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Hello folks. So I'm really effing up here. I ordered size medium abena abri form pull ups. The fit sucks. I'm waist size, apparently 42 ish. Yet feels smaller because I have no a@@. So that was money wasted. I'm thinking my father in law will take them. So I found some old samples of northshore underwear out in my shed in size large. I tried them on and seemed to fit a little better. So went ahead and ordered a bag of large. I slept through the night with it on and just didn't feel right. So yay. Just wasted more money. I'm sure my father in law will take them too. I usually wear tykables with rearz booster pad. The problem in having is I really want to try a diaper that I don't have to use duct tape. So found some trest size large in bike shed I'm going to try later today. Sorry to ramble just enjoy talking about this with likewise folks. Y'all have good day and stay dry.
I Hear ya YES I have try them be for and never had any luck with size !! Away way to big and lose fitting or to small and tight ! Just wear tape diapers ever since ...
Pull-ups for adults are always hit and miss in sizes. If I go by the recommended waist measurements they are just too damn big and will basically fall off me after one wetting because they stretch out.
If I buy a size smaller they are too tight.
Then there's the padding. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Pull-ups were designed and are still designed for the female anatomy with the padding placed in the middle where a female wets. They are not designed for men because the padding doesn't rise high enough in the front. They are basically useless for men as night time protection.
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