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I have 7 great pocket diapers but the inserts to them are so old that they don't absorb much any more, but the diapers shells are still good, The inserts measure 10.5"x28 right now, I am looking over at and wondering should I go for the medium or the large (I am looking at the post wash size). or do you have a suggestion where else I can get the right size insert for my pocket diapers, I would like to stick with cotton for my diaper inserts. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

I will admit going shorter is what I am thinking so none of the insert peaks out.
I recently bought some inserts that measure 60 cm long which is around 23 inches, and I find that to be a good measure, more than that won't fit my pocket diapers as good and will peak out for sure.

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Check Dependeco for inserts. Monica has them for her pocket diapers. The boosters from CTDC are nice. I wear the size large
inside my twill prefolds.
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