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So first ill say this is a bit of necessity and DL. I have to drink a lot of water for health concerns. I have a small bladder. I like wearing diapers. I will be taking a trip to a friends house 3 hrs away (backroads) tomorrow. See where I'm going?

Diapering up isn't a problem. I pass by a walmart about 10 miles from my house. I will just bring it in in my pocket and put it on in the unisex bathroom.

De-diapering is the problem.

What if I actually use the diaper? My urine never smells - clear dut to water intake but I'm sure I will need to clean up.

Are wet wipes (baby wipes sufficient?) To mask any odors? What else should I use to clean up?

Also which would be better - walmart 20 miles from friend's house or MC donalds in his town?

It will be just me riding by myself

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I think you'd be OK with just wet wipes, maybe try to find some that don't have a strong/any scent. You could change basically in either location, it would be up to you and what you would be comfortable with.

I guess the only concern would be if you are in a taped diaper it would be harder to change in a non-unisex single type bathroom. If you're in a pull-up, more power to you, easy to change most anywhere.

Good luck! And I might be doing something similar next week.


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If you're stopping into a Wally world, then you can also pickup a small pouch of diaper wipes and a small travel container of unscented cornstarch (baby) powder. Between those two you would be set.
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