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Hoards of horny net geeks roam the Serengeti ready to pounce on anything resembling something they can ravage and, or beg to become whatever their image of idealized sexuality may be.


Ok, so now that I have your attention, shall we discuss negative experiences with others that were a turn off or scared the shit out of us and made us wonder just what we just opened ourselves up to.

I met someone online when I was a teen only to have him pop a porn in the VCR and drop trow in his living room the first time we met. This experience along with college followed by marriage and parenthood, all while in college and in that order, kept me from the scene for over a decade.

Actually now that I think of it I'm not sure if the horny net geek or my newly pregnant wife informing me that I was about to become a parent was more traumatic. hmm...

Anyway, where was I ... Oh, yeah, what were your experiences with the; lonely, weird, fringe, horny, psychotic, or just pathetically needy that gave you pause?
When I was in college, I was looking for a part time church music director job and so I had an interview with a Methodist minister in my home town. College was only 50 miles from where I lived, so coming home for rehearsal and Sunday was not a problem. In the interview the minister started asking some very personal questions. He said he knew I was adopted and was an only child. He said, "You don't get along with your mother very well, do you?"

I was surprised at where this was going. I answered that we sometimes had problems. He kept on this track and then said that it must be very difficult for me to live at home. I said I would like to have a little more freedom, or something like that. What teenager doesn't. Then he asked if I would live with him! I said things weren't that bad at home and that I had no interest in living with him. The interview was suddenly over and I didn't get the job, not that I would have wanted it.
I dated someone fairly early on who had some major phycological hangups. I was naive and though well aware that I was into some weird stuff (bondage mostly at the time) I had led a relatively sheltered life up to that point so I was totally unprepared for dating someone with "issues". The relashionship didn't last long and at the time I was totally baffled by much of it. Looking back I get it now, and I've seen such things since, but at the time it was a major "wtf just happened" type moment.
One time at work a guy who always gave me really strange looks cornered me, felt me up and told me he was going to take and hold me hostage! I certainly watched my back walking to my car that night after work.

Watch my back or not I'd be in HR within 15 minutes to report that!
I'm not sure if this counts, but I had some weird experiences when I was about 11 years old. My moms dead-beat alcoholic ex-boyfriend was living with us for about a year and a couple things happened. Once, he came downstairs (I was alone) and asked if he could ask me a question man-to-man. I said yeah and he quickly pulled down his pants and asked if his underwear was still salvageable. It had a few large holes in it, the most prominent right in the front so I could see his entire penis. He did all of this while standing very uncomfortably close to me.

The second incident was after one time I accidentally walked in on him changing. Later that night when I was in the shower, he comes bursting into the bathroom and pulls the curtain back, completely exposing me, and claimed it was "revenge" for me walking in on him changing.

These incidences made me angry and very uncomfortable at the time, but I told myself it was just him being the goofy, drunk, redneck that he was, so I never told anyone. Now looking back on it, it makes me truly furious as I just KNOW why he did what he did. Now that I'm actually writing it down and really thinking about it, I'm really freaking pissed off, partially at myself for not telling anyone, and for not trusting my feeling that what he was doing was extremely creepy. Asshole.
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