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I'm posting this as I'm seeing a lot of people making their quotes themselves by putting the [quote][/quote] tags around it. No problem with that but at least I think it's easier if people also put the names in the quote. So here a small explanation how to do that (it's not hard).

The thing to do is to do it like this (using in this explanation Dennis as the person that's quoted. Simply replace Dennis with the person you're quoting but that's kind of obvious): [quote=Dennis]The quote as usual[/quote]
That way you'll get the quote box with reference who said it like you see when quote with the quote button.

If you want to do it really nice you can also do that little arrow that you see normally.
For that you need to know the postnumber first. That's [highlight]not[/highlight] the number that you see in the top right of the post!. To find that out hover your mouse over the Quote button. Then look to the bottom of your screen, you should be able to see a URL (web address) that looks something like http://www.adisc.org/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=15484. That P=15484 is what you're interested in. The number you see after P= is the postnumber.

Now including postnumber the quote tag looks like this: [QUOTE="Dennis, post: 15484, member: 20"]The quote as usual[/quote]

I didn't look at what post 15484 is nor if there even is a Dennis on the forum. If there is it's totally coincidental. The same goes to whatever is in post 15484. I have also used a different BBcode tag which makes it so I can type normal tags without the forum parsing them so you don't have to leave away any characters!

For any other BBcode tags and how to use them look here.
Any questions about the quote tag or any other tag you can ask here and I or someone else that knows can answer.
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