Public changing (UK): Helpful places and people

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There are a number of "changing places" available in the UK (which is great) but if you don't have (or have forgotten) your RADAR key you still need help to access.

Other places still just have disabled loos - some locked - some not.

I have found there to be a considerable mix when it comes to understanding people who get it and are willing to help when I'm caught out (which isn't that often).

I thought to start a thread to share experiences and information.

Typically, if I'm in a city I'll head for a supermarket as they will always have public conveniences incl. a disabled loo. In order of most helpful to least:

1) Sainsbury's
2) John Lewis / Waitrose
3) Asda (some now have changing places loos - but super awkward getting key to go in when you don't 'look' disabled)
4) Tesco

Also - I have found generally that the people at Boots and Mothercare are hugely helpful and will do what they can if they have anywhere to change.

Motorways: M4 is very good generally

M5 - once you get North of Bristol - not so much in the Southwest (avoid J29 services)

M25 - not so great! same goes for M20

M3 Hit and miss.

I appreciate that this is just my experience over about 5 years and it is a very broad brush stroke it would be good to hear about other peoples experiences


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I had never really considered sharing info like that, this possibly go's a little wider than just 'wearing'.

I've been doing a fair bit of travelling lately, while I used to have a good private changing room in the shape of a van, I am now reliant on finding somewhere to change, wash, and even buy emergency supplies.

Generally the more populated an area the easier it is to find all of those.

The northwest of Scotland and mid and north Wales are difficult, very few supermarkets, shopping centres, service stations etc.

More populated areas and motorway corridors are generally advisable.

Hygiene is also important, the showers in motorway services, while less than ideal are a godsend, daily showering is essential to keep odours down and maintain skin health.

Changing places toilets can be tricky to access, most are locked with a radar key which is ok, but some have intercom access or need unlocked by staff.

Most city centres, shopping centres and some large stores like ikea will have a changing place. Many recently built museums, libraries and health centres also have good facilitates.

24 hour McDonald's are handy if there aren't any services or supermarkets nearby.

Emergency supplies, mostly pullups with some exceptions, can be had from,
Boots, with there stay dry range of pants and slips.
Tesco, free spirit super protection pants
Morrisons, comfort pants super
Aldi, sana pants.

Asdas own brand pants are to be avoided but large stores with an in-store pharmacy will often stock tena slip super large.

Tena pants super are easy to get but at £12 a pack there the same price per nappy as crinklz.
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