Questions about things like CAPCON and professional nurseries?

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  1. Diaper Lover
I saw something about CAPCON on reddit... has anyone ever been? I know it's sold out but does anyone know of something similar to CAPCON? Also, has anyone ever been to a professional nursery? What was it like? Thanks!
I've been to quite a few professional nurseries on two different continents over the years. To me, the experience is wholly dependent upon the "nanny" and the effort she makes to create an "authentic" experience. Many have been professional dommy-types for whom AB play was just a sideline. I think it's a real effort for most of them to switch from being dominant to maternal. The furniture - crib, highchair, etc - really doesn't matter to me, and some of the pros I've visited have no AB furniture at all. If I could pick and choose, I'd look for a genuinely maternal woman who actually enjoys babying adults ... but they are few and far between.
There is the US Littles events and a few camps. I have been to a few ABDL campouts and I don't think I will every go back to the local one but I am open to trying others.
Teddy con is on east cost like capcon
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