Question: Forensics vs the paranormal

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Season 1, episode 22 of Forensic Files, "Seedy Intentions", deals in part with psychic phenomena. A nine year old girl disappeared. 100 volunteers searched the surrounding area for two weeks without finding anything, and then a woman from the area drew a map showing the location of the girl's body. When questioned, the woman claimed she had a vision that showed where the girl was. She was dismissed as a suspect because she had an alibi for the estimated time of the girl's death. Although suspicious, investigators and prosecutors proceeded with the case as if the drawing of the map was a genuine psychic event and, later on, prosecuted a man for the murder. The man was convicted based on some forensic evidence and sentenced to life without parole.

The program doesn't mention if the defense brought up the mysterious appearance of the map. A trace amount of the girl's blood was on a shirt found in the defendant's home and there were some seeds found on his shoes and socks from the same kind of plants found around the body. The jury found him guilty.

With a man's life in the balance it would seem appropriate to deal with the facts in as logical and scientific manner as possible. One fact stands out: The map clearly shows that another person knew details of the murder no one else knew. If you apply common sense and rule out paranormal visions it would seem some other person was somehow involved in the murder or cover up, or, at the very least, was withholding information.

If you were on the jury and the defense attorney raised questions about the source of the map, would that be enough to create a 'shadow of a doubt' in your mind?
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