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We lost our big boy just a month ago. Our Great Dane, Atlas, finally lost his battle with lymphoma and we put him to rest. We still had two other dogs (we consider them smaller dogs at 100lbs and 60lbs respectively), but we missed having a big goofball around.

So we got in touch with the breeder who we got Atlas from and she recommended us to a breeder friend of hers out of Phoenix. She just had a litter whelped on May 6th, so we agreed to get one. A little fawn girl, and we decided to not have her ears cropped.

The breeder was out in California starting Wednesday for a show with her bigger dogs this weekend, so on Thursday we met halfway and had dinner before heading back home with our new puppy. She's just eight weeks old, so she doesn't weigh much at under 18 pounds, but she'll get there before we know it!

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Starrunner said:
Oh, wow. Too cute. Puppies are the best thing in the world. They bring such positive energy into the household. Thanks for sharing. Is she getting settled in?

She's settling in quite well, doing the typical puppy thing--up for a few hours of being rambunctious, then sleep the rest of the day. The other two are getting used to her and playing with her, she's doing really well with getting housebroken (only two accidents in house in three days), and eating a lot! Not surprising she's eating so much, mom was 36 inches at the shoulder, this little girl is gonna get big!!!
I hope you bring her as much joy as she will bring you. Truly more than a Humans best friend, I love my dog more than anything else in this world.

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There's nothing like a puppy to fill the big hole in our hearts when we lose the dog we loved. That's how my wife and I dealt with the lost of our dog, now 4 years ago. They never replace the one you lose because you will always remember them, but they take over the role of love, and that's all they have to do. We love our dog just as you love yours. Congratulations.
Big smile!

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Aww! I have a puppy, a golden lab and she is growing at a massive rate, I am sure your pup will as well!
Back in March I had to put my dog down and then about a month later we got a puppy, she's roughly 4 and a half months old
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