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Have you ever eaten dog biscuits or dog treats? If so what are they like and which ones are good? I hear that some are edible for humans
When I was a kid i tried a dog biscuit, just for, you know, satisfying the curiosity of a child's mind :p (don't worry, they were wheat based biscuits i think, totally harmless)
As long as you stick to the biscuit type it's no big deal, but taste-wise: pretty bland and not my thing, but dogs love em, it's usually the case. They smell weird, like some meat/biscuit thing that doesn't belong in our brain's menu.
The brand was a european one that no longer exists i think. can't even recall the name, been30 years ago
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Just like winterheart01 here, I tried a dog biscuit as a kid, and even chewed on a rawhide bone for a while. Neither were unpleasant, but it was fun to try! Of course it was also funny to tell my little brother that the dog kibble was actually Cocoa Puffs. He had to try some to find out if I was telling the truth! :LOL:
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Scooby snacks anyone? 😹
There is some companies that make them specifically designed for humans and animals to be able to safely eat in the jerky/rawhide ranges and even kibble.
Never tried them myself but I know they exist.
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I too tried some as a kid. I tasted some Milkbone dog biscuits, They didn't taste like anything special and they were definitely bland.