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I wear when I am out and about so have to change in public toilets do other people do this too?
Some places are better than others so what places are good for you?
I often go up the M4 to London and up the M5 to Birmingham and beyond.
To start this off I find Membury is good going west. Good choice of disabled toilets. The radar key toilet is really good, clean and big, but has anyone noticed that the lock can still be opened by other key users? Which can be a bit exciting!
On the M5, I often stop at Gloucester services, these have brilliant disabled toilets with good clean facilities in the main building. The forecourt toilet is not so good, so make sure you stop after 7am as the main building does not open til then
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Has anyone noticed the lack of hooks in some of the loos? This can be challenging as there is nowhere to hang your clothes when changing…. Not too bad if nappy is just wet but is a bit of a problem when changing a dirty nappy…..
If you are heading east on m4 to London, then don’t go in the services come off at the Theale junction and turn left and go into Sainsbury’s. Their disabled toilet is excellent no radar key and lots of room, clothes hook and a chair nice and clean
Bristol south community hospital has a nice clean disabled toilet just inside the reception… it is radar key, but you can ask for the key from the reception desk:)
Asda in Longwell green has a radar key disabled toilet which is handy in emergencies again you can get a key from the tobacco counter next to it… slightly exciting because it has a tag which sets off the alarm if you stand too close to the toilet door!