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Just a quick question on the sizing for abri-forms. I've tried larges and they've come like 4-5 inches above my belly button, literally. I've tried mediums and they've come maybe a quarter inch above my belly button. Should I try smalls or you think they would be way to small for me? I measured my waist for a tape measure, not the soft ones, but the carpenter ones and it said 38" on it, I'm like wtf. If that was the case, then larges would be fine for me, yet they come up REALLY REALLY high. Should I just stick with mediums or try smalls, I'm just worried if I get a Small order then it'll be to small and just be wasted.

Just noticed I mis-spelt form, fixed it. Anyone have any advice on the sizing?
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Stick with mediums. With a 38" waist, smalls will be much too small for you. If the height bothers you on the mediums still, you can always fold the waistband over once or twice. It sounds like you have a short, stout torso, and that's the easiest solution.

I would not waste money on smalls though.
Hope this helps
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