Question about Dry 24/7

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I am concerned about ordering dry 24/7's from their site because I heard they got hacked but I look at their site and it says their having a sale right now. Essentially I can get a case of 72 of those for only only $99.95 and considering how good they are that price tag is amazing. If I was to go to Xpmedical that case would cost me around $113.95. I am just wondering if that issue was fixed or if I should be concerned?
I heard about them getting hacked but I'm not sure if the problem has been fixed (though I would think so by now). If you are really that worried, I would go with, $13 more dollars is not a bad price to pay for a little piece of mind, and is awesome and I've never had problem with them.
They should be good now, their website is secured by the looks of things. If your concerned, there are alt websites but of course everyone will jump on the sales. I'd pm the host server first before saying anything else or making orders.
I concur Nites XPMedical is top notch company and is Small Business America at its best. Gary has never let me down what so ever. Buy with confidence and assurance with XP Medical. As the old saying goes if the price is too good to be true it probably is. Scams a million are on the internet daily Sites that have been hacked I never go to again .
I agree, xpmedical is the way to go, never had a problem there.

I've ordered from them since. I believe they only hacked the webpage itself. Their transactions are handled through a different company. I believe that it's safe. No one has mentioned any fraud as a result from the website.
Assuming that they run their storefront in a sane manner, your concern is the equivalent to wondering if the FBI is still effective because somebody graffitied the wall of their building. Generally the payments aren't processed and stored on the same server as the website is hosted from. The worst that could happen is that hackers subtly alter the page to direct you to their own payment server, but you'd be seeing certificate errors all over the place if something like that were to happen.
ok cool. I just need to save as much money as possible since I plan to go on a trip to Colorado in March for my birthday and I wanted to make sure I have the best protection possible for that. Chances are good if I buy from the main site I would only do that if the sale is still up and running by the time I have enough money to do that. If that sale is over by the time I can afford it I will just get a case of dry 24/7's from XPmedical anyways due to their reliability.
Most cards protect you from charges you did not make if you are worried pickup a prepaid card or get a card with a low limit just for online orders
Rob110 said:
Most cards protect you from charges you did not make if you are worried pickup a prepaid card or get a card with a low limit just for online orders

actually that's just how I handle all my online transactions period anyways. I have a horrible credit rating and this is the only way I can get a card anyways but if I did have any say in the matter I would still do that anyways. Your right Rob110, I was just wondering if I should be concerned about something else since I am paranoid.

Also you might want to make a introduction on the introductions forum so we can get to know you better and support you better. :smile:
DRY247 forwards you to PayPal to pay. Your credit card information never gets to them. All they get back is a code from paypal that says you authorized payment (whether you use your paypal account or a credit card, paypal still handles everything). The only thing Dry247 has is your billing and shipping addresses.
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