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Hi everyone!

I’ve been receiving an overwhelming amount of messages in the last few months regarding the story, “Raquel’s Only Wish” and when I plan to continue it. Many have even said it was their favorite story of It’s kind—which is of course a great compliment as there are many talented writers in this community. So even though I’m still a busy college student, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and devote a little bit a time every week to continue working on this story.

To do this, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and do some revising—posting revised chapters one by one. I wanted to do this for a couple of different reasons, First of all, to help myself get back into the habit of writing fiction again. Secondly, it’s been over a year since I’ve read my own story and I wanted to make sure that everything is consistent in terms of quality, writing style, characters and story elements. I'll also be adding a lot more content and backstory that will make the future chapters fit in better! (hence the "Extended Edition."

So, whether you’ve been reading this story since I started it back in 2010 or you’re a first time reader, I hope you enjoy!


It was 6:15 am and Raquel Hernandez awoke to a loud ringing in her ear. She recognized this most obnoxious sound as the alarm that she’d set on her phone the night before and she hastily rummaged through her blankets to find it. After a few seconds of searching, she finally managed to locate it under her pillow, ‘I must’ve left it there while I was texting Alicia last night’ she concluded.

After she finally put a stop to what was quite possibly the worst sound imaginable, the teenage girl slowly sat up in her bed and let her eyes adjust to the morning sunlight that came piercing through her half-open curtains to illuminate her bedroom. Raquel wasn’t much of a morning person, and almost always slept in a few extra minutes. But today was an exception— it was the first day of her sophomore year of high school and she wanted to spend that extra few minutes getting ready.

With some reluctance, Raquel gingerly slipped out from under her warm covers and felt a refreshing morning breeze come in through her window and across her bare legs. The past night had been exceptionally warm so she had dressed accordingly; nothing but a red tank top and a snug, white diaper.

She pressed her hand up against the crotch of her diaper to confirm what she already knew—an all too familiar feeling she had been waking up to since she was seven years old. ‘Another wet night’ Raquel sighed as she stood up and grabbed her bathrobe. Over the years, she had gotten used to the feeling of waking up wet, but that didn’t stop her from being disappointed in herself—especially on days like this when she would rather feel grown up, confident and pretty. It didn’t help that every doctor she’d ever been to had told her she was completely healthy and her problem was purely psychological.

Just then, she heard a soft knock on the door, “Raquel, are you up yet honey?” came the voice of her foster mother, Jennifer.

“Uh-huh, be right out!” Raquel hollered sharply as she back sprang to life.

After a long fifteen-minute shower, two chocolate pop tarts and a cup of iced coffee, Raquel was finally started to feel her burst of morning energy. Which was good, because she knew that she had a long day ahead of her. As her medium length dark brown hair was still drying, she decided to put a little but of make-up on. She didn’t typically wear a lot—if any—unlike a lot of girls in high school she felt fairly comfortable just she was. But of course there were exceptions like today when she wanted to look her absolute best. Raquel hadn’t seen her crush in-person for over a month and wanted to make a good impression.

Once she was finished, she went over to her closet to get dressed. She picked out on an almost knee length burgundy plaid skirt, followed by her favorite white cardigan. Last but not least, she opened up her top dresser drawer to reveal a package of absorbent store brand diapers that she wore at night, and a package of much more discreet Pampers Underjams that she wore during the day. Raquel grabbed an Underjam out of the drawer and pulled it up under her skirt. Her daytime accidents were far less frequent then her nighttime ones, so she always told herself that wearing protection to school was more of a precaution than a necessity.

Once she was finished getting dressed, she took one last look at herself in the full-length mirror she had hanging on her bedroom At 5’2", she was fairly short, but also in good shape because she spent plenty of time dancing. Raquel’s birth mother had been a dancing instructor and naturally began teaching her at a young age back in her home city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. And Raquel still practiced regularly at a local dance studio here in her new home in South Carolina.

After a few extra touch-ups to her hair, Raquel decided she was finally ready; she headed the down the stairs, kissed her foster mother goodbye, and headed out the door to begin walking to School. She was both nervous and excited about the day ahead of her...
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This is great!. Another of my favorite stories comes back to life!. It's been
like a diaper renaissance lately. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :)


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Hey, great news that you decided to work on this story some more. I will be waiting for more chapters!


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Thanks everyone! :) So far I'm at an average of 300 additional words per chapter so there should be plenty of new content to read this time around!


Raquel enjoyed walking to school whenever she could—although it wasn’t always practical when it rained or snowed—warm September mornings like this were a perfect opportunity for her to clear her head and focus on the day ahead of her. She had only rode bus on a handful of occasions in her freshmen year, and those were certainly not pleasant experiences. Her neighborhood consisted mostly of upperclassmen, including what seemed like half of her school’s football team and they were some of the most loud and immature people she’d ever had the misfortune of being trapped with.

The first few hours of school that day went by fairly smoothly and uneventful. By now, lunch time was near and Raquel was sitting in her Algebra class, literally counting down the minutes before what seemed like the most boring class in history was over. She had yet to see her crush, or any of her other friends for that matter. This made her even more anxious.s

She was quite proud of the fact that she had succeeded in keeping her diaper dry for the entire morning without so much as a close call. She intended to keep it that way for the rest of the day as well. Whenever Raquel was out in public, she always followed the same basic strategy to remain accident free; use the restroom at every opportunity. She always reminded herself that her bedwetting was something she couldn’t help, but during the day, she was in control. Her Underjams were really nothing more than a precaution. Of course, Raquel always packed one spare Underjam and a few wipes in a secret pocket in her backpack, just in case that rare accident did occur.

Lost in her daydreaming, the sound of the bell ringing actually took Raquel by surprise. She hastily slid her books back into her backpack and headed to the cafeteria for lunch. Luckily, her Algebra classroom wasn’t far away so she was able to beat the line. After ordering 2 Quesadillas, she proceeded to navigate the busy cafeteria in search of a friendly face. And It wasn’t long before she heard the voice she had been waiting to hear all day.

“Raquel! Over here!” shouted a petite blonde.

Raquel’s face lid up when she saw her, “Hey Alicia!” she hollered back, as she rushed across the crowded cafeteria to hug her friend.

Alicia had shoulder length golden blond hair that she usually wore pulled back behind her head for convenience. She usually preferred to wear black tank-tops and dark colored jeans, and today was no exception. Of course she always wore a variety of different accessories and jewelry to keep her outfit colorful and intriguing.

“So how was Florida?” Raquel asked casually, while daintily picking at her food.

“It was pretty fun, it sucked that I had to come home and go straight to school though. And I missed you” Alicia said with a flirty smile.

“Awww I missed you too! Y’know I was thinking about you almost every day.” She replied with the slightest hint of shyness in her voice.

“Oh yeah? I bet dance class was pretty boring without me there.”

Raquel nodded, “Yeah, only like five other girls signed up for the summer class. We learned a lot of new stuff though, which is good because I’ll need all the help I can get for cheer tryouts today!”

“Sure you will,” Alicia teased while playing with one of the many violet feathers weaved into her blonde hair. “I wonder how many of the girls on the cheer leading team have been dancing since they were only three years old!”

Raquel shrugged and let out a smile, “Hey, you never know.”

They spent the majority of their lunch hour chatting about the time they spent apart over the summer. After a while, everyone else in the cafeteria had gone to find their classes and they were the only ones left.

“Oh! I almost forgot, I have something to tell you” Alicia said, “You know Chase Collins, Captain of the football team?”

“Uh-huh.” Raquel nodded, curiously.

“Well, his family owns also owns a cottage on the beach, not far from mine. And he and I kind of started hanging out while we were down there.” Alicia paused and searched for the right words. “…And before he left, he asked if he could take me out on a real date when we get back.”

Raquel’s eyes widened—she didn’t like where this was going at all, “And… What did you say?” she asked slowly.

“I told him I would have to think about it. But I really might be considering it.”

Raquel’s heart sank when she heard this. After spending the first half of the summer hanging out with Alicia, she was convinced that they shared the same feelings for each other. “But… I thought you said you weren’t ready for a relationship again?” she asked, reminiscing an earlier conversation they shared.

The change in Raquel’s tone didn’t go unnoticed by her friend. “I know, and honestly I still don’t think I am. But I really do think I might wanna take a chance. You’re not mad are you?”

‘But I wasn’t worth taking a chance for?’ Was the only thought on Raquel’s mind, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it. She simply forced out a smile and said, “No, I’m happy for you...”

Just then, the first bell rang and the two girls stood up. “Okay well, I’ll try to call you tonight okay?” Alicia said. Raquel simply nodded as they parted ways.

She walked through the almost empty hallway towards her next class. She still couldn’t believe what she had just heard. Back in July, on their last “date”, Raquel was feeling stronger feelings for Alicia then she’d ever felt before. And for her, nothing changed in their time apart. She wanted to be able to call Alicia her girlfriend, but the other girl wasn’t ready for a relationship at that point. Back then, Raquel figured the best thing to do was respect her decision and give her time. But now she couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Was she really not ready for a relationship? Or was she just not ready for me?’

The hallway was now completely empty and all Raquel could hear were her own footsteps, and a subtle crackling sound coming from under her skirt. ‘…And I never even told her about my diapers’
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OMG, I almost squeaked with excitement when I saw this thread. I couldn't be happier this story is back. I love this "Extended Edition" idea, it's the perfect way to catch up with Raquel.


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I'm glad you like the idea dragonette! :) It's a great way for me to catch up again too. I'm happy to still have you as a reader!


It was several minutes past noon when Raquel finally found the room to her Geology class. She was late, so she did her best not to draw too much attention to herself as she made her way to an available seat in the back of the room.

Needless to say, the day thus far hadn’t gone exactly as she had anticipated. Alicia’s last words were still echoing in her mind as clearly as when they were first spoken. Subtle as they were, they pierced her heart like daggers and forced her to consider so many things. What if Alicia had never actually liked her as more than a friend? What if she didn’t like girls that way at all? Raquel was sure that she’d read all the signs correctly—then again, she had never actually been in a relationship before so that meant very little.

As hard as it was, Raquel forced herself not to dwell on it too much. After all, the day wasn’t over yet—today was her chance to try out for the school’s cheerleading team. Last year, her foster sister, Sarah had been the head cheerleader before she graduated and left for college. Sarah knew what a talented dancer her foster sister was and always encouraged her to try out. In a way, the idea had always appealed to her. Except she let her diapers hold her back all throughout her entire freshmen year. She just couldn’t imagine being a cheerleader and being in diapers at the same time. Obviously the rest of the team would find out sooner or later. But Raquel decided that this year was all about taking risks—just because she wore protection didn’t mean that it had to run her life.

Once again caught up in her train of thought, Raquel didn’t even notice her increasing urge to pee. ‘Oh no… how long have I had to go?’ Raquel asked herself. After recalling the events of the last hour she realized that she had been subconsciously holding it in since lunch with Alicia. It was a miracle that she’d even managed to last this long
She knew that it was only a matter of time before her bladder failed her, so Raquel raised her hand in hopes that the teacher would let her leave to use the restroom.

The tall blonde women stopped lecturing and pointed a lazy finger in Raquel’s direction, supposedly giving her permission to speak.

Raquel took a deep breath, “Could I please… use the restroom?”

Her teacher turned around and glanced at the clock suspiciously, “Class just started less than ten minutes ago. Why didn’t you go before?”

“I, uh… I was rushing to get to class ma’am, and I didn’t realize I had to” Raquel murmured, becoming increasingly impatient as her urge was growing.

“Well then, I’m sure you can at least wait until I’m done going over the syllabus, and next time I’d like you to remember to go before class please.” And with that, her teacher continued going over the class outline, leaving the struggling girl no choice but to attempt to hold it a little longer.

‘Great,’ Raquel thought. Being late probably didn’t help her case either, she realized.

A few moments passed and Raquel could tell that the seal was already about to break. She considered asking the teacher for permission to leave again, but that seemed equally as hopeless as trying to hold it in for another moment. Her bladder started to relax and Raquel could do nothing but sit awkwardly in her seat, helplessly flooding her diaper.

Eventually, her class came to an end and it was time for cheerleading try-outs. But first, Raquel headed to the restroom to change out of her cold, wet Underjam and into a fresh one so she wouldn’t have any distractions. She headed straight for the handicap stall, locking the door behind her and setting her backpack down on the floor. There were a few other girls in the bathroom so she tried to make as little noise as possible. But she still didn’t plan on wasting any time as she slipped off her red hi-top Converse shoes, then unzipped and pulled down her burgundy skirt that she set on top of her backpack. She examined her diaper, which was even wetter then she had anticipated. She was actually surprised that it managed to hold the entire wetting without any leaks for whole class period.

Raquel proceeded to slide her Underjam down to the floor where she carefully stepped out of it. She reached into her backpack and grabbed a wipe from the secret pocket which and wiped her diaper area clean. Finally, she pulled out her only spare Underjam and stepped into it, pulling it up to her waist. Sometimes Raquel genuinely despised wearing diapers—the same way that most teenage girls feel would in her position. But she had to admit, there was nothing quite like the feeling of putting a fresh one on. Once she had finished getting dressed, she waited until the coast was clear so she could discard her used protection into the bathroom trashcan.

Raquel made it to the gym just in time to find the new head cheerleader, Kelsey Webster, finishing her speech.

“Remember everyone,“ Kelsey said as she directed her gaze to some of the more unhopeful girls, “After today there aren’t any do-overs, excuses or second chances! You’re either on the team, or you’re not. It’s nothing personal. We only have so many spots available and we’re only as strong as our weakest link.”

Kelsey Webster seemed to be a very strong and assertive girl, it didn’t take Raquel long to discover that. She remembered that her foster sister had been the same way—when Sarah spoke to her team, they always stopped and listened. That must’ve been a requirement for being a head cheerleader, Raquel though

When Kelsey’s encouraging speech came to an end, the prospective recruits formed a line and began preforming their routines. As Raquel observed them from her place at the back of the line, she began to feel more confident about her chances. Compared to her, most of these girls had no rhythm, no flexibility and most importantly, no attitude. Raquel was typically considered to be a quiet and reserved girl. But when she danced, she became a whole other person— she was anyone she wanted to be. That was one of the many reasons why she grew to love dancing over the years.

As a line died down, it soon became Raquel’s turn to go. Just as she was about to step forward, she felt the sudden need to pass gas. She let it go, not thinking anything of it.

But in that moment, Raquel came to a screeching halt when she realized what she’d done. It wasn’t gas—she was actually pooping in her diaper. ‘Oh no! Not NOW!’

She couldn’t believe what was happening—she hadn’t done anything like this in years! How could this happen? There was no explanation. Raquel’s heart started beating faster and faster. It was her turn to go up and preform her routine, but right now she was too scared to even move a muscle.

“Hey! You’re up hun.” Kelsey snapped, pointing a finger straight at Raquel.

Raquel stood perfectly still like a deer in headlights—she didn’t know what to say or what to do The only thing she knew was that couldn’t go on like this…


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Oooh! i forgot about this part, poor Raquel. I'm still holding out hope that
they'll become friends though. but that's getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Please continue and thank you for sharing!. :)


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Thanks PuppyDog! I do like this chapter too, it's the first of many cliffhangers in the story. :) And I still have plans for Kelsey later on, which is why I already started laying down additional groundwork for her character.


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Good so far, glad you decided to work on this again. Just wondering though, how long until we'll start seeing new content?


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Alex 93- like I mentioned in a previous post, I've already been adding new content into the existing chapters. A lot of this content is additional descriptions and backstory to the characters that will become relevant in future chapters. I've also revised a good portion of each chapter too. Since many of the original chapters were written while I was still in high school, some things were worded awkwardly.

As for when I'll start writing the new chapters, it depends on when the current ones are finished being revised/extended. Right now I've been moving at a pace of several chapters per week, which I'm pretty happy with. I hope you continue reading until then. :)


Raquel had spent all summer preparing for this moment, but there was nothing in the world that could have truly prepared her for the anxiety she was feeling now after what she’d done. Her heart was racing and her legs were trembling so much that she wasn’t even sure could walk, much less preform her dance routine.

“Umm e-excuse me…” She muttered, barely above a whisper as she turned and scurried out of the gym without looking back.

She walked through the hectic school halls keeping her head down in a desperate attempt to avoid eye contact with anyone else. In only a matter of minutes, Raquel’s bad day had turned into an utter disaster. Not only did she completely miss her only chance to become a cheerleader, she did it in the worst way imaginable. She could feel a constant reminder of that fact sitting in the back of her diaper as she walked.

To make matters even worse, she was already wearing her only spare, which meant that she was stuck in this one until she got home.

Raquel stepped outside and was instantly greeted with the sound of falling rain and the violent crashing of thunder in the clouds above. ‘Of course’ she sighed as she contemplated how she would get home now. Walking almost two miles in pouring rain certainly wasn’t something she wanted to do. She wasn’t even sure that her protection could last for the duration of the walk—it was only a pullup after all, hardly built for an accident of this sort. Even calling her foster mother for a ride was out of the question because she taught evening classes at the local university on Monday nights. This left Raquel with only one choice; take the bus home.

She made her way through the parking lot in the pouring rain to find locate the bus that ran through her neighborhood. Her walk was heavy, her clothes and hair were already drenched and her Underjam was now sagging between her legs. When she stepped onto the bus, she quickly discovered that the only remaining single seat was towards the back, right in front of several kids from the football team. One of these boys was Alicia’s new “boyfriend”, Chase Collins. ‘As if I didn’t already hear enough about him today.’

Thankfully, none of these boys paid any attention to Raquel. There were several comments made regarding the smell, but of course they simply blamed that on each other.

Right now, the only person that Raquel wanted to talk to was her foster sister Sarah. If there was one person in the world that could raise her spirits, it was her. Once the bus was finally in motion, Raquel curled up in her seat with her back to the window, and dialed Sarah’s number.

“Hey, what’s up Raquel?” Sarah answered in a rather cheerful tone.

“Hey Sarah, I hope I’m not bothering you while you’re in class or anything.” She replied quietly.

“Nope, I’m actually between classes now. What’s wrong? You alright?” She asked, obviously sensing the other girl’s anxiety.

“No… Not really. I went to cheer try-outs today… and I couldn’t do it-”

“Wait, what do you mean you couldn’t do it?” She interjected, “We practiced your routine at home and it was flawless!”

Raquel took a deep breath and continued, “I never got the chance, I had an… accident right before.” her voice got even quieter to barely above a whisper. “I don’t wanna talk about it on the bus. But the head cheerleader girl said there aren’t any second chances after today. and now I don’t know what to do…”

Sarah was surprised to hear this, “Well if you didn’t even get the chance to show them the routine, I’m sure they can make time to watch it tomorrow!”

“I dunno… I walked right out of the gym when it was my turn. And they’re posting the list of people who made the team tomorrow. Why would they give me another chance?”

“Kelsey will give you another chance because you’re my sister, and you’re more talented than any other girl in that school. Forget all about what happened today—it won’t matter after you show them your routine.”

Despite everything that had happened, Raquel was finally starting to feel better, “Really, you think I could do it?”

“I know you can sis. Everything’s gonna work out for you, I know it,” Sarah assured her.

Raquel couldn’t help but let out a tiny smile after hearing her sisters uplifting words.

“Oh hey Raquel, I have to go, it’s almost time for my last class. But I’ll call you later tonight!”

“Okay bye Sarah, I love you!” Raquel hung up and let out a sigh of relief. She finally felt some of her former confidence coming back.
Just as she was about to put her cell phone away into her backpack, the bus hit a curb and she dropped her phone on the floor near her feet. When she bent down to grab it, Chase Collins somehow took notice of her Underjam sticking out a few inches above the top of her skirt.

“Hey dude check it out, this chick’s wearin’ a diaper.” He announced in the most obnoxiously loud voice to his friend nearby.

“No way” the other boy replied. Just as he was about get a look, Raquel heard them talking and instinctively sat back up in her seat, looking straight out the window as if she was oblivious to their conversation.

He chuckled, “Damn dude, now you embarrassed her.”

Chase simply shrugged and leaned over towards Raquel’s seat, “Hey, how you doing?”

Not wanted any trouble, Raquel continued looking out the window as if she didn’t hear him.

He tried again, “How come you wear diapers to school?”

Once again, Raquel didn’t reply. She knew that anything she said would only make the situation worse.

“Okay, so she wears diapers and she can’t talk. She’s probably special-needs or something.” Chase’s friend said. Then he stopped and whispered, “Wait, what if that nasty smell back her is her?”

“I bet it is” Chase yelled. “She decided to take a shit right here on the bus of all places when her mom’s not around to change her.”

“Yeah that’s the worst,” his friend agreed, “hopefully she shows up soon. I dunno how much more of that smell I can take.”

Chase laughed, “Yeah girl, is your mom gonna come and change you soon?”

Raquel had tried to ignore him, but now she was literally fighting back tears.

“Forget it dude, she can’t talk remember?”

Chase was completely oblivious as to how much his words were hurting Raquel. He was far more concerned with keeping himself entertained and potentially getting more laughs out of his friends. He took out his empty Mountain Dew bottle and bounced it off Raquel’s head to guarantee her immediate attention. Then he leaned over the back of her seat, practically yelling in her ear, “I said, is your mom gonna come and change you soon?”

She could only take so much before she finally snapped, and after everything that already happened to her today, Raquel had definitely reached that point. She turned away from the window to face him head on.

She took a deep breath, “For your information Chase, I don’t have a mom. She died eight years ago.” I’m sorry I have my own way of dealing with that but I'd like to see you do better” Raquel was still trying her absolute hardest to hold back tears as she continued. “But don’t worry, I’ve already either been punished or kicked out of almost every foster home I’ve ever lived in because of it. After all that, there’s nothing you can do or say to hurt me.

Before either boy could react, she turned away, hiding her face out of sight. Raquel was strong, but everyone eventually had their own breaking point and now she had finally reached hers. For the first time all day, Raquel gave in and let the tears flow…


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Aww! poor Raquel. Chase is such a jerk!. I hope she tells Alicia eventually.
Great work Emily. Please continue and thank you for sharing. :)


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Thank you! :)

By the way, if anyone ever spots any typos or spelling errors in my story, feel free to let me know. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best proofreader.


Raquel was relieved when she finally made it home without further incident. Although the two boys on the bus continued talking obnoxiously for the remainder of the trip, they left her entirely alone after she had finally stood up to them.

She couldn’t help but wonder if Alicia knew what kind of a person Chase really was. ‘She must know’ Raquel thought. Everyone knew that Chase Collins was vile and immature. She certainly couldn’t understand why anyone—especially someone as kind and gentle as Alicia—could ever be with him.

As Raquel walked up her driveway towards the house, the roaring thunderstorm had finally dwindled to a thin drizzle. She was eager to get inside the safety of her warm house but definitely not looking forward to changing herself once she got inside. She had years of experience changing her own wet diapers, but accidents like this were a rare occurrence. The last time she could remember having an accident of this sort was several years ago when she had food poisoning. And even then, her foster mother had been there, and kind enough to help her change. This time she was on her own.

She walked inside to find everyone else was already home, with the exception of her foster mother. Mr. Cooper was sitting at the dining room table looking over the day’s mail. While the two 8 year old twins, Erika and Andy, were sitting in the living room watching TV. No doubt they were just as exhausted from the first day of school as she was

Raquel wasted no time in heading straight upstairs to get changed. As far as she was concerned, no one else needed to know about her unfortunate accident, especially Mr. Cooper, who wasn’t exactly supportive of her problem in the first place. Like many of the foster parents she had lived with over the years, he never failed to openly express his negative opinions towards her bedwetting condition.

“You know could try actually try going to the bathroom before bed.” He would often tell her, as if she could never have conceived such a brilliant idea on her own.

He would also remind her that, “the twins were potty trained before they were three. Which is good because we certainly wouldn’t have the finances to pay for both their diapers and yours.”

She wanted to tell him that his comment was only clever the first fifty times, but she always thought better of it. After all, minor lectures were nothing compared to what happened in some of the other foster homes that Raquel had lived in growing up. Mr. Cooper’s words could be unpleasant, but they couldn’t hurt her as much as a belt or a hairbrush. So Raquel usually just sat quietly and took his words for what they were.

After making it up the stairs without drawing any unnecessary attention to herself, Raquel headed straight to her bedroom. She dumped her backpack and shoes in a corner of the room. Then she grabbed a fresh diaper, a dry tank-top and a pair of pink sweatpants. Satisfied that she had everything she needed, the exhausted girl headed across the hall to the bathroom to get the dreaded diaper change over with.

She began by taking off her skirt and slowly lowering herself down onto the cold tile floor. She realized it would probably be best to take her sweater off too, just to be on the safe side and keep it clean. This left her sitting on the bathroom floor wearing just her Underjam and periwinkle colored bra. She still wasn’t totally excited about changing herself; in fact, she wasn’t even sure what the most efficient way to do it was.

She decided thar it would be best to pull the sides apart first, like a regular diaper. After that, Raquel proceeded to pull the front down and examine the mess. But before she could, she heard loud footsteps outside the bathroom door and before she had a chance to react, the door was opening, ‘Oh no, I forgot to lock it!’ she panicked, thinking that it must be Mr. Cooper. Naturally, her first reflex was to pull the front of her Underjam back up, to cover herself in what little way she could.

But to her immediate relief, it wasn’t Mr. Cooper. it was her foster mother, Jennifer. And judging by her wet clothes and wet curly blonde hair, she must have just gotten home too.

Jennifer was jumped at the sight of her half naked foster daughter lying on the bathroom floor. “Oh my Gosh! Raquel! Are you okay?” she asked in a genuinely concerned tone.

“Hey Mom, uh yeah... I j-just had an…” Raquel was obviously still in shock, stumbling over her words.

Fortunately, her foster mother could already see, and smell what had happened. “Awww, its okay sweetie, do you need any help?”

Raquel started to relax but she was still at a loss for words. Deep down she did want help but she couldn’t admit it. Obviously, her foster mother saw right through her strong exterior and knew what she had to do. “Okay don’t worry about it honey, just lay back” she said amiably with a warm smile.

Raquel obediently laid down, getting a small chill as her bare back came in full contact the cold tile floor. Her mother got straight to work, disposing of the Underjam in the diaper pal and then lifting up Raquel’s small legs to wipe her clean.

Raquel felt her cheeks turn red, as she was feeling more than a little awkward while her foster mother cleaned her up. However, she was a mother and knew what she was doing, Raquel reminded herself.

“Aw sweetie, looks like you got a little bit of a diaper rash. How long ago did this happen?” she asked.

“Uhh… it happened at school and I didn’t have any extras left to change into…” Raquel muttered as she recollected the events of the day.

“Oh you poor thing, no wonder it’s so red down here.” Her mother remarked as she finished wiping.

Although she appreciated the help, Raquel was still feeling slightly uneasy so she attempted to break the silence again. “Uh, so how come you’re home so early today?”

“The university lost power because of the storm, so all the evening classes were canceled and my students got to go home early.”

Raquel chuckled, “lucky them!”

“And lucky me, I got to come home and see my kids tonight!” Her foster mother said cheerfully as she picked up the nighttime Raquel had taken out and began putting it on her. After it was secure and snugly in place, Raquel stood up and immediately hugged her foster mother. “Thank, I’m glad you’re home!”

“Oh you’re welcome honey. Now c’mon, you better get dressed so we can start dinner!”
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This is my most extended chapter yet! Over 500 words of new content. Hope everyone enjoys. :)


Family dinners at the Cooper house had become much quieter ever since Sarah left for college. Not only was she the life of the conversation, she was the only one in the house close to Raquel’s age. Not to mention the only with whom she actually shared common interests.

Conversations with Sarah always included talking about interesting things; people at school, current events, movies, music and trends in fashion. And Sarah spoke about these things with such a passion that it was easy to get excited about them.

These days, a typical conversation consisted of Mr. Cooper monologuing about his daily achievements as a prosecutor. Which, contrary to what Raquel had learned from the media, wasn’t all that interesting of a profession. Although she felt bad for everyone he went up against—even if they were criminals—Mr. Cooper sounded even more merciless in court than he was at home.

After they finished eating, Raquel helped her foster mother with the dishes then decided to retire to her bedroom for the evening. It was only 8:30 but it had been a long and exhausting day. The only thing she wanted to do now was lie on her bed and relax.

Fortunately, she was already wearing her nighttime diaper from when her foster mother changed her. On a typical night, Raquel waited until the last minute to get ready for bed, since her night diapers were fastened with tapes it made to going the bathroom a definite hassle. But tonight she had already anticipated having the urge to pass out early without any extra preparations. The sooner this first day of school was over, the sooner she could put its events behind her and start fresh.

Her nighttime diapers were great at lasting the night, at the obvious cost of being far bulkier than her discrete Underjams. Especially since they were made for full-grown adults—they fit slightly big on Raquel’s slender 103 lb. frame.

So she was happy to be in the privacy of her bedroom where she could take off her sweatpants, which she threw her in a growing pile of accumulating clothes next to her closet. She also removed her bra out from underneath her tank-top and added it to the pile as well. Raquel wasn’t entirely sure she was ready for bed just yet. One thing was for certain thing though, she was in desperate need some alone time—time to relax and clear her head of the all the day’s events.

She grabbed her sketchpad and a handful of colored pencils and began sketching. This was an activity that she’d come to love over the years because she could do it anywhere. Even as she was passed from foster home to foster home. It was one of two things that stayed consistent in her life—the other thing being the obvious reason she wasn’t wanted. After all, good children weren’t supposed to come with problems and emotional baggage, they were supposed to sit quietly and smile. Or in Raquel’s case, draw.

She drew two anime-inspired girls, sitting together and holding hands on a bench in what appeared to be a contemporary urban setting. The first girl was petite, with tan skin, medium length brown hair and emerald green eyes. The second girl was taller, clad fully in black with long, golden blonde hair.

Just as Raquel was putting the final touches on her drawing, she heard the sound of her phone vibrating on her nightstand. She hoped that it would be her foster sister Sarah calling her back. But she already knew who it really was— checking the Caller ID only confirmed it— it was Alicia. The two girls had talked almost every night over the summer, usually starting at around this time and carrying on for hours. Their long nightly phone conversations were how they become close friends, and gradually made them into what Raquel considered more than friends. Alicia had been the first girl to call her “beautiful”, and the only girl to still give her butterflies every time her phone rang.

Now, it seemed like those happy memories had all but faded and only made her feel worse. She couldn’t answer the phone this time because she wasn’t ready the face the facts that things were going to be different.. So instead of answering, she simply put her phone back down on the nightstand and covered It with her drawing.

For a few hours Raquel slept peacefully. But she was soon awakened by the sounds of pouring rain against her bedroom window, and the violent crashing of thunder echoing throughout the clouds outside. She casually felt the crotch of her diaper and discovered that it was already soaked, which wasn’t really a surprise because she had already felt the urge coming on even before she went to bed.

Raquel attempted to fall back asleep, but it wasn’t easy. Thunderstorm’s like this one always brought her back to a time when she was a little girl, in her small apartment back in Puerto Rico. Whenever there was a storm like this, she would ask her mother to come in and stay with her until she fell asleep. It wasn’t because she was afraid; it was because she just didn’t want to feel alone. Little had changed since those days, except the feeling of having someone there to make her feel safe and loved was little more than a memory now.

Her tossing and turning was interrupted by the sound of a familiar voice at the end of her bed. “Raquel, are you still up?”

She propped herself up as best as she could and saw her 8 year old foster brother standing by the foot of her bed. His only features that could be defined in the darkness were the highlights on his short blond hair, illuminated by her nightlight.

“Hey Andy, you okay?” Raquel muttered, still drowsy from just waking up.

“Yeah, I’m just a little scared though, and Mom and Dad are asleep…”

Raquel smiled and moved over in her bed while lifting her blanket up. “It’s okay, you can sleep here tonight.”

“Awesome!” Andy replied with excitement while hopping into her bed.

While getting comfortable, Andy accidentally felt the front of Raquel’s wet diaper. She simply moved back a little to give him more space, assuming he wouldn’t think anything of it.

“Uhh Raquel? I think you’re diaper’s wet…” Andy said, clearly not afraid to speak his mind.

Although Andy couldn’t tell in the dark, Raquel’s face started to turn red, and she didn’t know what to say, her entire family knew about her problem, but she had never actually discussed it with either of the younger kids.

“Yeah, I know, I just….” Raquel was stumbling over her words, which was surprising because she was usually more comfortable around younger kids.

“You should get changed” Andy suggested “I always changed my pull-ups back when I used to wet the bed so they didn’t leak.”

She hadn’t thought about itbefore, but quickly realized that he was right. She didn’t normally change in the middle of the night, but tonight was an exception. Since she was already having trouble sleeping, her cold, wet diaper wasn’t helping the situation. And even though she rarely leaked at night, now would most definitely be a bad time to start.

“Okay, be right back” Raquel said, as she reluctantly crawled out of her warm bed and walked all the way to her dresser to grab a clean diaper and a wipe. Even though it was dark in her room, the nightlight still gave her a substantial amount of light to maneuver around in. Not to mention the constant lightning outside that made the entire room glow white.

Raquel turned around smiled at Andy, who looked comfortable in her bed, “No peaking okay?” she told him, to which he nodded and hid his head under the blankets.

Raquel sat down on her carpeted floor and slowly undid the tapes of her diaper. It was still too dark to make out its contents, but she got the feeling that she’d wet quite a bit. It definitively would’ve leaked had it been an Underjam. Eager to get back to her bed, Raquel hastily wiped her diaper area clean and immediately laid down a fresh one. She taped it snugly in place, and then stood up to throw away the wet one in the trash can.

Upon crawling back into her bed, Raquel instantly realized what an improvement a clean diaper was. “Ahh much better” she said enthusiastically to Andy, who had finally taken his head out from under the blankets and nodded in agreement. The two snuggled closer together, and finally fell asleep once again.
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The next morning came far too soon for Raquel’s taste as she was once again awoken by the dreaded sound of her alarm clock. The first thing she noticed upon waking up was that Andy had slept through the alarm so she did her best not to wake him as she sat up in her bed. After all, he didn’t have to get up for another hour at least.

A quick glance out the window revealed that the clouds from the recent storm were still filling the sky, all but blocking out the morning sunlight. This gave Raquel another reason not to leave the safety and comfort of her warm bed—as if the iprospect of going back to school after her eventful first day wasn’t enough.

With great reluctance, she climbed out of bed and began rummaging through her things on the floor to locate her bathrobe—which was a lot easier to find on a brighter morning. After searching multiple piles of clothes to no avail, she decided to check her closet. But before she got the chance, her search was interrupted by the sound of her bedroom door jolting open behind her.

The intense light from the hallway instantly lid up the entire room, as Mr. Cooper—already dressed for work—took a casual step inside. Raquel froze in her tracks, hoping he would realize she was only wearing a tank-top and a diaper and give her a chance to put something on. Unfortunately, he clearly had no regard for his teenage foster daughter’s privacy.

Mr. Cooper had the appearance of a typical lawyer in his mid-40’s; with light blue eyes and medium length brown hair which he always kept combed back. Standing at 6’2 he was nearly an entire foot taller than Raquel.

“Is Andy in here?” he asked, with the slightest hint of genuine concern in his voice.

“Uhh yeah, h- he slept in here because he was scared last night..” Raquel pointed over to her bed, wondering jus how long it would this awkward encounter was going to last.

“Oh okay” Mr, Cooper replied, somewhat reassured. Then he casually glanced down at her exposed diaper, which she was attempting to cover in vain with her small, trembling hands. “So are you dry today Raquel?”

Raquel could feel her cheeks turning red and her heart beating faster at the mere sound of his word. She could’ve sworn that sometimes he went out of his way just to embarrass her. She had only just gotten out of bed and hadn’t even gotten a chance to confirm for herself if she was dry. “Umm… I dunno…” she murmered quietly.

“Of course you don’t know.” He said, his voice practically dripping with sarcasm “Well I need to get to work.”

“Okay, bye.” She said plainly, relieved that he was finally leaving.

Only seconds after her foster father departed, Raquel found her bathrobe on the floor of her closet and hastily wrapped herself up. She didn’t ever want Mr. Cooper of all people to see her in her diapers ever again. His blatant disapproval for Raquel her and her problem never failed to make an already embarrassing situation a hundred times worse.

Once she was in the bathroom, Raquel started the water in the shower to let it warm up, and proceeded to remove her diaper. She un-did the tapes one at a time and realized it was only slightly damp, which wasn’t a surprise considering she had only just put it on a few hours ago.

After she had finished her usual morning routine she headed back to her bedroom to get dressed for the day. She knew that it would be too cold outside to wear a skirt, so she grabbed a pair of jeans instead. She also grabbed one of Sarah’s old American Eagle hoodies. it may have been a size too big on Raquel but that was perfect for covering up her protection.

While packing her backpack, she was reminded of her experience the day prior and she remembered how she could have benefited by having some extra Underjams. So she decided to pack two more today. Not that she had any intention of needing them, she simply decided that it was better to be safe than sory. Satisfied that she finally had everything she needed, Raquel headed out the door. She was pleasantly surprised to discover that the sun had finally crept out through the clouds.

Raquel walked for about half of a mile when recognized the sound of skateboard wheels rolling on the concrete sidewalk behind her. She casually stepped to the side to make room. Just then, she realized that the skateboarder was her friend Ryan.

“Hey Raquel, what’s up?” he asked as he got off his skateboard upon catching up with her.

“Oh, hey Ryan!” Raquel said, greeting her friend with a hug.

Pretty much everything about Ryan’s appearance sceamed, “sterotypical skateboarder.” It seemed like the only thing we ever wore were skate shoes, hoodies and backwards hats. He had dark brown messy hair and blue eyes. He was also one of Raquel’s closest friends ever since they meant in Art class the previous year.

“So I saw you in Geology class yesterday… You looked really sad.” Ryan remarked as they began walking together.

“Oh, yeah…” Raquel recollected her thoughts from the day before, remembering how she had walked into class practically fighting back tears and ignoring everyone around her. “Y’know Alicia, right?”

Ryan nodded, “Yeah, that girl you like. The one you always talk about.”

“Yeah, well apparently, she doesn’t feel the same way about me. She would rather date the captain of the football team or whatever.”

“No way! She’s dating that asshole Chase Collins instead of you?”

She chuckled, “Yeah pretty much.” One of her favorite things about Ryan was that he could always manage to cheer her up, no matter what the circumstances. “I guess they started hanging out this summer down in Florida, I didn’t even know what to say when she told me. She acted like there was never anything between us.

“But you think there was?”

“I know there was. And I still can’t stop thinking about her, even though we’ll probably never get to be together now.” Raquel admitted.

He shrugged, “Hey, just because they’re dating doesn’t mean you don’t still have a chance with her. Maybe you just need to give her some competition too.”

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously.

“You know, try going out with someone else for now.” Ryan suggested

“Wait, and how is that supposed to get Alicia to like me again?”

“Trust me, I know girls. Once she realizes she has some competition, it will change the way she sees you. She’ll see you as someone she has to fight for instead of just an option.

“Oh so you’re the expert on girls now are you?” She asked teasingly.

“No, but I have dated more than you!” He replied, beaming proudly at his comeback.

Raquel laughed “For now…”

“But seriously, if you’re trying to get her back, the absolute worst thing you can do is sit by yourself looking miserable. Besides, I don’t like seeing you that way either.”

“I don’t know… I’m not even sure I could find anyone else to go out with.”

“I’ll go out with you Raquel!” Ryan said, seizing the opportunity.

Raquel grinned; she knew that her friend had good intentions, but at the same time, she knew that he had always had a crush on her ever since they first meant. “Ryan, you know I don’t like boys that way.”

Ryan nodded “I know, but the idea is to give Alicia some competition right? And you have to admit, I’m totally competition.”

She couldn’t help but giggle at her friends cockiness. “Well I’ll think about. Right now I really need to focus less on girl drama and more on the cheerleading try-outs today.”

“Wait, weren’t the cheerleading try-outs yesterday?”
“Yeah, they were, I just… uhh” Raquel stopped and attempted to think of a good excuse that didn’t involve accidents or diapers “I just missed them yesterday.” she muttered.

She had never been a very good liar, but her friend took the hint that she didn’t want to talk about it. “Hey, how about I go with then?” Ryan suggested.

Although she had grown accustomed to doing things like this on her own, Raquel realized that having a friend there for support couldn’t hurt. That is, if they even let her try-out in the first place, “Sure, we can go together after class.”

“Oh, were you actually planning on sitting by me today? Ryan teased.

Raquel nodded with a warm smile, “I will, promise!”