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So I was wondering if there are any here who had to change in a public bathroom, because I might face myself in the same situation and I was wondering how you carried the diaper from the stall to the trash can?

I put my dirty diapers in black plastic shopping bags I buy in bulk.
I keep white plastic,kitchen garbage bags (the ones with the orange pull strings) in my packpack, it's better to use a bag to dispose of used diapers. This way your not leaving a used diaper on top of the garbage.
I just wait till everybody leaves. Oh and i don't even roll it up or fold it up
just roll it up, it fits in the palm of yourhand, puse in the oother hand, walk over to trah, and drop it in, just like you would a menstrual pad.
Wait until everyone has left the room, then make a mad dash for the trash. :p That or I wear a hoodie with a pouch in the front, and put it there as I walk to the trash can. Wouldn't it be nice if all stalls had small trash cans in them?
When I change anywhere, I always put the diaper into an 8 gallon trash bag, twisting tighly and knotting it closed. It keeps the smell down and is less inconspicuous when disposing in a public restroom.

If you want to avoid suspicion, you have to remember to act naturally. To anyone else you need the diapers and have always needed them, so you cannot appear nervous. Just do what I said above, walk casually out of the stall, throw it away, and wash your hands. Nobody can fault you on that, if they do, you can politely tell them to fuck off.

The same can be said for while changing in the stall. Use the handicap stall, do not hesitate, and change standing up- really not that hard. If you go into the stall and pretend to be taking a shit, people will get suspicious if they are still in there when you start removing the diaper.

Go in, take care of business, and get out.
It really is not a big deal and most normal mature people couldn't care less about someone wearing a diaper.

However, if you are in a place where your social status does matter- such as work, school, or anywhere professional or formal -you should take steps to maintain a positive image. This means being discreet, sanitary, and avoiding awkward situations.

Remember, when someone sees or realizes that you are wearing a diaper, it can be awkward for both of you. If you appear to flaunt your diapered status or seem unconcerned with other people knowing, you image will be affected in a negative way, because it is simply abnormal and socially unacceptable.

That is not even considering if they think that you are indulging in a sexual fetish in public. . .then you are more than likely just screwed socially. ( People have their own fetishes and some may not even care about you indulging publically, but think of all those who may judge you and never say a word.)
I've changed in public but I've never had a problem, specially because there's a trash can in every stall so that's good and as most have said it's not a big deal :)
I usually have in the back pocket of my khakis one of those small plastic grocery bags that folds up pretty easy. When it comes time to deal with a necessary change the soiled diaper gets rolled up into a ball, popped into the bag, the ends double knotted and presto.....ready to go. I just act as if this is a daily occurrence for me as I deposit the bag in the trash, wash may hands and head out the door.
I generally avoid changing in public restrooms but when I do, I put the used diaper in a plastic bag I have carrying around and then I dispose of it. But if not I just roll it up and hopefully no one sees me while I put it in the bin. But honestly I really don't think anyone would care even though they see you...
I never carried one to the trash. I have filled? Up a feminine receptical a few times and figured the handicapped stall really should have had a better option but why would a person in diapers be in the bathroom to begin with? I guess bathroom designers didn't think that one through. Where do handicapped persons change if not the handicapped stall?
I usually just roll it up and dump it in the waste basket. One local fast food place actually had a diaper genie in the single stall in the mens room (where a changing table was also installed). I used that a couple of times.
When I have warn at college in the past I did have to change in the public disabled bathroom, we also have a Radar NKS Key. so we can use any disable bathroom that supports the key.
I travel a great deal and have URG/OAB. I will admit the first few times I was nervous about being found out. Now, it is just a fact of life. No big deal. Roll it up, tape it shut and drop in the trash.

As someone said, if you act normally you generally don't attract any attention.
I put in a grocery bag and toss it out
Changing my diapers in public men's rooms has not been a problem for me.
the best way is to buy a radar key cost a couple of pounds/ dollars and this will open the toilets to all the disabled toilets pubs ect they are way cleaner than normal and you have total discreetness from the public toilets
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