where do you want me to put the … used ones,” Raquel said trailing off at the end embarrassed.

“I did not think of that,” Barbra said comfortingly. “I’ll bring a trashcan up to Brittney’s bathroom and you can use that. Oh and did you need any help with changing.” Raquel grew a deep shade of red and instinctively tried to stretch the t-shirt she was wearing over her diaper, having little success with her hands occupied with the packages of diapers.

“Mom!” Brittney shouted from upstairs having come out of her room just in time to hear Barbra ask her last question. “I’m sure Raquel can change herself she’s not a baby,” Brittney said as she walked down the stairs. “Wait you can change yourself right?”

“Yes I can,” Raquel said meekly.

“Well if you need any help dear,” Barbra said reassuringly.

“Mom!” Brittney complained. “You’re embarrassing her.”

“What?” Barbra said defensively. “I was just trying to help.”

“I appreciate it,” Raquel said desperately trying to end this situation, “I’m good though, thanks for asking.” Barbra looked at Brittney with a smirk and Brittney rolled her eyes. Brittney grabbed one of the packages Raquel was holding and started making her way back to her room. Raquel followed behind her.

“Dinner’s in 30 minutes,” Barbra called as Raquel and Brittney left.

Raquel was having a tough time figuring Barbra out. Not many adults would let a girl like her into the car no questions asked. Wearing her daughters shirt, a diaper, and her pee soaked cheer uniform in her back pack. Yet all Brittney had to say was that Raquel was a friend and that she needed a place to stay and Barbra was welcoming without any other questions, which seemed to catch even Brittney by surprise. Raquel could tell that this wasn't out of pity either. When adults pitied Raquel and her bladder control problem, they would often act like Raquel wasn't wearing diapers at all, even if they knew otherwise. Raquel experienced this plenty with the Cooper's extended family members, and while she didn't dislike it she always found it to be belittling. Much like Jennifer, Barbra did not pity Raquel at all. She addressed Raquel's problem from a practical standpoint, not a judgmental one, though she lacked the greater sense of care for Raquel then Jennifer had, but then again Raquel was a part of Jennifer's family and this woman was still piratically a stranger.

Raquel followed Brittney into her room. Brittney stood disappointed outside of her closet, a few outfits arranged on hangers were just inside.

“Well I looked through all of my clothes and you're right, no shorts. But I did find a dress and some skirts that should fit.” Brittney said tired. She put the package she was carrying just outside of the closet. Next to the already open package. Raquel stacked hers on top of it

“Oh you actually looked at all of them I didn’t think that was possible?” Raquel said joking.

“Yeah I guess so,” Brittney said quickly with a hint of anger.

“What did I say?” Raquel asked sensing that she pinched a nerve.

“Nothing Raquel” Brittney said a little angry.

“Come on Brittney,” Raquel said gesturing to her visible diaper. “I’ve shared plenty time for you to open up.”

“You’re right,” Brittney said immediately feeling bad. “Sorry I just don’t like bringing people over.”

“Why your house is huge. I mean you’re the only kid I know that has a balcony with her room.”

“Yeah that’s the problem Raquel,” Brittney said sadly. “It’s frigging huge. I mean it’s expected mom’s a lawyer and dad’s a brain surgeon they can afford a nice place. It’s just, I don’t know. I’m always worried someone’s going to get the wrong idea about me, think I’m snooty or like little miss perfect or something. God look at me telling you this I probably sound like an ungrateful brat.”

“Only a little bit,” Raquel teased. “You’re not wrong though the place is huge. I think you could play baseball in your living room.”

“I know right.”

“But you’re not your house Brittney. By the time you trust anyone enough to invite them over, they should know you well enough not to generalize you like that. I know how you are, and I don’t think someone who is stuck up would keep me around as a friend.” Brittney laughed a little. “What?” Raquel asked knowing Brittney had thought of a joke.

“You know actually stuck up people would be the only ones to keep you around, they are the only people that can afford the diapers,” Brittney said snickering.

“See right there. A stuck up person would only say that behind me back,” Raquel said lightly hitting Brittney. Brittney laughed at the joke. They were interrupted by a knock at the door.

“Dinner,” came Barbra’s voice from the other side of the door. Brittney and Raquel were quick to run out of the room and follow Barbra to the kitchen.

“It’s nothing too fancy, I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare, but I didn’t want our guest to go hungry. I hope you guys like hamburger steak. And sorry Raquel, but my husband Kent got called away for emergency surgery so it’ll be just us.”

“Thanks Mrs. Cheng,” Raquel said sitting down at the small table in the kitchen where a plate was already made for her.

“Please Raquel call me Barbra.”

“Or Barbie,” Brittney said giggling,

“Do not get that started again,” Barbra said angrily glaring at Brittney. Raquel couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Raquel had to admit that it felt weird eating hamburger steak in a house this big. She thought that actual steak, or some other expensive meat, would’ve been more appropriate, but she always loved hamburger steak. And Barbra was good company. Barbra and Brittney seemed to have an unspoken deeply trusting relationship with each other, the kind that was hard to replicate, and the kind that Raquel had been happy to forge with Jennifer. Though Raquel couldn’t help but get the feeling that Barbra and Brittney didn’t always have that positive relationship. She got the sense that there was some mistrust looming in the back of Barbra's mind and at the same time it seemed like Brittney was constantly subconsciously apologizing for something that happened some time ago. Barbra seemed to treat Raquel like a positive influence around Brittney, and Brittney seemed to acknowledge on some level that she needed one. It was something she knew better than to ask about the first time at their house so she held her tongue.

“Ok, come on Raquel we’ve got some scheming to do,” Brittney said finishing her food.

“Some what?” Barbra said alarmed.

“It’s nothing bad mom promise,” Brittney said genuinely.

“It better not be!” Barbra returned sternly. “And remember it’s a school night so I want you girls in bed by 9.”

Raquel was only a few seconds behind Brittney, but by the time she had entered the room Brittney was already typing away on both her laptop and her phone.

“What are you doing?” Raquel asked.

“Taking care of our Kelsey problem,” Brittney said confidently.

“Oh yeah,” Raquel said with a hint of anger. “Can we just drop it? It doesn’t matter who she tells now everyone knows, and I’ve already decided I’m not quitting the squad no matter what she does.”

“Yeah but you’re not the only one mad at her. Most of the squad wasn’t particularly happy with the picture they got earlier today.”

“Of course they aren’t, I wouldn’t want to get a picture of a freak sent to me either.”

“Come on Raquel don’t do that to yourself it’s not good for you,” Brittney said in a serious tone.

“I know I know,” Raquel said agreeing. "I'm working on being more self positive." Raquel sat on the bed with Brittney. She noticed a familiar warmness when her bottom hit the bed.

“You good?” Brittney asked noted Raquel’s pause.

“Yeah I’m fine, I must’ve had an accident after dinner.”

“Do you need the room to change?”

“No I’ll do it before bed, it’s not that bad,” Raquel laughed a little.

“What’s so funny?” Brittney asked curious.

“Nothing I just never been this open about it before. It’s nice not having to hide it around friends.”

“No problem you said you wanted to be frank about it,” Brittney said honestly. “And I’ve seen you in your diaper pretty much all day, I got over it. Anyway, I think we’ve got enough votes form the rest of the squad to kick Kelsey out and elect a new captain, especially if I get our special guest to arrive.”

“Special guest?” Raquel asked confused.

“In due time,” Brittney said reveling in her scheming. “Don’t worry about it for now. I’m in the zone now the game is on.”

“Ok.” Raquel said mildly concerned at Brittney’s phrasing. “I’m going to go wait out on the balcony while you take over the world or whatever.” Raquel stood up and began walked out on to Brittney’s balcony. She spent the next few minutes admiring the view from the balcony. It didn’t overlook anything in particular, but Raquel liked the way the hills looked from the height. And the night breeze felt really good. She felt like she could spend days up here and never get tired of it. It was a shame that, judging from the cobwebs, Brittney din’t use it all that much. Suddenly Raquel felt the urge to use the bathroom again but just let go in the diaper not wanting to go back inside just to not make it to the bathroom in time anyway. At this point most diapers would be close to leaking, but these new ones, while swollen up a good bit, could still hold more. Raquel gave a small impressed smirk.

Raquel soon became tired. She glanced back in Brittney’s room. Brittney was still busily typing away. Raquel gave a stretch and entered the room, Brittney was still too absorbed in what she was doing to notice Raquel come in. Raquel glanced at the clock on Brittney’s night stand, it was only 8:30. Normally Raquel could stay up later, but she’d had a long day so decided to get ready for bed. She silently moved to Brittney’s bath room which, like the rest of her house, was big. It even included its own shower and tub. Raquel noticed a trashcan next to the shower, the one for her diapers no doubt, and she also noticed an unopened toothbrush next to the sink. Barbra must’ve picked up a toothbrush for her at the drug store while she was getting the diapers. Raquel smiled at the thoughtfulness. She opened the toothbrush and began brushing her teeth. She noticed that her diaper had now become visibly wet, she also noticed that the smaller shapes faded when wet. Raquel didn’t think much of that, even though it normally would have bothered her. She spat the toothpaste out and brushed her hair before going back to Brittney’s room.

“Alright Dr. Doom time to go to bed,” Raquel said knocking Brittney out of her trance.

“What? Oh yeah,” Brittney said tiredly. She began shutting down her laptop.

“Do you mind if I use your bed to change?” Brittney grabbed a diaper from the open package and tossed it to Raquel on her way to the bathroom.

“Knock yourself out.” Raquel laid down on the bed after smoothing out a part of the covers. She had done this what felt like a million times, so she quickly changed into the clean diaper and rolled up the used one for disposal. She walked to the bathroom to throw it away, but on opening the door caught a glimpse of Brittney on the toilet.

“Sorry,” Raquel said closing the door quickly. After a few minutes Brittney came out of the bathroom wearing just a t-shirt and her underwear looking remarkably similar to Raquel. Raquel quickly threw her used diaper in the trash and walked with Brittney over to her bed.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Brittney said sarcastically.

“I don’t use the bathroom all that often.”

“Oh yeah I didn’t think about that.” Brittney said as she climbed into bed. Once Raquel joined her Brittney turned out the light on the night stand envoloping the two in near darkness, a small glimmer of light coming from the hallway glimmering from under Brittney's door was the only source of light.

“Are you ok with me sleeping with you?” Raquel asked shyly. “You know I like girls so ..."

“Raquel it’s a queen sized bed and you’re not even 5 feet tall there’s plenty of room for both of us,” Brittney said in a joking tone.

“Ok,” Raquel said getting comfortable being sure to give Brittney her space, probably more space than she needed.

“Hey Raquel?” Brittney asked in the dark.

“What’s up?” Raquel answered.

“I’m curious. How do they feel?”

“How do they feel?” Raquel repeated the question confused.

“Yeah, I was curious you know. Are they like uncomfortable?”

“Not really,” Raquel answered. “It’s different than regular underwear. Thicker, heavier, and more cottony.”


“Yeah cottony. What? You put me on the spot here I’ve never had to describe them before.”

“Is it like wearing a pad?”

“Don’t know. Never worn one.”

“What! Oh because the diaper does that anyway. Raquel that’s like a major plus, you don’t ever have to worry about being out of stuff when Aunt Flo comes to visit.”

“Are we really having this conversation right now?”

“I’m just saying. Hidden bonus.”

“Yeah but you only have to wear a pad like once a month.”

“Fair point.”

“Besides it’s not like having a period in these things is all sunshine and rainbows. Or I guess it's even less sunshine and rainbows than usual.”

“Ok ok I’m done with that question.”

“There’s more?”


“Fine. What’s the nest question?”

“How does it feel when you use them?”

“Warm and wet. If it’s a good diaper you don’t feel the wetness so much, but it swells up the more you do it. Makes it harder to walk, but you learn how to live with it.”

“So you don’t feel wet at all.”

“No you feel the wetness a little bit, but it’s supposed to wick it away from you so you don’t feel it as much. When you do start feeling more damp then it’s getting close to leaking.”

“Sounds like it’d feel gross.”

“It's not as gross as you’d think. Especially the first few times you use it. It’s just a warm sensation. After a while it gets cold and feels a little slimy, but even that I wouldn’t call gross just uncomfortable.”

“Do you ever … you know … in them?”

“Yes, but it’s not like I need to you know, it’s just hard to get them off quickly, so sometimes I just...”

“Hey no judgement here. Personally if I was stuck wearing diapers I think I’d just go the whole nine yards.”

“Well those have always been a little gross. It’s hot and sticky and it gives you a rash. And every now and then you pick up the smell. I usually change out of those immediately."

“I take back what I said earlier that sounds really gross.”

“Yeah it's not a good a time.”

“Ok last question promise. I know you have a small bladder, so do you like not know that you need to go? Does it just happen without warning?”

“Not exactly, well sometimes it is like that. I’ll go and not even know until I feel it in the diaper. But usually I do get the feeling of having to go, I just can’t hold it very long, or at all usually. I just get that feeling and within one or two seconds I’m already going.”

“Wow. I'm sorry if I'm bringing up some bad stuff. I was just curious is all.”

“You're fine. It does really suck sometimes. Like I don't know how the hell I'm supposed to be sexy in these," Brittney and Raquel giggled childishly at this. "But it could be worse, they are pretty comfy."

“Comfy huh.”

“Yeah they’re soft, and I just feel safe in them, or maybe I feel unsafe without them.”

“Probably a little of both.”

“You know you could try one on if you wanted to.”

“No I … no,” Brittney said flustered.

“What? I can tell you confidently it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. Plus it’ll be between us I won’t tell anybody.”

“Not now it’s still a little too weird for me, no offense.”

“No I get it. It’s how I feel with regular underwear. It’s not what I’m used to so it feels off.”

“Yeah I guess that’s it.”

“Only difference is you can wear my underwear just fine, but if I wear yours I ruin the carpet,” Raquel said in a joking manner.

“Tell you what next time I bring it up we can switch. That way we’ll both feel weird about it.”

“And the stain on your carpet?”

“I’ll clean it up.”

"You'd really do that?” Raquel said a little touched.

"Of course I would," Brittney said. "Just don't make a habit of it ok."

"I won't," Raquel laughed.

“Night Raquel. Thanks for answering all of my stupid questions.”

“Good night Brit."

- - - Updated - - -

I needed a distraction from all of my finals week stress so I decided to bang out another chapter. I feel like a broken record but again this sin't the chapter that's going to have the major difference, that should be the next chapter for real this time. I ended up adding a lot to this scene at Brittney's house so I made it it's own chapter. And I think it needed it. i had to introduce Brittney's mom, develop Brittney and Raquel's relationship a little more, and show Raquel acclimating to the idea that her friends now know that she wears diapers. I'm not usually one to brag but I'm actually really proud of the scene at the end of Raquel and Brittney talking while the lights are out. I didn't plan on that being in there, the idea just sorta came to me to have this scene with the dialogue interruptions being minimal, only being there when the conversation itself would pause. I think it turned out really good, but I'm not a good judge of my own writing so I'd appreciate feedback on that. Some smaller notes, I changed the name of Brittney's parents, because I was having a hard time remembering what they were so I worked their names into a subtle joke to help me remember. Other than that there's nothing major. As always hope you guys like it.
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I like how you are showing the dynamics of Raquel and everyone else. There are a couple of grammer mistakes, but they relly don't detract from the story and they blend in with everything so it's understandable how they could have been missed. If you want specific locations I will be happy to assist, but at this time I can't remember where they are.