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I would love to wear in public, but I'm paranoid someone will notice.

My first pull up was a Tena. I then bought Always Discreet, and then Abena Abriflex. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I thought they were all noticeable under my clothes.

In a way, the Tenas and the Always seemed less notable; they are thinner. However, the though the Abenas are thicker, they covered more of my butt; it could have just been my perception, but I thought they just made my butt look bigger.

Has anyone noticed pull-ups seem less noticeable if the padding covers more of the butt?

Also, I just ordered some more Abenas and some Tranquility overnights. I heard they hold comparable amounts. Are they comparable in thickness?

And has anyone ever tried the Select Pull-ups?

Btw, I like Pull-ups because of my limited dexterity would make it difficult to deal with the tapes. I heard some say some diapers are less noticeable than pull-ups, but I just prefer pull-ups.
Frankly I dont think goodnights are noticeable at all. But so what if they are? They are only noticeable to YOU, nobody else.
You'll drive yourself crazy thinking everybody will notice them. If you really feel people notice, just wear a longer shirt.
Unless you wear really tight pants the only way people can notice a diaper is the waistband poking up. Even fairly thick diapers hide well under regular clothes.
i honestly think nobody ever notices. i mean i wear out all the time under my regular clothes and never had anyone act like they notice and if they did they didnt act like it
I wouldn't worry about it. I have been wearing diapers and pullups out under my clothes for years and have never otten even an odd glance. As long as your shirt is long enough so there is no diaper peek you will be fine.
People don't notice these things, frankly you could be wearing triple thick bambinos and a lot of people wouldn't even spare a second glance.

Basically, wear your shirt loose so the back doesn't show, and you'll be fine
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I wear nappies all the time and have done for about a year, maybe more. I can tell you if anyone notices, no one really cares. I used to be paranoid about being seen in a nappy now I just don't care. I can hear the crinkle sometimes but so what. I am incontinent so have to wear protection. The fact I thoroughly enjoy it too is my business.
I wear either Depends Silhouette lady pullups, Always Discrete, or even just plain ordinary generic pullups. At first I too have been worried about "thickness" being noticed but as it turns out there was nothing to worry about in the first place. If you wear tight pants then it will be noticeable. The way I look at it now is if someone happens to notice a bit of a diaper outline then so be it. Besides if they want to study my bottom that much, well then, fine by I usually wear loose shirts/tshirts so that tends to cover any waistband peeking but even then if I am bending over and I can feel the back of my shirt riding up and exposing a bit of my pullup, I just smile and continue on my way.
I used to have this same fear, whether people could detect if I was wearing a nappy or not, but as time has gone on, and I have been trialling different brands of pullups and taped products, this is no longer a concern. Life is much too short, to worry yourself sick over who might see your diaper or determine the thickness of it, from underneath your jeans. Frankly, I no longer care, and if I am out anywhere, I just go about my day. So what, if a member of the public happens to get a quick glance of my diaper or the outline of it, under my jeans, and I like to think, that if this happened, then they would be more embarrassed than me. After all, there is no law against wearing a diaper, and I don't think that they would actually comment upon it to others. Just be bold and wear in public, it will be all right, I promise.
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