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So yeah, just thought I’d talk about some random diaper stuff…

So as a DL I love diapers but not really the adult baby side. Is it weird that I enjoy babyish diaper prints?
(Though there are some babyish things I kind of enjoy like diaper onesies and occasionally a paci)

Also when it comes to diaper usage I will only do #1, I tried #2 but I didn’t enjoy it.
On the other hand I like the feeling of a wet/soaked diaper and I’ll stay in one because I like the feeling of being wet and soaked to very soaked. Thankfully my skin is like iron so I do not have to worry about rashes, but I do know not to push my boundaries and will change if I feel it if it is necessary.
So if you do like the feeling of wetness or a very heavy diaper I’d like to hear opinions, I know not everyone enjoys the wet feeling.

Also when it comes to diaper prints what would you like to see?
I know I love the babyish prints kinda like Alphagatorz, Little Kings, Critter Caboose, ect.

Though id love to see more, like maybe ones featuring random stuff like birds or cheese, or random animals that are not as popular like pangolins, caecilians, or the star nosed mole. No? Just me?

But yeah I’d love to see some cool dynamic patterns like stripes, spots, checkers, all sorts of stuff.

Let me know what your dream diaper design would be like? I’d love to hear your opinions

And finally what’s your ideal diaper absorbency?
Personally I like the 7000-8000ml diapers (as I’ve said before that 8500ml absorbency diaper is overkill), as I said earlier, I like the soaked diaper feeling.
Though I think 5000 is good for day use.

Well I guess that’s all I got to say for now, I’d love to hear your guys’d feedback

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Hey, I am with you in many respects. Love wearing nappies and peeing in them. Not keen on pooing. Love sucking a paci (maybe because I am an ex smoker?) but not really getting into other AB stuff.
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Like your list. As an IC, it is white, all white and white all the time. now when it gets to plastic pants, I enjoy variations as a simple way to keep track of usage and to add a bit of color.

It is very possible that over the next several years the highend manufacturers and their buyers will be limiting new prints and some old prints that are not sell as well and everyone attempts to stay ahead of the rising costs. Consider looking at what is available with plastic pants. I understand that there are very specific and individual wants to obtain what specifically floods your diaper.

As an IC, it's all about assured consistence to assure zero leaks day to day. As a result, high-volume is important, but not over-kill as IC's are faced with controlling costs - 24/7/365 every day with zero day /days off.
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I like fun and cute prints .
I like the idea of a star nosed mole ! 😊
I like wetting, my favourite diaper is 4125 ml
And that's plenty..
I feel so snug and warm and safe when I wet ..
I don't like doing poo ..
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I like to wear printed diapers that have some form of blue or pink.
I like to use my diapers for both peeing and pooping.
I would like to see a positionally printed baby blue diaper with boyish prints and a positionally printed pink diaper with girly prints.
My ideal diaper absorbency would be anywhere higher than 5000ml.
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I too am a DL, not an AB yet enjoy printed diapers sometimes for more variety and interest when I'm in the mood.

I too really like a wet nappy, but not to mess.

However I'm not so keen on a completely soaked diaper as at some point they cool down and begin to irritate my skin or feel like a lake that's about to leak. I don't mind thick diapers in fact I think I prefer higher absorbancies to thin diapers because of the comfort, trust and bulge you get. Personally I'm not a massive fan of the super high end >7000ml capacity because I never seem to last that long to use it before leaking/feeling like I'm wearing a lake that irritates my skin yet is only half wet.

Overall I guess I prefer 4000-5000 capacity and also would be excited for a different variety of prints too
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I’m DL and like to wet and mess. I tend to wear a betterdry or Tena ultima in the morning as I mess quite soon after getting up, then switch to a north shore or similar for the rest of the day:) I like big nappies so 5000 plus. Sometimes double up too. Nearly always with plastic pants
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